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  1. Was thinking about this, late reply yes but Trahearne's line is more about the fact they were in a mission to secure a relic, and thus he used crafted minions that were never a living person. Because Zhaitan could corrupt a corpse or a living person and gain their knowledge, but a kitbashed minion wouldn't be corrupted (just destroyed) and Zhaitan would gain nothing. You can find a necromancer in Kessex hills who tasks you in an event to collect the bodies of slain merchants/travelers, who she then explicitly uses to create flesh golems from.
  2. To be fair, back in winds of Change we had no evidence, only rumors that the Jade Sea and forest were "reverting". We've never had real proof of it. Hell, the manual lines don't strongly suggest that either are reverting. It explicitly states the waves under the surface of the Jade Sea are purely unsubstantiated rumors. The Forest always had life growing out among the stone trees. We have jade carvings from Cantha among the Zephyrites at the cliffs. I'm doubtful that the Jade mined from the sea wouldn't also revert if the overall sea was returning to water.
  3. Simply put, most fantasy games don't bother inputting bathrooms because well... it's not part of the gameplay? But yes, it's reasonable to assume most larger houses have some sort of bathing room and toilet facilities.
  4. My view on that area is, if you are picking for story related/home instance npcs pick X option or Y. If you are just making some personal(as in the player) story/background, there are more options to pick from.
  5. You can, but it probably is reasonable to say that some combinations are more common than others. Raven devotees have a high tendency to be professions related to death or trickery, with necromancer probably being the most common profession for a Raven shaman from what I've seen (which is, admittedly, a fairly small sample size). But revenants (as many as there are among the norn, it still seems to be a pretty rare profession lorewise), mesmers, thieves, and rangers are probably reasonably commonly followers of Raven. Possibly engineers as well, since Raven is probably closer to a knowledge an
  6. I just wanna correct this bit. "The flip side is, only a few necromancers are evil" Most necromancers do just fine in society. They may be viewed as weird or creepy, but they aren't evil. Hell you can find one, a priest of Grenth wandering the Queensdale graveyard during the day, lamenting that he can't be there during the night to find and help a ghost find rest. Not all necromancers are evil or Psychopaths. Guild Wars Necromancers =/= other setting Necromancers. It's a dark magic, but is not inherently evil.
  7. Yeah, I read that and correct to He's not related to the animal spirits, and by his description, he's been stripped of his status as a nature spirit due to his actions. I suppose a good question is if Nulfastu is still around in GW2 lol. I'd say based around his abilities and description, he was probably a nature spirit of trickery/mischief of some sort.
  8. This. Though I wouldn't suggest legendaries purely for fashion (unless you want that). Every class can be worked to fit the various spirits of the wild/various races.
  9. He is not a spirit of the wild in any relation to the animal spirits. You imply he's related to Hare/rabbit, which is not true. Re-reading it, Nulfastu is merely described as a "great, northern nature spirit" And that he was struck down by the others, his body in one realm and his power in another. So if he was one of the spirits of the wild, he lost that status. Yes there are spirits of action and elements, but Nulfastu is explicitly been struck down by his fellow "nature spirits". His existence also was before the deeper look at the spirits of the wild and the Norn belief system. Night Ter
  10. A: Nulfastu IIRC is just a general nature spirit/elemental who went dark. Unrelated to Hare or the spirits of the wild. It uses the rabbit form to lure in people to a trap.B: The Essences are the stolen virtues from the three trapped spirits. Red is the power stolen from Ox, Green is the power stolen from Wolverine, and Blue is the power stolen from Eagle. The positive virtues are us... stealing it back, in a way.
  11. Seraph are the army of Kryta. They double as the general police force/town guard, meaning that every settlement has a functional garrison to defend itself with.
  12. I think a proper library in EOTN/home instance would be great because I've got a collection of lore books clogging up my bank lol.
  13. It comes from throughout the personal story, though technically it's in relation to dragon minions. In the Gorr-related storylines, particularly the Order of Whispers story step, it's established by Gorr and Trahearne that when Elder Dragons corrupt things, they're filling said "things" with their own corrupted draconic energies to create dragon minions. The more magic forced into said "things", the stronger and more intelligent those minions are. Thus explaining why some humans corrupted by Zhaitan become "Risen Thralls" that can only seek and bash with claws and fist, while others have the c
  14. I'm unsure where "intelligence is determined by magic" is coming from. I've never heard that said in GW1/GW2, and can only imagine Asura using that as a "Ha, we are better then you" line like they typically do, even if it's not supported. There is an event just south of Hoelbrek where a Son of Svanir is all about his friends and Jormag, up until a Shaman starts casting a conversion spell on him. At that point he starts panicking and realizes this isn't what he wants. I'm unsure where "intelligence is determined by magic" is coming from. I've never heard that said in GW1/GW2, and can only ima
  15. I think Bangar has faulty/mislead intelligence which is skewing his perspective on things.
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