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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a new Mac user, and trying to download the game. I downloaded GW2setup-64.dmg. I'm using safari, and my MacBook Pro is on Mojave. When I double click the GW2setup-64.dmg file, a window comes up with a graphic for Guild Wars 2 64-bit.app then a strange arrow pointing right to a graphic of the Applications folder. If I click the GW2 graphic, the download screen briefly splashes, but goes away. Can anyone help me out with why it goes away immediately and doesn't start to download?
  2. I have restarted the program, but same problem. I rebooted my machine, and now there is a tiny difference: when i click on either of the 2 boxes either ranked or unranked, the box itself blinks and makes a noise, but that is all. It does not queue me in. Anyone have this problem? How can I report this? Should I do a reinstall? I just bought the expansion a couple of days ago, but I have been playing non-stop since then and no problems.
  3. when I bring up the PvP panel and try to click either Play unranked or Compete ranked, nothing happens. Nothing. No message anywhere. Have been pvp all morning. I have tried with one character in HoTM and one in another city.
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