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  1. Can we get some kind of sync for worthless items (holiday tonics) that can be sold on the TP but have no merchant value there? Either salvage or maybe a community grab bag that we can donate them for players to take a limited amount per day?
  2. Was there an undocumented change in the Sneak Gyro? I've noticed since the last major patch that the Sneak Gyro will put a bubble up and sometimes enemy creatures crossing it will trip the engineer into combat mode preventing mounting.
  3. Please move or remove "Open Crafting Preview with Item". Since that was added I've accidentally bought things I intended to sale because the buy and sell keep moving relative to the bottom of the menu. At the very least put a disable in settings. It's getting very annoying buying things I intended on selling. It's especially bad when I'm dealing with a large number of items.
  4. There needs to be away of toggling up-drafts and ley-lines separately for each mount. Maybe a couple of check boxes on the both mounts section of the hero panel. I really don't have a problem with up-drafts. It works as I expected it would but ley-lines rip the mounts in a horrible way. Ley-lines might be useful if they were around all maps, including core, acting as a movement conduit across the map but it doesn't seem to work the same from the new maps to the way it works in older maps. In older maps with them, it's easy to fall out of the ley-line at the slightest bend in the ley-line.
  5. Can we get a key assignment to turn the outfit on and off? It would make a good effect for machinima videos to show the character flickering between two looks.
  6. I wasn't aware of it but the LA portal there should be account wide as well.
  7. Many players don't finish the stories with all accounts, please change the LA portal to the Wizard's tower to a account wide access.
  8. Dailies shouldn't be about a grind but rather to lure people in the game with a quick reward then free them up to move onto things they enjoy doing. Basically they shouldn't be a job.
  9. This is why I posted that it's a game equivalent of a clip show. Reused old content in a mundane way. There are things I like about it such as the floating areas and new mount abilities, buggy but new. It's like a LW season we had to pay for. How many unknown secrete society can there be? How many portal invasions can we have? At some point they are either going to have to do an expansion to really expand and refine the game to avoid it falling into obscurity. I think they should kill the world through a storyline to remake the world, remastering it in the process. They also missed a chance for a real time jump in the story by having the Commander go into hibernation with Aurene, coming out hundreds to a thousand years later to a world in need of a hero.
  10. This is a very non-rewarding system. Plus I don't do forced party content for personal reasons and of course fractals are on the weekly rewards. I'm glad I didn't splurge on the deluxe or ultra packages with real world money. I'm done spending any real world money on this game. This so called expansion is lower quality than even Icebrood Saga.
  11. It seems to me that this expansion is really just a game expansion equivalent to a clip show. I'm all for reusing assets but in an imaginative way. Of all the gaps and holes that could be plugged location and story wise in the game in an expansion to shore up the game overall, they choose to take an already abridged expansion and blatantly drop whole swaths of existing area styles in a new distant region along with use the same old tropes, the commander becomes a member of yet another hither to unknown secrete society to save the world from something, in this case a rehash of the void but with rift portals like the Awakened invading core Tyria. Give us consequences to killing all the elder dragons. Have the main characters discover than they have been living in a world where the elder dragons had already been killed and before the start of GW2, we have just been reliving it in the mists, trapped in loops which is why maps are on repeat. Start with map to map connecting portals taking you to unexpected maps. Players going thru the story have to learn new paths around the world. Team Commander has to put the world back together from where it had previously fell away into the mists before GW2 even started, anchoring each map into the world. This would reuse old assets yet give a grand new plot that doesn't feel like a game on repeat.
  12. No, they are to busy doing useless stuff like adding yet more invisible walls to Dry Top to prevent players with mounts from taking the shortcut. A total waste of developer time when they could be making changes to enhance the player experience rather than limit users.
  13. It worked for me. ChatGPT kept asserting itself so I had to tell it to let the Taimi persona do the responses. It's not real deep into acting like Taimi. It would work better if an AI like it had GW2 API access along with more details on understanding Taimi. A lot of Taimi's personality expression is in the voice over performance.
  14. If could really be interesting if it was able to link to the GW2 API.
  15. I had to tell it "Taimi, when ChatGPT responds outside of your personality, have it note that it's ChatGPT speaking.
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