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  1. It'd give Li all the excuse he needs really. Until we found the evidence, capturing us ensured his goal of closing the border again. We arrived with a fleet of pirates that crashed and caused chaos. Joon invited us to the reactor (dunno if he knew about Soo-won) and immediately it nearly explodes. All evidence points to Mai Trin dying saving the reactor, but who killed her? Joon's records show the suspect as the commander. If we didn't have that evidence, he could've walked over to the queen, pointed out how everything went to hell with the commander running free. Joon would back him
  2. One I've heard a LOT about to the point of my sighing, but I'd say there was a mistake in making the PC of various races and backgrounds have close friends that just disappear. Worse with the Charr, and I'd bet maybe Asura? Could've been solved with letters or random appearances to indicate we kept in touch, and with Charr maybe have the warband appear at the base camp and use other random npcs for the cache keepers. As human noble main, I get Faren everywhere, but what about the street rats, the Norn, the Sylvari etc.
  3. *Looks at the time me and another person got our turtles, instantly equipped the luminescent turtle skin, and proceeded to make flashbang siege turtles*
  4. There is a difference between "Fanatical club" and "Guardians of the crown who use the oath to make sure they are NEVER BETRAYED AGAIN." You know, like how the Shining blade was betrayed by one of it's highest ranking members to the white mantle and almost entirely wiped out or captured. It really didn't change anything about how they acted, besides that if you are in the top ranks of the shining blade, you are placed under oath to ensure you cannot backstab the group like they were betrayed at that time. It's not entirely "You talk you die" it's "You share any of the deepest, mos
  5. Honestly, what EOTN has vs Arborstone (not including the very specific boss events and the scrying pool for story stuff) is the Asura gate linking to multiple areas. However, Arborstone has one going to LA which is right at the gate hub, so it's quick to bounce to any major city from there. Also, as a personal thing, I can see Arborstone being a base/trading post/village. EOTN is lovely for sure but... where do people sleep or eat? 😛 I was meaning in response to the guy he was quoting, who called these forums "Filled with Stockholm syndrome"
  6. More of "Canceled early and thus they had to squash chapters together" To be fair she's been focused entirely on saving the current world, before looking at others.
  7. Well, to be fair we get given a disguise which makes us able to wander freely during those parts due to next to nobody knowing about it. So we are wanted, but nobody knows where we are
  8. Was more of chests guarded by and enemies empowered by the traits linked to the three corrupted spirits, being syphoned from them by Jormag and used to buff Jormag's minions. I don't even understand what the hell he's trying to say, so... paid content is better then content you unlock?
  9. IBS reintroduced some HoT masteries, which would've been nice to see in the more wild parts of EoD, but oh well. Especially if like the ice tubes, they contextualized them for bonus goodies. Like instead of Nuhoch wallows, it was dredge tunnels in Echovald. Course, runs the risk of "But now I'm forced to buy HoT to finish EoD content!" or such. And yeeeeeah. Those two listed at the end are very much worthless lol. season 4 had a decent set, because it was mostly focused on buffing/improving your mount beyond what path of fire did. but path of fire masteries were entirely just the mou
  10. So... during the frantic, final instance you were stopping to type out many things in say chat? Interesting focus there. But overall I feel like this post is just vague. I mean, your previous post implies you want the Commander to just ignore all laws and regulations, as if the Canthans would know everything about the Commander (which conflicts with their isolation and the dead fleets cutting them off) and then stand by Aurene's side and shoo everybody else away, which means they wouldn't be off investigating the Aetherblades or going into the reactor.
  11. Gameplay doesn't really equal what people can do in lore, do to balancing. Like a Risen Norn would be incredibly strong and tough, as well as having the risen nature of "Chop an arm off, arm keeps grabbing and fighting." where ingame, a norn and human risen are the same HP and damage, and just die without falling apart or having to be totally destroyed. Risen do have a lot of range to their stuff, but so do Awoken from spellcasters to canids and abominations.
  12. You have that backwards? The risen are less self aware and independent. The Awoken, for a ton of them, are entirely aware and still "people", they just are enslaved to Joko's will. Joko says "Stab your father in the gut for being a traitor" You stab him in the gut, no matter what you think. But on patrol you are still you.
  13. Maybe you missed that this is an MMO, and all MMO's have something like this? Or do you have the same complaint about WoW having every character on the server farm for gear?
  14. Arborstone level 1 installs an Asura gate on the second level by the inn. Now using it to go to LA requires tier 5, but at that point you can use the Asura gate in LA to go straight to Arborstone player-wise. So merchants/travelers can use LA to instantly go to Arborstone, for a fee.
  15. Risen fleets are still out there, just not as coordinated. Sea Travel is risky. Arborstone is great for the stuff not related to major cargo/freight. What the hell are you going on about? What the hell has EoD actively disabled from the base game? Oh because you had to level up Arborstone that meant you couldn't use LA? or EOTN? Idunno about you mean, but Arborstone didn't do a thing to any previous hub areas in my game, unlike yours.
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