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  1. Dual staff is currently the only way to play boon support mirage and it takes away so much from the excitement. So why not change Dune Cloak to give Alacrity on Ambush skills - potentially reducing the duration a bit so boon mirages have to invest into some boon duration? Advantages: - Mirage can use a second weapon set for more excitement and flexibility. - Mirage has to choose between DPS (Infinite Horizon) and Alacrity. Disadvantages: - Some boons (Might) are still staff dependant... - It might become too strong, but changing Alacrity duration cou
  2. But regular rezzing is fine. It is just a few builds that do that way too quickly - focus the nerfs on those.
  3. Congratulations, you didn't read anything and therefore didn't get the point I was making.
  4. I absolutely disagree with you snipping the sentence you quote. That is extremely bad culture of discussion and should never be done without at least marking the cut. He did not state what you suggest here. The damage of prot holo is definitely lower than for other holo builds. Of course, due to the in-built damage modifiers, it is still absurdly high for the sustain.
  5. Here again, thanks for the effort! ☺️ I absolutely agree with you for the most part. The answers are lackluster and there was basically no new content which couldn't be derived before already. As one of the members of the German RP-community, I was rather disappointed - even considering I didn't have the highest hopes before. "The ministry didn't really change at all"? Honestly? After all the headhunting and rebellion happening? Jennah didn't reform anything, even considering the poor state of the government when it comes to participation, equality and conflicts between rich and
  6. Very glad to see such behaviour! It takes some effort to realise ones mistakes and even the reasoning behind it and come back like that. I was about to write an angry reply yesterday - not because you were wrong on the topic, but just because... of what you obviously also realised. Now I am happy I didn't write anything and even more happy you showed great self-reflect. Not many people do this, and even fewer on the internet. Thumbs up from me!
  7. But we got a funny, unisono "we have research to do!", which seems to be all the lore they want to provide for asura. Funny researchers, they are all so weird and cute...!🥴
  8. Indeed. However, you missed one more detail: "Padding is added every second you wait in the queue after Filter/Rating/@start has passed." The padding starts only after 5 minutes. However, I cannot find a "standard maximum rating difference between rosters". Only that it supposedly starts at 25 - which seems unreasonable. After 5 minutes, games start to get pretty weird. -20 is far from uncommon, and regarding the low population of US servers, I don't know why people are surprised. However: GLICKO can only work with what it has. The matchmaker struggles with some of the settings like switching
  9. Is it a joke, right? frequency? when? ? two in a year. Communication? Am I the only one who hasn't seen it? Two in the last two weeks as well. That is the point.
  10. Even though I don't agree with all the changes, the communication and the frequency of adjustments is greatly appreciated!
  11. Or maybe the fact, that it makes any movement-impeding conditions useless? You mean, the movement-impeding conditions you can just ... dodge?(...)But you can't. Because you used all your dodges for utility to travel and for Havoc Specialist. :lol: This guy...
  12. Or maybe the fact, that it makes any movement-impeding conditions useless? Go on, dash your way through gold no mans land with your utility dodges. :lol:
  13. On DD? Yeah, it kinda is, its mostly there for more movement. Youre a +1 class, you tend to just get out if youre starting to get pressured. Correct, it is not. DD was used until SA/DA had more damage. Once that happened, DD was dropped, and we had pure core thief. Then DA was nerfed, DD had more damage again, and it was picked up. But if DA was buffed up to have more damage again, or DD lost all of its damage for more defenses? Every single thief would drop it. Its used as an offensive traitline that gives you some defense incidentally. But everyone picks it for the damage portion of weakeni
  14. The only thing I learned in this thread is that dodge can be considered utility instead of defensive... :trollface: €: And of course, DD is totally not used as a defensive traitline. While everybody traits for up to 30% damage reduction, immunity to movement-impairing conditions and plenty of dodges. Which are utility. Of course. What the heck.
  15. With mesmer, thief, warrior, ranger and now guard being trash tier, we must be heading towards some pretty good balance.
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