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  1. If they somehow ever add OW legendary item then they need to be as boring as the PvP and WvW one, just make the ascended one with the little extra flair add to it.
  2. Absolutely not, all legendary armors are suppose to be hard to get. If PvE get this treatment then you might as well make it so that you can get PvP legendary armor from the dueling arena in the mist and let WvW armor be obtainable from doing almost nothing. Raid is PvE end game, and being able to buy raid is a fair alternative in my opinion. Raid isn't really that hard in my opinion in terms of the boss mechanic, it tends to usually be coordinating with your team and being able to handle criticism. Some raids like Vale Guardian is drastically easier then Soo Won, and Soo Won isn'
  3. I feel like all race more or less die equally until you get into PoF and EoD.
  4. I have a commander tag and I agree that it should be a basic squad function, but at the same time the game have given you multiple easy farms to get 300g, also not everyone pay attention to ready which is honestly sad sometimes. Typically ppl are more willing to walk to the side as a ready sign too.
  5. It's actually not, I've been doing the meta daily since release and it has gotten DRASTICALLY easier, people just have to explore and experiment more with the meta. Went from having either a couple of seconds left on the meta when completed to having at least on average 2-3mins left. Most ppl don't realize that you actually have to communicate and organize the event and teach people things and people actually needs to learn things. You're at the point in the game where you should be aware that you need at least two hard cc skills on your bar and most of the group that fails typically struggle
  6. Oh? That's helpful to know, thanks for advice! I'll try that with a couple of buddies later.
  7. It's worst when you see a bunch of them in one place, I like their design but outside of Cantha it's really just a loud and obnoxious design. I won't die from it but it would also be nice not to be restricted to it. MOX would be a great choice, I was kind of dissapointed when they brought him back just be a jukebox, maybe this way we can get some mini sidequests line and learn about his time from Gw1 to Gw2 abit more. That would be interesting, steampunk pynk mech would be nice too.
  8. The quest chain where you have the to get the jade sorted is near impossible to finish. People tend to leave after they sort out the jade and the cart gets corrupted cause folks tends to ignore the mobs bar. As for simple minded I thought that was the case too but it's really hard to get 5 pairs in one go unless if you're in an empty map.
  9. I'm not being impatient, I didn't say they had to do it now, lmao. I'm saying if they could please.
  10. Can we please get MOX as a skin for the Jade Mech? I miss the ol golem and his model is already in game, granted they might have to adjust it abit to be in tune with the jade mech animations.
  11. Is it just happening to me or is Tsunami Dodger and Simpleminded achievement bugged for everyone? I've been trying to do them all week and it would not update at all? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  12. Buddy, it's unpleasant because you're coming off in a very condescending tone and I have been reading the last few pages just an fyi, you could've been more respectful about disagreeing with other peoples opinion. This whole response you're giving me right now is another example with you being unpleasant, seems to me like you need to avoid confrontations entirely if you can't respect other peoples opinions but expect people to respect yours. There's a rude way and a respectful way, good day. I feel like the should've made the harder version like Dragonstorm, a controlled i
  13. There is no excuse for the CC though, one of the very first thing you do in EoD story was go to a golem that teches you about CC. Where the Dev messed up imo is that they didn't prepare people for that meta properly. There's way too many stuff that gets slapped on and it goes from 1 to 100 real quick with that meta. They should've added bosses and champions on the way to the meta boss that have the boss mechanic. Each champion as you progress adds on another mechanic that the boss will use, that way by the time you get to the boss you would know what to do (not entirely sure what I said make s
  14. "unless you missed the current 48 pages you'd know that" I 100% agree, was in a run last night where we failed due to an RNG we thought it was a bug since they lessen the chance so we decided to do another run right after and beat it, it was a really bizarre run since the last 20% was super chaotic.
  15. RNG does not make it hard though, the concept of the meta is easy, the mechanic of the meta is easy, I usually run it with an organize group and we've had more win then lost we do however lose at times due to RNG but that does not make the meta hard, it makes the meta hard to complete due to the RNG. I'm not disagreeing with you in terms of the turtle being locked behind that meta buddy, so no need to be an unpleasant person about it.
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