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  1. Core engineer, Scrapper, and now the Mechanist have all had to put up with bad AI (Turrets, gyros pre-rework, and now mech). They keep trying this over and over, and it keeps failing spectacularly. The only engineer spec that didn't have to deal with AI to begin with was Holosmith. Now that scrapper has also joined the field, it's seeing some usefulness.
  2. Observed some odd texture glitches in New Kaineng. See images.
  3. Having played condi engi for years (can't now, gives me finger cramps at this point), I can tell you that it's one of the hardiest builds in PvE. I have lasted longer on it than any other build, because it's FANTASTIC at kiting mobs and self-healing. It's a selfish build at its essence, and kiting mobs makes it ridiculously tanky. Glue shot, glue bomb, smoke bomb, ice mortar, flashbang mortar, and frost grenades mean enemies basically can never reach you or hit you if you have enough space to move. It's just extremely user-unfriendly as pointed out by Infusion. I agree with @Thrakath
  4. F6 is a bit of a stretch. Both literally and figuratively.
  5. Ok, so I believe those numbers now. That seems accurate. Problem is... it's literally the core condi 4-kit piano engineer has had since vanilla, but with a mech now! Call me crazy but... I don't want to go through that again. I've had enough finger cramps already.
  6. I would need to see a video of this or some kind of proof. 40k-47k DPS on a golem is incredibly high. And I literally just tested an unbuffed golem. It does not do 8k DPS. Tops is 5k.
  7. Sure, but maybe you're looking at this from a different perspective from me. I generally don't do open world content (mostly because I find it boring and easy). I spend most of my time playing between fractals and PvP. Is the mech tougher and stronger than a typical pet? Sure. In the open world, the mechanist makes it easy mode. This is a good thing for people who have disabilities and struggle with some of the more fluid play in GW2. But I just did a DPS test on the mech alone against a golem. It never went over 5k DPS by itself while I was unbuffed (power and condi, tested both).
  8. Perhaps, but you're comparing apples to oranges in this case. Core ranger and mechanist are in no way similar. Mechanist lacks both weapon swap and pet swap, and all of the other stuff I previously mentioned. Plus it's an e-spec.
  9. The ranger and pet are meant to be equal partners (obviously changes depending on build, but I mean conceptually). The mech and engi are not meant to be equal partners. A mechanist by themselves (without the mech) is substantially weaker than a core engineer: One traitline is entirely devoted to the mech instead of the 3 core traitlines. The mechanist traitline only enhances the mech, not the engineer. All the utility skills have half of their utility without the toolbelt skill. This means that even kits are weaker on mechanist than on core engineer because their toolbelt skil
  10. I spent some time with the Mechanist earlier this week and I've had some time to think about my feelings on it. The Good - This e-spec meets the engineer fantasy that I think turrets were supposed to have, but fell short. - The e-spec is simple to operate, which I think is good especially for players who might have disabilities The Bad - An AI-based spec. AI in this game is notoriously bad (rangers/necros/scrappers/turrets can attest). It suffers from difficulty with control, and feels unresponsive. This also means that mechanist basically won't exist in
  11. The AI allies in GW1 weren't particularly good either. They often required micromanagement to perform as expected. They didn't move intelligently nor attack intelligently. The only exceptions were the AI interrupters - they could react with inhuman speed, and were part of the reason you barely saw any mesmer mains in GW1. AI is notoriously difficult to balance and design in games, especially MMOs. I'm replaying STALKER right now, where the enemy AI is significantly smarter than most game AI these days. The AI can flank you, grenade you while you're in cover, etc. But it can also pull
  12. The Mechanist huh? Seriously though, not surprised given the leaks. There are a number of different concerns I have, but honestly it will come down to execution if I like it. The only thing that might annoy me outside of execution is if you're stuck with one skin for the kitten thing, like the kit skins. I don't like the way it looks.
  13. Warrior -> Weird Holo/Engi? Guardian -> Thief/Shiro Rev Revenant -> Guardian-ish? Thief -> Scourge Ranger -> Warrior? Bunny Thumper? Engineer -> ? Elementalist -> Scrapper? Hammer war? Mesmer -> Not sure on this one. Maybe Harbinger? Necro -> Condi Engineer The only classes not really seeing any cross-representation are Ranger or Mesmer, so it's likely going to be based on one of those. I do find it interesting how 3 of the new e-specs seem to have some basis in engineer though.
  14. If it's going to be "Golem-like" with a Canthan twist, the most likely candidate is a Kurzick Juggernaut. And it fits the icon too.
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