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  1. They are a troll. People already commented they fought a joke mob and not the end "boss" and they ignored it (or the person got smacked by the duo and don't wanna talk about it xD). It's better someone lock this thread 😜
  2. You do know there are graphic options for that, right? To limit effects/skills and to limit the number of players models / high quality textures. Just gotta be careful with the skills limit, since some people complain they can't see enemies aoes when on low xD I am not a great player, I have 200ms ping, my graphics card is not the best (run some things on medium, others on high), but I can get behind the trash most of the time, even when meleeing the boss. Zoom out, watch from a high level (not from behind your character/floor), when the trash appear, move closer bu
  3. I gotta admit that, yeah. That's what I forgot while typing, sorry 😜 (probability of the tail, making you go to the other side of the arena) But the map I was in, there were people paying attention to the possible tail all times, so whenever it popped, they already let everyone know and, asap, people would go there and hit it accordingly. I think we had the tail 4 times during the run, can't recall. The side swaps, do they make the boss invulnerable? I remember dodging them and coming back to deal damage right away, and it didn't take long (again, as I recall xD foggy memories, lat
  4. Gotta understand that it is not a BUG/RNG, is the way they meant the event to be done. People gotta learn the mechanics and it takes time. The green aoes, anet can improve, for sure. Like make it a number of people returning, but not requiring everyone (or almost everyone) succeeding it... There are tons of mobs and aoes, everyone has to learn what each aoe means and which mobs to prioritize. Breakbar, they teached how to CC at the start of the story, so people should use it. If they don't, everyone fails, like Shatterer and the No Fly achievements. People
  5. I would say, make the cores account wide but the modules per character. So you have a bit of both, you can feel the progression by crafting the modules (and you require the workbench to swap them) and all your alts can gather battery and do stuff as soon they hit Cantha. I've got more than 30 alts and if I decide to bring one new to Cantha, I have to log into my jeweler to craft a tier 1 jade core before being able to enjoy the expansion, every single time.
  6. It would be like the supply drop. A certain assertion of items. But since they are paying real money directly, the main attraction would be the gems. The other stuff could be black lion ticket, black lion outfit voucher, whatever. The main thing would be the gems and you supporting the game. The other stuff would be treated almost like our. Our not, IDK. They would judge if they would give a discount on the gems, or it would be 1:1 to the price you paid for the subscription. Who knows. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It's just an idea.
  7. Why not a VIP subscription? Some games do that. You get some store currencies (gems in our case) and maybe some boosters/gemstore skins for free. They did something like that with their Supply Drop. About 2.5k gems for a weekly box during one month. I know plenty of people who paid that for the drops. They could improve that, turning it into the VIP subscription (but ofc, reduce the rewards and the price). Edit: the game would still be free, the VIP subscription would be optional.
  8. To me, it's a part of the world, with their own culture /advancements. Some people disliked PoF since it was all sand all over/desert. Hot was disliked cause it was a big jungle and that's it. Every part of the world is a certain way. Norn culture by the snowy places (along kodans), as an example. It doesn't mean the WHOLE WORLD will be that way and you will be forced to play the new map regions every single day after the release. This game let you choose which content you wanna do. If you don't like that art style and care for the achievements /unlocks, t
  9. I still hope ANET does something. This guy had 3-4 accounts parked at the waypoint (and there were some other AFKs there too). More at prisms and skyscales flying over the battlefield. They take spots of people who could... IDK... PARTICIPATE?! https://imgur.com/a/Rg51dNJ For real, I am almost joining them, since ANET doesn't do anything. They can AFK all the way in and just run to the prism at the last second to get the participation/chest. The fight takes 15-20 minutes. Reduce the bosses health pool or get rid of these idio...s.
  10. But why not use the default ones for the normal ranger pet commands? (F1/F3) Or is F6/F7 the untamed pet skills?
  11. Nice changes. But I have some things to add. - Did I read it right? When you spec to Untamed, your attack/come back now are F6 and F7?! Why not make these keys the new spec pet skills? Or change the whole class pet commands. - No news about the harbinger utility skill icons. They look like placeholders, not real skill icons, they don't match with anything. Let's hope they release the real ones when the xpac comes 🙂 .
  12. Sorry, it is just, to me, that "increased the minimum" meant they had to do more to get the rewards xD And more = more events, in this case (to me again xD) Oh well, back to hating this event xD
  13. Agreed that now you gotta at least press ONE button, but still, not the fix they mentioned in the patch notes, saying it would require multiple event participation and all.. 😕 You can also create your own squad map and do those there. I don't know if the story instance also counts or not... I haven't tried that. --- And we are once again with tons of AFK farmers. By the wp, by the pylons, by the prisms, flying over the battlefield and at the chest area. ANET.... go back to the 10s kills, at least we wouldn't have to see the AFKs faces for long.
  14. Oooof. 😕 Nice participation requirements fix, ANET xD
  15. Yeah. The scale is a little better now, but people can AFK again. I just forced myself to AFK and check their "participation" requirement. I only joined for the second pylon event (hit a single pylon), hit Ryland afterwards and used the special action skill on Jormag. Got the chest at the end. Don't know if me hitting Ryland for that whole part did it, but that's awful. People can still shamefully AFK for the most part and get the rewards. I still see necromancers and heralds AFK, they just moved to where the battle happens now (sometimes they tag the first pylon event and go to the ba
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