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  1. With the release of EoD and the March 29th patch, I believe the following feedback (if it ever means anything to anet) is justify. First, I think I’d like to give commendation to team developing the unplayed. From the very top to the very people who work on the unplayed, the level of incompetency, irresponsibility, unprofessionalism and negligence is really beyond one’s ability to comprehend. For not only this unplayable spec leave the drawing board, there’s no communication, nor even the slightest effort made, up-to-date, to properly address or fix any of the issue since beta 2 of the un
  2. Untamed is a total lost cause in its intended role by the dev that I have already given up. Also like even with this it's not like soulbeast is going to be OP anyways, at least wvw large scale fight pov.
  3. exactly! untamed is just so bad as a ranger i demand compensation.
  4. i am hoping for one of the pet to have in beastmode: something like swoop for f1, 1000-1200 range maybe stun 5 targets or something + damage; then for f2 an aoe range, 900 range 240-360 raduis big aoe; and prelude lash for f3 maybe turtle can fit this with f1 turtle jet pack, f2 turtle siege cannon and f3 sort of rooting-ish to keep the turtle theme
  5. Yeah I totally agree, I just want to know if I'm biased or not. The first poll sort of went very lopsided but on point in terms of how the spec is.
  6. Since there's quite considerable change to the untamed and now that the beta 4 event is out, I add a second poll on what's the community's opinion of the untamed after the change.
  7. My feedbacks here are only for WvW large scale fight related scenario I have made feedback prior to beta 4 regarding the change in the untamed in other thread and after trying out, unfortunately, all of the items mentioned there are still a problem. So here comes a bit of my ranting: Even all the seemingly huge and numerous buff to the spec, I couldn’t think of a way to make this spec a competitive build in a scenario that the dev intended this spec to be- namely in a large scale wvw fight, sort of “GW1 bunny thumper” as has previously been referenced various times by the dev.
  8. Since I mainly play wvw large scale fight so I’d be making comment on the perspective of wvw large scale fight only. I believe the change is in the right direction. As the base untamed spec was extremely bad, and possibly the worst spec the game has ever had, the buff is probably not enough to make this a competitive build in wvw large scale fight and I would say it probably needs another huge buff similar to the one anet propose here to get there. My concerns of the current state of the untamed at the moment are the following: 1. The redid healing skill – if it wor
  9. I can but how much of a difference is 1 from 2? The way I think for a poll is: 1. Redo all weapon skill, pet, utilities and traitline (which is basically everything) 2. Simple stat buff to skill(s) is enough aka. reduce cooldown, dps increase etc. 3. Everything is perfect The reason behind the first choice that the untamed needs all those rework to make it works as a build. I have made the poll, I will add your second choice later once I know what "keep the idea" includes.
  10. Should Anet completely redo untamed from scratch? As many have tried out untamed and so do I, I believe many (including me) find many things are wrong for the spec rendering it unplayable in some area of the game or uncompetitive in others. What I see is the spec pretty much has problem in almost every aspect: 1. Pet control needs change among other pet related issues 2. Hammer skill(s) need rework and not just stat buffs 3. Trait line needs to be rework to synergize with other trait lines/other benefits to make this “frontline” concept works
  11. Main ranger, playing in mostly WvW zerg I believe Anet really outdoes themselves this time. While at first seeing the spec, I’m most certainly sure that this spec will not work in wvw zerg environment as I play my soulbeast mostly in as a frontline and roughly knows what it is required for a spec to be able to perform as a frontline dps. This spec, unfortunately, has performed exactly or slightly worse than I expect which is within my expectation but on top of that Anet manages to makes the character looks like it swims through a pool filled with poo while the name of
  12. Actually not sure if you realize but if you watch closely you can see lots of instance that people get caught in immob, there's 3 skills in total. However, my main point isn't just for the immob but the fact that this can have enough dps similar to other meta class. While it is true other meta also provide other stuff than just dps, this build also provides immob, cleanse and stab as well. Another point for this is that it can create down on the first push in a relatively regular basis and that, as anyone who do zerg fight knows, is one of the key advantage thing in a fight.
  13. I actually disagree on the immobbeast part as I think it is viable. Here's a vid on that with arcdps installed to see what this build could do in comparison to other meta class.
  14. Since I play mainly ranger, is there a way to configure pets used in wvw separately from pve ones?
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