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  1. I scanned everyone required and the extras, but didn't receive credit. The achievement doesn't tick up like normal (having credit for 3 after scanning 3, etc).
  2. I'd rather resources be spent elsewhere. I'd rather not pay for extra audio that adds nothing to the experience (and would not pay).
  3. Just a friendly note. Ping isn't due to hardware. Ping is mainly dependant on how physically far away one is from the server. If you're in the same room as the server you're playing on it should in theory be extremely low (like under 10). Just like it takes light, heat and electricity time to travel, so too does the internet. This can be measured as ping. I live in Australia and the average ping I have here fluctuates between 250 and 300. This has nothing to do with my gear and everything to do with me living on the other side of the planet from the server I'm playing on. That being s
  4. I have done that many times with an average of 300 ping.
  5. It does not take that much effort to get HPs ahead of time. There's so many HP trains, and they're easy as hell to unlock if you WvW. There is no time gate. If you choose not to do it ahead of time then that's your choice.
  6. Yet you can stockpile hero points from the previous expansion and insta unlock the new elite specs as the expacs come out. There is no time gate.
  7. No. I'm curious as to whether you yourself have leg items, or whether your post was solely intending on devaluing the utility of legendary items for others.
  8. You have no guarantee that veterans will be using said title. I personally only use GWAMM. The 9th was changed because it was the same as a raiding title that was already in the game.
  9. Specter and Virtuoso are the first specs for thief and mesmer I've actually enjoyed. I will, if given the opportunity, switch out my Firebrand for Virtuoso because I enjoy the rotation a lot more (and haven't been doing it for years upon years upon years...)
  10. I thought the same thing at the skyscale's release. I thought it doesn't have a unique use like everything else does. It doesn't do speed like the griffon/beetle, griffon already flies, raptor already has the dash, and springer can already jump. And that's the point. It's a jack of all trades. It's so much easier to use the skyscale for most content instead of switching between mounts (which could put me in combat depending on the area). After unlocking it I was surprised at the amount of time I use the skyscale compared to every other mount. I never use the bunny any more.
  11. I've done the Aetherblade CM a few times since its release, and every time I get a blue AoE to drop I have issues with the screen effect for it. What I expect to see is the edges of the screen glow blue, indicating that I have a mechanic to deal with, from when I am assigned the mechanic up to the time where the AoE is dropped. What I have seen is the edges of the screen either don't have an effect at all, flash blue so fast it doesn't register that I have the mechanic, or it glows blue as normal, but stops after about 2 seconds. This has happened pretty consistently every time I do the
  12. I have one of each asc breather in the bank for the rare times I do underwater content on alt characters. I only have a dedicated breather on my guard because that's the only one I take into the aquatic fractal. I, too, would like a legendary breather. I was half expecting one with the EoD drop considering we were dealing with the water dragon.
  13. I don't want to play the game! I want everything handed to me! I don't want to earn my rewards! The amount of time spent complaining about it could be time spent working towards it. No.
  14. I've been waiting to see what happens for the past 40+ hours of fishing. 3h of this is post today's patch and it's done nothing.
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