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  1. While typing the name is annoying, more annoying is having to type the name of the item where the item description actually says 'this item is only useful as part of a collection'. I'd be happy if they just reviewed all items that currently require typing the name and remove entries for those where it is expected to be deleted, or deleting it is not a big deal (not a unique item that can't be replaced)
  2. A skip button would be nice, but I have a feeling that if it existed, people would skip through everything and then complain that they completed the story/LWS release is 10 minutes and complain about lack of content. Though perhaps require each account to play through it once would help out. Going through the LWS stories right now, skip would be nice. It would also be nice if re-playing a chapter for achievements to just start the given instance when the achievement part starts - many LWS have 5-10 minutes of junk, and then you end up failing the achievement in the first 30 seconds.
  3. Is it possible you did it before? I played through both of those chapters about a week ago, and it worked as expected - I had to play through party politics, Taimi and the Asura, etc.
  4. By definition with gems <-> gold exchange, anything that can be bought for gems can be bought with in game currency (gold), and the reverse is also true. Things locked behind collections can only be done by those collections, which limits availability. While in many cases, that can also be bought (pay someone to walk you through whatever that content is), that probably isn't a very good experience for the user.
  5. By not having any integration of voice chat, Anet absolves themselves of any responsibility for what happens in voice chat. The moment it becomes part of the game, they are at least partly responsible if certain players abuse the system. At least with text chat, you can do a screenshot and send it to support (and they can then verify from their data that you did not forge the screenshot). I'm not sure what you could with voice chat - record everything and send the recording to Anet? There are then probably legal implications if Anet records all voice chat to verify cases of abuse (it o
  6. I enjoyed most of the JPs in the original release. They were reasonable of 'I wonder how I get up there', and they were typically not very long (with a few exceptions). Then at some point JPs went hardcore - as others have said, not obvious what the goal is, and also quite a bit longer. Fortunately, with addition of mounts, several can be skipped, or at least partially bypassed. Skyscale lets you skip the hard part (steam rocks) in skipping stones. I do wonder of the really hard ones, even for those players that enjoy hard JPs, how often they repeat them. While I will often do the JP
  7. I did this instance last night. Yes, there is the one monster after the weapon testing that can be one shotted, and that is intentional (though clearly not made obviously enough). There are bosses after that which are tougher - it is not like it is the last boss in the instance. To me, this is working as designed, though I found the entire instance a bit long and repetitive.
  8. It does seem inconsistent - some achievements/collections will put markers on the map for where to go, while others do not. It really just seems to be when that collection was added and what the developer at the time felt like doing. The scavenger hunts were clearly meant to be just that - try to figure out where everything is. But I wonder how many players actually figure out the entire thing on their own, and at what point they fire up the wiki or taco to get the last 10% of the collection which is can be very well hidden.
  9. LWS2 is certainly my least liked of the seasons. I actually made a not to myself to not play through that on other characters because it is so annoying. I find anything that forces a new set of skills on annoying. I suppose if you had played a thief, those missions may not be that annoying, but on my first play through, I had never played a thief. I also didn't like the Caithe missions simply because it felt out of place - you are having to play and kill things, yet these events had clearly already taken place. But at the same time, you are forced to play pre-made story and not ma
  10. While not in the game, you can use https://immortius.xyz/wardrobe-unlock-analyser/#analyse to find out what items you have are locked, and sort by price. According to that, it would cost me ~250K gold to unlock all the skins I have yet to unlock.
  11. In some cases what you buy with those gems gets cheaper if you buy a bunch. Black Lion Chest Key is one example, Heroic Booster is another. For the Booster, 1 costs 150, but 20 for 2100.
  12. The other thing is that if LWS1 had been continually playable after the fact like all of the other LWS, there would be no exclusivity to any of the titles of it. I don't care if I got some title from an achievement shortly after it was released, and some other player got that achievement by starting play 5 years later and getting it. One could argue that the open world of LWS1 is different than the instanced content that replaced it. However, there have been all sorts of changes made to the game in other ways, which makes some achievements that were previously really hard to get fairly
  13. At a guess, when they changed their payment provider a few months back. Sales tax (I'm presuming you are talking US states here) are odd, but generally if the one doing the transaction has business in the state of the person doing the purchase, they have to charge sales tax. It is possible that the previous provider did not have any business presence in your state, but that the new one does.
  14. My understanding is that Steam takes a cut of all transactions made on the platform. So really, Anet would prefer players not use Steam, as they would get more of the money. The reason to release on Steam is greater exposure. This is one of the reason that Anet won't let people who currently have accounts move to Steam. Those people are already aware of the game, and them moving to Steam would mean Anet makes less money off the players for anything they buy in the future.
  15. It also depends on how one frames the statistics. It can be that 1-2M distinct accounts log in at least once a month. A single player could have multiple accounts, but may only play one at a time. There may be some number of users who log in to get the daily login chest, then log out. That may count, but you would never see that player in the game. Others may log in and do the 3 dailies needed for 2G, and then log out, but you would be unlikely to notice those players. The fact that Anet doesn't charge anything (other than initial purchase of the game) means you can have
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