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  1. Efram does mention this in passing--that he won't let his people go back to what they were, ect. It's subtle, but there. I think the theme of the past repeating itself with the charr and Frost Legion is more prominent for us as players than it would be for the characters in the moment. The characters are living their day-to-day lives and have varying levels of historical knowledge--it's realistic that they wouldn't recognize the parallel until after the war is over and they have time to reflect on it all. For us as players, it's super obvious. The charr still have all the cultural traits
  2. The female faces are the easiest to get looking good (for a more mean/fierce look, just downsize the eyes and make the eyebrows look angry). The male faces are unique and I like them, but they feel a little bit rushed. For instance, all 3 male faces have the EXACT same eyes--when you swap between them the face around the eyes changes, but the eyes stay the same. Also, the eyes don't seem to be positioned quite right in the skull--on one male face in particular, when his eyes dart around, they roll back into his head and it looks wrong. I also wonder if Anet viewed the male faces from the side,
  3. That isn't true--when the Olmakhan section of the story released, they also released a patch that made charr horns gender neutral AND added like 6-7 brand new kinds of horns. We also got a new female charr face. Those horn models are still mostly seen among the Olmakhan/Flame Legion and are more rare among the other three legions.
  4. I hope Arenanet remembers the other races as well as humans. I'm excited for Canthan human features and hairstyles as well, but I also have characters of the other races too. Seeing as this expansion and PoF are both 'human-centric' in the sense that we're visiting human kingdoms from GW1, when you could only play as human, special care needs to be taken by Arenanet to give attention to all playable races--one way is by giving them new creation features. In PoF, we saw new options for only humans at first. Then, in the living story following/continuing PoF, we got a ton of new charr options th
  5. Well yeah. Count on a stupid, uneducated suxon to not read a book.
  6. Yeah yeah Cantha hype.... except if my character has gaping holes in her neck, the expansion is really gonna be a drag. AAAAAAHHHH
  7. Anyone following this probably knows what I'm going to say... Please fix my character's gaping neck wounds
  8. Without the story, I would stop playing. I don't care about competitive endgame content, combat, and quality of life improvements.
  9. I agree, I hate it. Right now, it helps that we can turn character models to "lowest" quality in the graphics, so we get a generic shape representing the race/class. However, their mounts and their backpieces still show. Arenanet needs to add a "hide character model backpieces" option, and a way to toggle mounts to their generic base skins. At that point, the problem would be pretty much solved--the players who don't care for immersion and just want to look shiny can do their thing, and those of us who want everything to fit into the lore and aesthetic of the universe can opt out of seeing the
  10. Another Tuesday update, and the huge holes are still there. Cmon ANET....
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