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  1. I just press Alt + Shift (windows key to swap between keyboard layouts). I think that's a very handy fix since it also happened with another games.
  2. Well, title says it all, all community corner threads in the new ES forum has been blocked with this message: You do not have permission to view this content. Error Code: 2F173/H Example if you try to enter: https://es-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/2665-la-guardia-de-jade-jade-reclutamiento-abierto/
  3. This is how it looks to me, for months now (spanish version).https://imgur.com/a/c8VJxjY Last firefox builds, no adblockers.Please fix it, I'm not the only one facing this issue.
  4. Monthly guild achievements. Some of the examples would be like: Kill 3000 branded/svanirs/hyleks/others enemies. Kill 250 enemies as elementalist/warr/mesmer/etc.Mine 300 nodes of orichalcum/wood/iron/plants/etc.Complete 100 events in Tyria/elona/maguuma/etc. PvE guilds - Complete 10 raid bosses. PvP guilds - Win 10 tournaments. WvW guilds - No idea, I don't WvW. Rewards should be awarded to anyone who participated on it, at the end of each month. Please don't reward us with silly guild buffs or something like that, most of us we hate it.A good reward might be more guild commendations an
  5. I forgot to mention it earlier, but please turn the weapon unlocks into Masteries. I want to unlock a weapon and have it on all characters. It sucks being forced to play the same character every gear because that's where I unlocked them.
  6. The first level (W1Z1) is my favorite one (specially in tribulation mode, I don't like it in normal mode) because of how colorful it is, and because it's the one that feels like a "Zelda" level, honestly. The clever use of bombs and weapons there makes it feel like an adventure. On other levels it's way too obscured by light, shadows or impossible guesses. You can still find every secret if you try hard (I got all of them), but it's seriously not as fun as in the first one. A weekly vendor, for a festival that only stays a few days up a year is a terrible idea. Please don't do something lik
  7. While doing this, add an OPTIONAL button to display legendary effects for jewelry. Specially aurora, vision or coalescence. That's the main thing that prevents us to use them on other characters, because the effect can be annoying.
  8. Still very doable, though. Strat explained here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/f1b58a/boneskinner_no_unlit_torches_strat/ And Anet, new bug (not damage one): His blue breakbar to stop him from breaking a torch desync IF we miss any breakbar. This is because the stunned animation doesnt works correctly after he broke the torch I believe. However if stopped before he break the torch, then it's consistent and we can complete the fight by breaking every single bar. Make tests where you fail to break first torch breakbar and you'll not see a bluebar for when he breaks the 2nd/3rd/4
  9. What about the Special Action key not aligning at all with the boneskinner CC phase?
  10. If I think that's a thing is because there's a precedent with HoT: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/releases/april-19-2016/ If they ceased development during HoT's development (see the contradiction there?) then how did HoT get developed?Month 0 = HoT release. Start work on LWS3.Month 1 = Players found HoT quite unbalanced/broken/hard/annoying/others.Months 2-3 = They ceased/paused the development on LSW3 to fix HoT. And only resumed the work on LW3 after that balancing fix was done (that's when they added lot of events on verdant brink, vinetooths on auric basin, etc).Month 4 = Continu
  11. If I think that's a thing is because there's a precedent with HoT: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/releases/april-19-2016/
  12. Honestly, Build Templates is such a freaking mess that it broke half of the game: Mass disconnects.Linking stuff crashes maps.Community dissapointment.Common QoL hidden behind a paycheck (glorified notepad "Account builds" should be free, otherwise we'll just alt-tab and link builds from our computer notepad/MotD/Plugins/Others).Limited usefulness (We used to have a build for PvP, one for WvW and one for PvE. Now those are gone and we are forced to use the new system, which is quite annoying).Limited use x2 Legendary weapons reverting to wrong stats.Items losing Sigils.Items losing infussions.
  13. Delete this, I wanted to make a poll.
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