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  1. Most LW seasons have new episodes every Tuesday. Will we be getting the next episode anytime soon?
  2. Yes. Plus, all the basic amenities are on the same floor. It's a circular platform with all the stations in easy view and the fountain in the middle. The Mystic Fountain begs to be jumped into. Its a fun addition.
  3. Kitten GENIUS! Well done, Anet. Bravo! There are so many details and features, and so much beauty, personality, and FUN! I hope you'll add 2 week passes for folks to try it out. You can really tell this was a labor of love.
  4. Bolded italic part; that, right there. I only meant it to be a fun, fluffy thing that added a little bit of utility, with focus on the novelty set bonus. Not everyone take this game as a serious hobby, and at some point, even the most serious of us wants a little down time to just chill on or own or with friends, in game (hence, the popularity of in game fishing). I have a habit...ok, fine. My name is Kitty La Boom Boom and I am an altaholic. I have a lot of fun making new characters. My latest is an engineer that was created specifically to be a Mechanist. She is an Asura of t
  5. I did mean it for "Depth Charge". Those Leviathan events are fun' but You could also use it for added punch to knock off pesky foes that may be trying to interrupt your fishing experience. Mostly just a fun thing to have, and an excuse to summon seagulls.
  6. I would. RN tho, I'd just pop them into a set of exotics and stick them in an equipment template.
  7. A lot of the fish require specific bait. I'd really like a tackle box that would ONLY accept fishing related items. The fishing sub-tab is in the Equipment tab, directly beneath the Mount sub-tab. It currently shows your lure, bait, and fishing rod. You ca use it to change up your bait and lures, and change the appearance of your fishing rod.
  8. I'll do that. I reported it via the in game bug report when I didn't know what was happening, but having more specific information is always good.
  9. Sooo, I was getting really frustrated with fishing from my skiff because every time I would drop anchor I ended up in combat status. Sometimes the problem was obvious and I could just hop out and kill something. Most of the time though, there was nothing in sight that was attacking. I tried waiting it out. Still in combat, unable to mount, unable to WP, and no aggro mobs in sight. If I left the area, my status would eventually disengage, but then I drop anchor again and be right back in combat. I had to log to character screen, log back in, summon the skiff, and drop anchor again. That
  10. Not so much obvs. I made this thread because I was getting kind of annoyed with all of he negative and/or overly technical (I'm not a game designer, nor do I play one on TV) posts about the specs and kittening about skills. I was hoping to stir up some fun chatter about what we love about the class. Me? I love a class that lets me play in a style that is fun for me, whatever style that happens to be at any given moment. Usually that involves face-tanking, but Harbinger isn't really built for that. It's more like blood-sac from GW1, which is kind of a rush, ngl.
  11. TIL: Voracious Arc *isn't* an offensive skill. Here I've been this whole time using it to pounce on unsuspecting groups of mobs to whomp them into the ground. oops.
  12. Besides me? I'm currently on Harbinger and really enjoying it so far. I'm using Ritualist's stats on all gear except aquatic. Mad King rune set Sigils of Malice and Bursting Staff, pistol & dagger Harbinger: Septic Corruption, Twisted Medicine, Doom Approaches Curses: Plague sending, Path of Corruption, Lingering Curse Blood Magic: Blood Bond, Vampiric Presence, Blood Bank Slot skills: Elixer of Promise, Signet of the Locust, Spectral Grasp, Elixer of Bliss, Elixer of Ambition Vital Draw will never get old, and a critical hit with Voracious Arc is an equally cackle-wor
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