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  1. Ok, PLEASE guys, please tell me im not the only person that notices this. So on a map like Silverwastes theres dudes that are 100% can confirm ABSOLUTELY bots! Without a shout of a doubt, or whatever the expression is ;D. Some of them get banned but some literally never get banned ever??? Why is thiss? Why are certain bots granted ban immunity and other bots are not? Like, theres obvious veteran bots that I've seen since like years ago that are never banned ever, and there being operated 24/7. Anytime I log in to silverwastes, anytime of day. Hes still running the same course, bugging out when
  2. It comes down to monetization and greed, theres a reason the boonball blob stuff is so popular and why the old days of being able to kill it will never return. Theres a reason why dmg was nerfed into the ground and mount stomp was removed. Anet realizes the majority of its open world, and wvw playerbase aka the bulk of the community, just wants to auto attack and never die and watch cat videos on youtube and not proactively play there game. This game is now basically a phone game but on the PC. 99% of the actual talent is now gone, has been gone for a while. The remaining playerbase that can a
  3. ip .41 has been bugged since Wednesday. So, telling me to just wait til reset isnt gunna cut it Anet. Would be kinda neat if someone would turn it off and on again guess normal gameplay doesnt merit such action, too bad he isnt a Gem store boss or this would already be fixed. 😪
  4. These guys have been preparing for QUITE a while now. So, how are ppl completing chunka and chupawat if this quest is infinately bugged? I submitted a ticket =(
  5. 100 wins 0 losses on LB right now, i dont care if ur super good. theres too many factors at play to win 100 times and lose 0. Anet just milking gem buyers at this point. Its a shame too this game was really good once but with the sustain promoting the games getting slow and boring and ppl are getting worse because of passive traits and stats thet just carry them was fun while it lasted i suppose. GG gw2 remember the good old days.
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