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  1. I still play one of my elementalists (the first one I made - an asura) as a staff weaver in PvE - I just like the flavour of it. Also. for flavour reasons, runes of the Golemancer are welded to that character, so he's a tiny and rather techy elemental mage with a (somewhat) trusty golem companion. He wears a combination of cultural and aetherblade armour, so it all has a theme that hangs together for me, even if he's one of my less effective characters on the whole. If Ele gets a suitably techy weapon (perhaps pistol or rifle) in EoD I might move him across to that, however.
  2. The icon that most conjures up the feeling of dragonjade for me is number 4 (the one that many people think is Ele) . Rather than the diamond shape thing being the point of a bodkin arrow, I now think it could a dragon jade crystal with some kind of fiery conflagration coming out of it - perhaps a burning oriented condi spec? Not sure of the weapon though - could be a lot of things. I wonder if traps could be the utility skill type that engis get? Having an engineer able to rig up some kind of technological trap would be thematic, I think. If number 4 were the engine
  3. I agree that the bullet icon is too clean and linear for a necro icon. I had originally thought that it was a warrior icon (can see guardian too), but can now also see the shapes either side as being stylised lightning bolts, so ele would fit as well? Regardless, the weapon is clearly quite important to that spec as it's central to the icon. In the case of necro specs, I'd argue that their specs' weapons have been of relatively lower importance compared to the shroud mechanic; IMO this makes it less likely that the bullet icon relates to necro.
  4. If you look at the stream of the virtuoso, you can see how the test character spawned 2 phantasmal berserkers, and had mirror blade bounce extra times so I'm pretty sure they had the trait "Bountiful Blades". If they had that, then I think it's odds on that the effect you're seeing of 25% extra damage and +50% against inactivity is because the test character had the trait "Mental Anguish" and not because it's a feature of the Virtuoso specialisation.
  5. My guesses in order 1 - Mesmer/Virtuoso (obvs) 2 - Ranger - looks like an animal's head/mask 3 - Guardian - there aren't many options left for guardian re weapons, and the 3 dots suggest the 3 virtues to me 4 - Elementalist - could be a flaming arrow seen from the front (credit to lLobo.7960 for this idea) or could also indicate a torch 5 - Thief - (not sure though) looks like a kabuki mask or perhaps a vampire or a shadowed face - seems ambiguous to me. I'm really unsure re this one. 6 - Revenant - the classic revenant icon is sort of reversed with the shadow f
  6. If it's daggers, Vizu would be another possibility - and is strongly linked to the history of Cantha.
  7. The skill type for the Virtuoso's utility skills was "Psionic" IIRC, so that similarity is perhaps not too surprising.
  8. I think that's exactly how it will work. I expect it'll lead to the ability to do some quite hard spikes of damage...e.g. build up one's daggers over the length of a fight then unload all 5 in one instant
  9. I wonder which Canthan lore they're linking it to? The Afflicted perhaps? Maybe via the Am Fah as they were quite keen on corruption IIRC
  10. Depends which mode one's talking about. In PvE, Mantra of Solace heals for 1478 + (0.54 x HP) In WvW/PvP, it's 199 + (0.1 x HP)
  11. Thanks for the update - it's nice to have communication like this. I really enjoyed the marionette fight, especially the regulator elements - was a nice throwback to the days of GW2 when people had to be more self-sufficient with their builds/setups. Great ideas re starting the event only after there's a degree of readiness (or at least sufficient numbers) amongst the players doing the event.
  12. I very much doubt that we'll get a new race option for our PCs to be Tengu as I don't think the amount of work involved (e.g. adding voice acting for all living story steps - would be very costly and labour intensive IMO) would be justified by the amount of revenue it would earn the franchise. However, what is pretty likely IMO as a way of "scratching the itch" of having Tengu PCs is maybe some story step or the like in which we get to play as Tengu NPCs for a while; it certainly wouldn't satisfy everyone calling for a new race, but it may be a more cost-effective approach.
  13. Just for fun, yeah, I think it's likely that necro will get a long range single target option (probably power as scourge seems to cover condi so well, even if more mid range). Both ele and necro have a "vacancy" for a long range single target power weapon, and rifle or longbow are the most obvious weapons to cover this. To my mind, necro staff is more area denial and support. Ele seems more "technological" than necro IMO, so I'd go for Necro getting longbow and Ele getting rifle. I'm probably wrong, but I'll be interested to see what Anet have come up with!
  14. https://www.guildwars2.com/en-gb/news/arenanet-studio-update-july-2021/ No other silhouettes as yet...but I suspect that this will be their way of generating a degree of hype re the other professions going forward, so it's likely there'll be more.
  15. One consideration in favour of spears is that, so far, all of the terrestrial spear-like weapons in GW2 have been 2-handed staff weapons; the "spears" in GW used by paragons were 1 handed thrown weapons more akin to javelins. There are already some "javelin" type animations in the game with the "loyalist paragons" etc from Istan and the image does look rather like a spear being held 1-handed in the main hand. Adding a new weapon type would involve adding additional art to the game, which may be quite labour-intensive relative to adding daggers to mesmer, although they could perha
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