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  1. Solo content has been ok (read: barely passable), but open world or instanced group content is absolutely enraging. I'm getting an average of over FOUR THOUSAND ping, and this is WITH exitlag - something the GW2 support team suggested that I use the last time I opened a ticket regarding these issues. Edit: I'm Australian, and this has been happening for about a week or two.
  2. I'm in the same boat. I enjoy raiding but without having something to work towards or having any reward of substance there's just not much of a point. I have all the minis, weapon skins, legendary gear and achievements. The money isn't good enough to bother and wrangling 10 people each week can be a massive headache.
  3. Smallest UI, 1920x1080 resolution and I've had cases of descriptions literally being so long they extend off the edges of my screen.
  4. You say slippery slope like the waypoint unlocks haven't been a thing since September 2021 But yes, I didn't like the waypoint unlocks and I don't like the HP unlocks.
  5. Not to mention they've given us 2 modes of transportation that let us completely skip UW content
  6. I had no idea what was causing it, but I thought it was the equipment templates bugging out and causing the Quip sound to play when I didn't have it equipped. Glad to know I'm not going crazy
  7. I was able to progress without issues a few days ago after a patch allegedly addressing this issue.
  8. I inconsistently crash to the desktop when using the /wiki command. Just now I used it in the Wizard's Tower and had a crash to desktop, no "report to anet" popup.
  9. Accounts that have purchased just the core game only have 7 weeklies as opposed to the 8 that every other type of account has (ie. purchased any combination of expansions).
  10. Seems like someone on the team finally realised that giving away content for free is a bad business decision. I fully believe the pre-purchase for the expac paid for the expac's development. Would explain why we got 1/4 of an expac at release, and all the mountains upon mountains of bugs.
  11. I wasn't sure but I do agree, it certainly doesn't feel like the spring distance has been increased at all after acquiring the related mastery.
  12. Latest patch fixed the crash in The Only One, and Hell Breaks Loose
  13. I'm having multiple story chapters crash since the latest patch. The Only One will crash right as the extractor explodes right at the start of the instance. Used auto detect settings (most are set to medium/high). Did it again with lowest settings, crashed again. This patch just straight up killed some story instances huh 😓
  14. First playthrough on this character and I'm having the same issue. I thought it was due to arcdps, but uninstalled that and still crashing. Would love a fix - and soon.
  15. I'm crashing upon entering chapter 2 of the Soto story with a character who hasn't touched it before.
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