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  1. Since EoD is slowly creeping around the corner, let's talk about our favorite weapons as the pink narcissistic fashionista class!
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to take a moment and clarify that this is the PvP Forum. There's a dedicated WvW forum for WvW related things. I'll update the title to clarify but I just wanted to also mention that here.
  3. What is a profession you absolutely go out of your way to not fight?
  4. Or sneezes weakness on you and ruins your entire build.
  5. I'd love to see the ability to move the wells so that you can bait 'n switch them last second to catch people in last ticks of Calamity for example for a PvP perspective.
  6. Hi there~! I'm just curious. You probably don't see Valkyrie Ranger (tail swipe god), Carrion Axe Mirage (ZOMG NERF MESMER IT PUT MY HEAL ON 15S!), LR Weaver (OMG ALL YOU DO IS CC ME... Very interactive...), and Renegade (Taunt bug extraordinaire.) These are valid points not to see, Valkyrie Ranger is typically replaced with Fire Weaver in ATs/mATs. Carrion Axe Mirage is overshadowed by SA Daredevil and typically not taken for that reason. LR Weaver is typically too squishy or played by select few players due to weakness to condition damage, and then there's Renegade that's ov
  7. Jump-casting helps with upward slopes, but downward slopes are a no-go unfortunately. It just baaaarely goes under the flat terrain to hit anyway. Would be cool to see a small nudge of appreciation for this.
  8. At some point, anyway. It probably missed the chat and went somewhere else.
  9. Weakness in and of itself isn't an issue. The abundance of it is the issue. We've got Core Necromancer with Weakening Shroud for 2.5s on Critical Hit (10s cool down). We've got the entering-shroud Weakness on a Lesser Enfeeble that inflicts 6s of weakness. Then we've got the Enfeebling Blood that inflicts 4s of Weakness. Next we've got Valkyrie Ranger inflicting Weakness with Winter's Bite indirectly for 4s (pet has to land an attack.) Then you've got Clarion Bond casting Lesser Call of the Wild on pet swap to inflict 5s of PBAoE Weakness. We've got Carrion Axe Mirage runni
  10. Funny you mention that. I was re-evaluating the idea of EC giving BoA Might/Stability and realized that miiiiight not be exactly healthy. So I might revoke my idea with Eternal Champion just to prevent double procs from Savage Instinct and Berserk Mode. As for PvP/WvW perspective. If they're able to get off enough Decaps successfully to get perma quickness, they deserve the victory lap they'd get from the 10s of superspeed too. 😛 As for PvE, the quickness might have to be toned down a little. But at the same time, you can get perma Quickness as a DE in PvE land without
  11. Here's a list of the changes I'd be for: The baseline Weapon Swap cooldown for this profession is now 7 seconds as opposed to 10. Fast Hands - Fast hands now reduces weapon swap cooldown reduction by 2 seconds as opposed to 5. Martial Cadence - Cooldown reduction increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds. Sight Beyond Sight - This skill now applies 5 stacks of Might for 5 seconds. Upon use, this skill removes blind and grants Resistance for 5 seconds. Stomp- Launch is now 0, and will launch the foes in place effectively. The stability granted upon hitting a target is
  12. Oh, no. They're allowed because they're not Mesmer you see! (Nature Magic isn't that bad.) Sike, it isn't okay.
  13. I don't think it affects any racial skills. They're a weird exception to a lot of traits that reduce cool downs.
  14. Address the problem that is forcing DH to play like this instead. Remove the slow on trap and make it give superspeed for 2-3s when laid. Then they can justify removing Trapper Runes. DH's traps aren't inherently the issue. DH is known amongst most top players as the nub stomper. Similar to most high damage output specializations.
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