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  1. As title. This doesn't happen in everywhere, but I noticed it happens in Snowden Drifts. I think it has to do with the snow falling. I turned off my trinkets and amulet effects and that didn't change a thing.
  2. I believe they gave us UW skimmer in order to help those who want to skip it, skip it. It's not expanding on UW content, it's giving a means to get in and out faster. In my view: no new UW legs and added ways to skip/avoid UW content aren't giving mixed signals. They're both giving the same signal of "we've abandoned this content".
  3. I used to stick to this, but since using my key farmer for low level bag opening as well I bought the 18 slot wvw bags to use on them. But even if I accidentally delete them it's just 6g and a handful of badges of honor.
  4. If your account was breached they may have deleted, renamed, or remade any of your characters. There is a name contract in the gem store available if you want to change your name back. Anet doesn't rename abandoned/inactive accounts' characters.
  5. This is something I've been discontent with for a long time. The whole friends list/lfg system needs to be redone. There are many many many threads on the topic but unfortunately I don't think it's high on the devs' list of priorities.
  6. All good, was just giving context to help with the question that you asked mate.
  7. Doesn't matter whether I use a VPN or not. I had this same issue. I tried on my desktop with and without a VPN, on my laptop that has never had a VPN installed, and even on my phone through mobile data (to make sure it wasn't my home router) which also doesn't have a VPN installed. I was told that "I am seeing that you are attempting to access our services from an ISP that is commonly used by VPN services and is also a favorite of individuals who participate in negative activity within our services.....as long as you are attempting to access our services from a blocked ISP, you will not be
  8. They were unable to unlink mine, so I would assume it would be the same for you, unfortunately. However, if it turns out different, do let us know.
  9. I'm also having this issue. In addition, I cannot create a new account either. I'm assuming the two are linked.
  10. Just posting to say I'm also having this issue with creating an account.
  11. I did this story on my ranger and I was mid-animation when this happened to me. I kinda just assumed it was because I was mid-animation, but I guess not. But yeah, still exists.
  12. I thought I was just misremembering the placement of the initiative. I did a bit of a double take when I logged onto one of my thieves today. I don't mind it terribly, but did prefer the previous layout.
  13. Please for the love of Talos at least tell us you're looking into it. It actually affects my ability to complete jps - or even just simple jumps. https://imgur.com/a/7pWBW1q
  14. +1 Australian with issues. Build: 120060 Error Code: 58:11:5:535 It's not on my end, everything was the same before I went out for dinner.
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