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  1. They could certainly add some worthwhile (or exclusive) items that one can spend essence on to get to keep people doing rifts. For myself, I expect that once I finish the armor, I'll probably quit doing rifts.
  2. The problem with all public content (raids, world bosses, convergences, map metas) is that players have very little control who they are playing with. While mechanics may not be hard, or getting a high DPS build quite doable for any player, I can not force (nor even verify) if other players in the public map/instance I'm in meet those qualifications. Determining exactly how difficult any of this content should be is hard. But if too hard, it likely leads to a vicious circle - the good players will just form private squads or skip the content (why waste their time if they can do something as a squad that they know they can succeed on vs who knows what will happen in the public map), leaving the gap for those still trying to do it even greater. I've personally stopped doing some of that content - I'd like to think that I'm at least on OK player (pay attention to build and tactics), but not worth my time to spend 30 minutes on something to end up failing. I do think Anet needs to rethink what open world content is supposed to be, as I otherwise think a lot of this new content will become dead very quickly. And for me, that also means I'm less sure about buying future expansions. Why buy them when the content has a 1 month shelf life before it is dead?
  3. This seems like something of an odd change - I suppose it is to make it so that a small group playing at extreme off hours who flips most of the map doesn't get as much of a reward. But it seems to me, they should try to encourage playing off hours, and not discourage it. This change could have the effect of making off hours even more dead. Though I'd be tempted to do something extreme like reverse pip scoring based on placement - last place gets more pips, first place gets fewer, to encourage those in last place to join the battle, and not encourage even more folks to join when their team is in first place. Or change scoring so capping/killing on the last place team gets one less points than capping/killing the first place team.
  4. I suspect this is really a side effect of them devaluing the item for the wizards vault (since it was a much better deal with 1 gold for 15 AA vs 1 gold for 30 AA before the last changes), and Anet not looking where else that item is used and the effect of value it has there.
  5. While this would be nice, I suspect the reason it is done now is that means people must buy the next expansion in order to get access to the the relevant strikes. For example, if you don't own SotO, you can not get to the wizards tower, and thus can not enter the SotO strikes. Likewise for EoD/Arborstone. If there was some central location which all players could access (regardless of expansions owned) and all strikes were accessible, there would need to be some other mechanism to prevent those from entering strikes, which would probably cause problems of people joining squads and then not able to enter the actual strike.
  6. AFK has been a complaint in all game modes, so probably no surprise it shows up in convergences also. Anet hasn't show a lot of desire to fix is. A problem can be that the people are not 100% AFK - they might not be actively playing the game, but are still at the computer doing something else, so any check based on keyboard activity just means that every once in a while, they will type something on the keyboard (are get a program or device that does this for them), so that doesn't help - they would still be in the convergence, but not actually doing much to help out (may just be autoattacking). It unfortunately is not an easy problem to solve. Maybe some form of reward system (bronze/silver/gold) based on how much stuff you do would help out. Maybe also remove the need to defend Zojja during the early part, so there is no reason for any people to hang out in the middle - everyone should be going off to the islands and killing the bosses, just so those who are legitimately defending Zojja don't lose out.
  7. With software, most anything is possible - the question is how much work it is. To some degree, until the code is written, there is a technical limitation in that whatever feature just does not exist. No one outside of the developers really know how hard it is to add more bank tabs. It could be as simple as increasing the constant that defines the number of banktabs, and just releasing an update, or could be very complicated in require changes to the database, UI, date types, etc. Everything is just speculation from the playerbase at this point. Anet might also look at current stats on bank tabs. If only 10% of the active player base are maxed out on bank tabs, that is your potential new sale size. It may be that Anet looks at the number and says 'likely amount of money we will get by increasing bank tabs is $x, but it will cost $3x to make that feature, so not worth it'. Even if the cost is less than they will make, it also means taking resources from something else (you just can't hire someone and say add more bank tabs - there tends to be a fairly long learning curve for complex software), Anet may also be looking at something like that and making a decision that having that developer work on features for the next expansion is worth more than adding more bank tabs.
  8. The one hope for Anet looking to the past is a way to keep players engaged. I'm not sure the breakdown in expansions for gem store items, but folks will only buy either of those if they are still playing. The moment players quit playing GW2, that potential sale is gone forever. So you want activities to keep people engaged. I think the WV is part of that - weekly events for a decent amount of gold that gets player doing certain activities. The other potential source of revenue is new players - for them, they need to see the game as playable. For example, if a new player is on some of the beginner maps and sees a world boss or meta for that map, go to it, and it fails because no one is doing it, after they see that so many times they are likely to give up (if these maps are dead, why should they expect future maps to be better). So making sure even small numbers of players can complete those might make sense to keep new players playing the game.
  9. My recollection for material storage (for crafting) is that once they add something, they can never remove it. So this makes them very cautious on what to add for material storage - they don't want to add something that no one cares about in 6 months. But I suspect the bigger issue is more that if they added storage for everything that any player has ever asked for, the material storage would have a lot of stuff in it and become cluttered and then players would complain about how much junk there is in material storage they don't care about and how it makes it harder for them to find what they really want.
  10. While I might buy the 'stuff in background' in some instances, there are other instances where literally nothing is happening in the background - everyone is just standing around and you need to wait for them to finish talking. In some cases, this is at the end of the instance (after you have killed whatever needing killing), but you won't get the story reward until the finish their conversations. I don't really buy stuff in the background in other cases - they could just add a timer like 'skip in 10...9...8.. seconds', and base that on how much time that background setup really takes. Now this is certainly more work for them - they need to test 2 scenarios instead of one and make sure it all works, which is probably one reason anet has no desire to do it.
  11. I feel that the current solution Anet has is that these metas occasionally show up in the weekly WV rewards, though given the number of metas, it could be a long wait before one shows up (and I don't think all of them are party of weeklies). It would not surprise me if they continue this, with SotO metas joining the rotation when the next expansion drops.
  12. This has been frequently requested for a long time, no indications that Anet is about to change it. Probably because if the dialogue was skippable, people would be completing new releases in 15 minutes (ok, slight exaggeration) because the unskippable dialogue adds a good amount of time to the story. Don't get me wrong - I'd love for the dialogue to be skippable, especially given how much of it is cringe worthy in how bad it is. I unfortunately don't see it happening.
  13. I'd rather wait another day to skip a boss (Umbriel) that has a high chance of failure vs spending the 20+ minutes on a failure. Realistically, with public convergences happening every 3 hours, only 1/day is within a time window when I'm available to do them.
  14. I did a public convergence a couple days ago, and Dreadwing showed up as the final boss. So things are not completely stuck (previously public I was in a week or so back did have Umbriel, and it failed when he was down to 2% health). I sort of think a better approach of it being random (and you don't even know which one until the pre events have been done) that the final boss be on a rotating schedule, so you know even before entering the convergence what the final boss for the day is. Anet could even then add an achievement for defeating all the different bosses, since it would be reasonable to know 'I need boss X - he will show up next Tuesday, so I'll do a convergence then'
  15. I wonder if some of this feeling is that a lot of the older maps feel like places that could really exist (ok, some like draconis mons might be an exception, but only because it is in a lava bubble). But starting with EoD, it feels like the maps are more just drawn up from someone's imagination. So in the case of older maps, you can sort of loose yourself in the map, where as later maps, you really just feel like you are playing a computer game.
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