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  1. If you have two accounts like many long term players, you can use the alt account to take a pic of a character on your main account. You can take much closer face shots that way.
  2. How do you embed images on forum posts? I can't find anything on how to do it. This forum is extremely frustrating when it comes to embedding images. For something as visual as GW2, posting images and screenshots should be much easier.
  3. I'm the same. I have wide monitors and keep my inventory window five wide and separated per bag to help me keep my inventory straight. I have 5x4 shared bag slots but have held off getting the rest which would leave me with an annoying gap. I think the one that comes with EoD will be in addition to what you can get on the gem store. You can buy 22 on the gem store. HoT and PoF each came with 1 so EoD will likely boost it by 1. That would put it at 25 total. I plan on buying the last 4 before I get EoD. I'm hold on getting EoD until then and they work out any bugs on the pre-purchase.
  4. The devs should place a skiff around Lion's Arch before EoD. Put an NPC on it piloting it around the harbor area.
  5. How is scoring and drops going to work with the mount. When the gunner is killing something, will the driver get equal credit and drops for the kill?
  6. Can we get a Racing leaderboard on the primary tier of the Hero Panel that shows race results, our racing results and various racing related details? If we had dedicated racing maps I'd say put an icon for it on the top of the gaming interface along side the others like WvW, guild, PvP, etc. Dedicated racing maps could be placed in some of the annoyingly empty core areas on the world map that we don't have access to. The empty space between Haranthi Hinterlands and Snowden Drifts, just north of the snowy area of Gendarran Fields would make for a nice narrow but hilly racing map. Ma
  7. I was looking at map areas in GW1 and comparing to where they are in GW2. Is the light house in GW1/Lion's Arch, the Broken Beacon on Bloodtide Coast in GW2?
  8. You wouldn't want to watch me play. 🤣 I move fast and sometimes intentionally try stomach wrenching moves with mounts. Part of the reason why my main is an engineer is rocket boots so I can zip around combat. I have it setup as a hotkey.
  9. I really think people will get burned out on it ones that new event smell wears off or the next shiny new one comes along. This is why I posted that I thought it should have been an event connected to the Festival of the Four Winds. It'd take it a few years of festivals before people start complaining about not having anything new in it.
  10. The Bazaar of the Four Winds took place before the TM and introduced the Zephyrites. However; the Festival of the Four Winds took place after all the main events of LWS1. It was basically a merger of the Bazaar and elements of the Queen's Jubilee. Which makes it related to but arguably separate from it's progenitor celebration/festivals. From The Crown Pavilion wiki: "The Crown Pavilion is a zone located below the Crown Pavilion area in western Divinity's Reach. It was originally introduced as part of the Queen's Jubilee release and repurposed as content for the Festival of the Fou
  11. I think the original intent of the scrying pool was to look at the past related to the Icebrood Saga.
  12. The Twisted Marionette took place as part of LWS1 and according to the Living World Season 1 wiki, the first version of the Festival of the Four Winds is the last part of LWS1. Linking it to that festival is the most appropriate place for the Twisted Marionette to linked to. Linking it to the scrying pool, which is part of the Ice Brood Saga isn't the best place to link it. It's completely out of context both timeline and lore wise for GW2. They can't just keep linking things to the scrying pool. Are they supposed to revisit every element of LWS1 from their?
  13. Yes, I should have mentioned the clockwork challenges in the arena. I was thinking about that when I wrote the post. They could have easily made a portal or teleport pad to the TM event at the arena in Divinity's Reach for the festival. It would have been been best done as a holographic event like they do in Dragon Bash rather than it asserting itself on reality. They could easily do that by ending the current TM event after the Festival of the Four Winds is over (which is the next one) and let players know it would return as a festival event next year. They'd just need to revise the associate
  14. I was thinking about the Twisted Marionette. I'm surprised that it wasn't attached to the Festival of the Four Winds as an annual event. It seems to me that players will loose interest in the TM once the hype train leaves the station. I think if it had been attached to that festival, it would keep players far more interested in it long term.
  15. I'm not that impressed with the event. I really think the basis for the restoration of the event would have been better served as a holographic recreation on a new custom map when the players on the lanes have a better line of sight to the core part of the event. It could have been stated to be a training device for PACT soldiers. The event feels clunky to me. The lanes felt trapped in a confined space doing the same thing over and over. At least with Dragon's Stand, there is a clear line of progression and when players are at the on Blighting Towers part they are able to keep movi
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