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  1. The cooldown is indeed the most annoying part and should be a easy enough fix.
  2. The Dragon bash fireworks that you get from the Dragon coffers are super boring to use. Pick one of 3 colors, shoot a lame firework, wait for cooldown, then shoot another one. The only time you see people use them is in the beginning of the festival when they are grinding for the annual firework achievement. Please let use convert these fireworks into larger fireworks, trade 100 of them for a big and cool firework or trade 1000 for an ultra firework bomb.
  3. It's obviously going to be very difficult to have a healthy and balanced 5v5 pvp mode with this many elements to take into consideration when creating balance patches. It has gotten worse with time and it will keep getting worse, a new expansion is already in the works, probably with new elite specs and who knows, maybe a whole new class. I think elite specializations should be rotated in some way, maybe seasonally. We could have a rotated mode and a non rotated mode where everything is available, so that people who wants to play something very specific can do so if they please.
  4. Of course they will continue to make more and flashier legendaries when people spend hundreds of dollars to obtain them.
  5. Make sure you get that refund they offered, maybe it will help with buying a windows pc.
  6. While i support the idea of an obsidian shard eater, i feel like we have to get to the root of the problem. Obsidian shards are far from the only obnoxious item that pile up in our inventories, having a different eater for all of them merely works as band aid. Of course Anet wants to incentivize us to purchase more bag/bank space, but its starting to reach a ridiculous level at this point. Bloodstone shards and other map currencies of that season is vendorable, the next season you can consume the map currencies for volatile magic and with eternal ice shards and hatched chili you cant do eithe
  7. Hey, so I'm one of those people who is waiting for voice acting to arrive before doing the new story. Will i still be able to get the commendations from the world boss event or do i have to play the story to unlock them? Thanks.
  8. You never have the right to go afk when you are playing with randoms, if you play 1v1 or full premade then do whatever you want. And yes, Anet doesnt care, surprise surprise.
  9. I have seen some insane lag in Bjora Marches lately, and yes everyone in map chat complains about it, so not on my end. Completely unplayable.
  10. Yep, every single game pretty much. One tempest is fine, but when there is a healer tempest on both teams i know the match is gonna be boring.
  11. Yes please, i have around 2k obsidian shards despite having crafted legendaries.
  12. Are you supposed to lose about 30 rating if you lose despite one of your teammates literally being offline for 2 full rounds?
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