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  1. I feel like this all started once the original Anet founders left.
  2. I have been an avid Guild wars player since guild wars 1. Over time the mount unlocking in this game has become worse and worse to the point where even just unlocking the new mastery for one of the oldest mounts in the game has become a grind with the XP requirement. The world trek-ing the figure out where the clues lead was enough but tacking the extra XP requirement after all of that is just too much. I could understand if all the mounts were always of use but so many replace others making them useless that making such a grind for a mount that would be useless after another one releases that
  3. I like to play my game with my character closer to the screen but the UI takes up so much space. Why cant we move it around like we did in GW1? =/ It would breathe new life to the game for me if I could move the Skillbar out of the middle of the screen to the left or to the right. At this moment the game is really only playable if you zoom out so that the UI isnt blocking your character which sucks for those of us that like to play with the character closer to the screen.
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