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  1. When “Hide bags” is selected: Can each bag’s slots be outlined in some way, so you actually know which slots go to which bag? I like the display of all slots shown without having to minimize/maximize each bag. Every slot is shown. The problem I have is that I use invisible bags, and bags that containers get placed in automatically. I generally use these two bags as my last two bags, and then I organize and place items there Like food etc I don’t want sorted all the time, and materials I am saving up for legendaries/collections. In the hide bags option, I don’t know which slots are invisib
  2. I don’t care so much about the cost, but the amount of time it takes to collect the snowflakes. Just doing dailies and the achievements I’m going to be cutting it close to even get 15 diamonds for the sweater. I won’t spend the money, but maybe I’ll get it next year. There really isn’t too much more for me to want to get after that. Maybe more weapon skins, etc.
  3. 1 copper everytime. Doesn’t have to be anything big.
  4. This is very intriguing to me if it works like the armory does. Sharing the bag between characters would definately be worth the investment to me. Probabky be similar in cost to a rune or sigil. And changing the function of the bag would be OP!
  5. I am not sure if this has been mentioned, but I have sat back and read people’s comments throughout the two betas, and I have only just touched Mechanist a few times myself. I main engineer since day one of this game. Can we change the mech F1-F3 skills to be no longer tied to which trait you select, but the skill you choose for 6-9. Signets tied to new mech skills. Core engi skills are toolbelt skills that the mech uses. This way you can keep functionality of toolbelt skills. F4 is added and F5 would be summon mech.
  6. The main issue I have is that there is no exciting finale to icebrood saga, one that would get us hyped for what is to come in end of dragons. I’m sure there will be a proper prologue to end of dragons to get us going into Cantha, but if you’re someone without end of dragons you could very well end icebrood saga without knowing there is more to do, and could be less inclined to purchase next expansion. Season 2 and 3 had great endings that showed us oh crap now we have this problem to deal with. They made it exciting as well as kind of a cliffhanger like what is coming next? Ice brood saga the
  7. I completed the half-year return to journey replaying all living world content. There is still a gap between ice brood saga and the next End of Dragons expansion. How does your character know they need to go to Cantha? How does a new player finishing Icebrood saga know what’s next in the story? Heart of Thorns and Path of fire had some awesome cinematic that told the story of what is going to happen next for your character. The dialogue between Taimi and Gorrik is still speculation as what is going on with the dragon cycle. Still nothing substantial that says we’re going to Cantha! Can we get
  8. Anet sounds like they have a plan to continue Guild Wars 2, and by making a 3rd expansion says they will continue to make more. I think it will depend on how well EoD is received, and how well anet communicates about the future of gw2 after EoD and delivers the content that people want. In the end, only fans and contributers to the game will keep it going.
  9. Not necessarily. I mean the whole end of dragon’s logo reaks of an ocean theme. If we aren’t introduced to more water content then what’s the point of that logo? It could have just as easily have been a logo with jade color and siege turtles, lol. But seriously, we’re only just seeing part of the story and mainly involves the canthans and their Jade tech. I bet we see more story than just that, plus there has to be more to lead into possible future living world segments. The dragons are definately a topic, which anet has been very tight lipped about. And the tease of not showing us all feature
  10. I don’t have an opinion on this. I find it kind of funny however reading people’s distaste for a color. Reason being, I’m an engineer in real life. I have to be critical of people’s designs all the time, and have great attention to detail in my job. However, when it comes to this new expac, I see sooo many people nitpicking this and that and paying soo much attention to detail, and I just look at everything presented and say, new stuff! Should be fun to play. What I’m trying to say is, I play the game for fun, not to criticize every detail. That’s what my job is for 😛. I’m glad people have th
  11. If they would add in an infusion chance and a set of ascended weapons to work towards, among other rewards they could add maybe more people would want to do it. It is fun, just not worth my time to do it a lot.
  12. This is not entirely true. I did the achievments before. When I was running the mission, I found the first chest was open. I did end up finding chests that were not open. Look long and hard. I may not speak for everyone tho, but I was able to find 3.
  13. Guys there was a chest open on mine, but you have to look for the chests. There should be some there. I did all the achievements before and was able to find 3.
  14. Ok, getting Frostsaws can be a pain. I been trying almost every day since release and have to get one. 6 gift of aurenes later and numerous volcanic weapons. I love these skins, but still pining for this Frostsaw skin. That’s the only one I ever really wanted!! Why does it take this long? Can I obtain it with seals please??
  15. They brought back twisted Marionette. There is no reason to believe they can’t bring back the attack on Lion’s Arch. They have the 4 story missions in eye of the north you can play now. I didn’t play most of season 1, but there isn’t any reason for me to believe they can’t just instance the crap out of the missing pieces and piece together a story for your story journal. Even if it’s not lengthy you can experience the main highlights and see the characters origin and development. I want to fight scarlet again!
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