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  1. I think a major thing that is lacking with the finale that could improve things a bit is to create a cinematic at the end when the dragons battle it out and the aftermath. We need a movie comparable to LWS2 finale, LWS3 Finale, LWS4 finale, etc. show an epic movie style battle that lasts maybe 30 sec to a min. between the two dragons, and when they go poof, show the energy and how it goes into Aurene. Whatever magic passes through show where that is headed and tie it into the upcoming expansion! The way it ended was not finale quality cinematic. It seemed like it was transitioning into another
  2. Anet can you please clarify on the new Legendary Amulet announcement about acquisition? Specifically saying: "After completing the new meta-achievement for all three playable Living World seasons and The Icebrood Saga, you’ll receive a legendary amulet as a powerful reminder of your role in shaping Tyria’s destiny". My question is, does completing the new meta-achievement for all LW episodes automatically give you the legendary amulet, or is crafting and mystic forge still required to finish it? Can you elborate more on this please?
  3. The infusion doesn’t drop, just a pristine dragon left eye or right eye. This combined with ectos, amalgamated draconic lodestone, and corrupted or destoyer lodestones in the mystic forge yields the infusion. Look up Pristine Dragon Left Eye in wiki. It only drops if you have maxed your Dragon Slayer mastery track too.
  4. My thoughts on this is that it’s like a Battle for Lion’s arch map in LW season 1 where x amount of people can join in and fight the end boss battle together. It could be a different area than what we are used to, but it’s not going to be an explorable map. After the “event” is over, it will be instanced and reduced down to party size probably so it’s replayable anytime. This is to make it replayable in the future unlike The Battle for Lion’s Arch which is not playable again.
  5. As a OP fan, I'd love a map like that! :oPretty sure DRMs are done at 10. So they need to have something bigger to bring to the finale. Map would fit in with this. Would be a major downgrade from S4 map with Kralk to having nothing for primordous and jormag. People would not be happy if no new map with a big finale meta.
  6. Or there could be an option to “add tome to map” which would consume the scroll and put it on the map. Another option would be to allow portal to a specific map via special icon on map as long as the tome was in your inventory or bank space. So you could throw them in bank and forget about them. Switch to map and you can easily port via special icon.
  7. Absolutely this comment. I switched legendaries to another character and never again. It is soo much hassel it makes legendaries feel like you were punished for spending all that gold. It is because of this that the armory is necessary, to update the existing template system to create less hassel. This should be priority one alongside the xpac.
  8. Shivering ice will be a kodan reward. It is part of chapter 3 rewards so it will be released before chapter 4.
  9. I don’t get your point. People that have money generally play more and are of higher skill level. Either that or they convert gems to gold. But for a casual person a legendary is a big task that takes a long time. I hate using the forge myself, but it’s the only way I get clovers in a timeley fashion so I can maybe make a legendary in a month. I have played for eight years and do fractal cms daily, so why should I be timegated and limited when I earn gold daily by doing the top tier content? It’s like saying let’s give people who play less a legendary in the same time.
  10. I was thinking the same thing! I wouldn’t mind even paying the transmutation charge to change still. It would be a per template basis. Transmutate on one template and it holds on that template. Or just not require transmutate on legendary, which might be easier to do.
  11. I love how people offer really cool ideas to implement new features into the game and you get the “I’d rather the devs spend their time elsewhere”, or “use lower level gear. I’m sure you’ll get this no matter what as everyone has their own opinion, but we need new stuff like this to keep the game fresh and exciting. Why can’t people accept what is suggested or say I’m not interested without trying to suggest a way not to do it?
  12. Perhaps they can include a special action key in open world story dialog that when pressed skips the current dialog being done. Thus you keep pressing until the entire dialog for that story step is done you can effectively skip a lot of dialog you don’t want to spend minutes listening to.
  13. I did some of the early weapon sets easily, stormcaller, boreal, boreal v2, and tengu echo. When charged stormcaller came out I was like ok no. So far I’ve done 4 dragon slayer weapons, you know ones I really wanted. Then 2nd tier dragon slayer I did crimson and azure pistols so I could dual wield fire/ice pistols. Next up I am doing 3rd tier to upgrade my pistols. Beyond that we’ll see. Probably once I save up materials and I can afford to make some more I might do more. Other than that no incentive for me. Sorry, but waving a few amalgamated draconic lodestones and Season 4 currency in front
  14. I don’t see much issue. I crafted like 4 of the dragon slayer T1 weapons. I did pistol azure and crimson because I wanted to get the skins. I may do the 3rd tier to upgrade them again. No intention currently to do them all. The skins are there if you want them. If you look at it like you don’t have to do everything it’s not so bad.
  15. I started in a south meta map. Killed several monsters and was like nope, not gonna waste my time. Then went ahead and finished south meta, killed the cache keepers, and got some free loot! Nothing worth getting those 5 tokens for anyway. You can always buy the tengu weapons with defense seals after the event is over.
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