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  1. you are talking about forged steel achivement right ? i got the same problem
  2. i played the 1st instance two times and didn't get forged steel achievement checked.
  3. After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs with Windows 7. that's mean many software and game dev companies will stop supporting them products on that OS . When do you think that ANet will stop supporting the game on Win 7?
  4. German makes effort when they get linked with an english server
  5. I'm one of my servers discord community managers , so i can't leave my people
  6. WvW is my favorite game mode, if I want a proper PvE, I play another game instead
  7. Yeah i had the same problem, the game has even the power of rebooting my box
  8. It fine to play in Med and low, also I have some old laptop from 2012 still working like a charm.look if you had a problem with internet-related drivers or look if you box have some problems.
  9. And here we have the problem mate, I would think 90% of the people who want to clear raids dont want to sped 2 hours on 1 wing even when they are newbies. Did you just understand me
  10. Even in Eu is the same thing, weird linked servers, the underdogs servers are kinda deads, One commander over the 4 maps .only Alliance and serious rewards will make people play the game mode again
  11. Just business meetings no big deal for us player
  12. In every tea time, teapot add that easy mode it will be a great idea, especially for training. most of the experimented raiders are not interested in training people out of friend/guild list for them it's a waste of time and wast of time of energy. there even people who will think of charging people to do training.With the easy mode, the experimented raiders will probably wast one hour max to clean one wing during training with one or two wipes per boss.
  13. Dungeons is a pretty dead game mode , people still using it only to craft leg and used by guild to gear new player faster
  14. Like Teapot senpai Says "Raid need an eazy mode with less reward"
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