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  1. Shout-out to all my homies who spouted off on thief mobility after HoT saying "if you won't nerf it, give it to the other classes". This is what you get. You get chased around by willbenders and juked by the pew pew engi.
  2. The dialogue is really sappy and makes me feel like I'm reading someone's Wizards of the Coast fanfiction or something . I took a really long break from the game after having to hear Kralkatorrik's "she's weak, no she's strong, she's worse than us, no actually she's better" monologue about Aurene while she just flapped around calling him 'Uncle'.
  3. Gives S/D thief some much needed sustain options. Siphon is kind of a garbage alternative to steal though.
  4. My man, if you want a list of CC skills for your class, hit the wiki. Anything under 3/4 of a second will do you good. I recommend you look for solutions, not excuses.
  5. If you can only think of one or two ways to CC a cast-time or close distance, you've got bigger problems than specter wells.
  6. I've always seen the daredevil traitline as an alternative to acrobatics. It has some damage options, but I get the best use out of its sustain options.
  7. A specter could fill their entire utility bar with wells, blow all of them to escape, and it wouldn't even bring them out of a soulbeast's longbow range. Not really that rare. If you can't cover 1200-1800 range or interrupt the cast time on those wells, you don't deserve the kill.
  8. S/D acro is still a beast in WvW. A lot of people don't know what to do with a thief that doesn't need to stealth, and you can really chunk someone by pairing mug with larcenous strike.
  9. After ten years of playing this game I can't believe I've never tilted anyone as much as the rock elemental that killed this dude.
  10. Humanizing the elder dragons was a bad idea overall. First having them talk, and now assigning them genders has just removed any intrigue or fear of the unknown they could have inspired.
  11. Please do not conflate criticism towards the company with hatred/judgement towards the developers. Thank you.
  12. Can't believe Anet could afford to put J.K. Rowling on the writing team.
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