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  1. Turn all fishing pole skins also into staff skins. I want to wield my spirit wood fishing pole over more than just fishing content.
  2. Option to make a Transcendence Ring instead of a necklace from PvP 🐵 since you made the necklace worthless with the "free" one from living story.
  3. I don't want the economy busted AND have horrible people just there for the gold. They won't play they'll just afk in spawn since Anet also doesn't do anything about AFKers.
  4. It is the worst game mode and you meet the bottom of the barrel when it comes to players there personality wise.
  5. This is the most hyperbolic title so far crying about mechanists.
  6. Every spec doesn't need to be good / viable in every game mode.
  7. I do it very easily with 330 power. What is the issue?
  8. They are half the price because they cost half the clovers to make. Antique Summoning stones cost a lot now because the expansion literally just came now so the market has barely any of them in the market. As the expansion goes on the price is going to significantly drop.
  9. Does this topic need 20 new topics talking about the same thing. And no I'm not going to call upon a nerf for the fight.
  10. She never does the standing still AoE though. She always does the lunge bite. So it stands to reason that is what they fixed.
  11. They only give portal scrolls to new season maps. Not new expansion maps. We didn't get a portal scroll in PoF the base expansion or HoT. But we did for the season stuff. Arborstone is the odd duck out.
  12. They're actually half as expensive as G1 and G2 Legendaries but because of the short supply since the expansions been out literally a week it appears they're more expensive. Black Lion is a poor indicator of the prices. Antique Summoning Stones shouldn't have an easier way of getting them. You get 5 a week and if you want more you buy them from others who don't want them.
  13. If you're doing more damage you force more transitions before it can lift its tail or lunge. That being said if they tied the tail raising to the CC that has no negative repercussions for failing it outside of not getting that extra DPS. That would probably fix the meta.
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