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  1. I don't get the hate on how some dress. It might not be my choice (heck I just run around in a Dragon Watch outfit most times). I do wish the color contrast was turned down slight because I really can't figure out what some are wearing but I always enjoy how creative some are.
  2. Every time you feel the urge to buy a key just ask yourself if you need some lion figurines and dyes cause that's what you're getting. I get that same urge to buy them but I always take a beat and remember what they give. They never give anything worthwhile. Some people claim they do but they're liars (I know some have that luck but this is how I keep myself in check). They exist solely to take money from you and give nothing in return. Want to pay salary? Buy some keys and think of it as money you just throw at them. Just the other day, I ended up buying gardening plots inst
  3. I'd like a reveal each week but it can be light on details. Maybe the class/weapon combo we will be seeing with some hint of what they'll be able to do but can be very short and very light on specifics. I just want something tangible to thing about on something I know is coming. Oh the name too maybe if its not spoilery in some way.
  4. There's a flaw in your reasoning. The personal story, assuming all new players complete it, make the statement that the dungeons are important. You have taken this outlook that I've been talking about dungeons as a feature of games for being, well, dungeons. I've been talking how the personal story is so badly done with one of the reasons for it being so bad is because a major portion of it is locked behind a game feature which is ignored. The dungeons. Either fix the dungeons or fix the personal story. Neither one makes a good impression on new players as they stand now and just because
  5. What I'm referring to is from the perspective of a newer player such as myself. Its not the actual dungeon but their importance to the new player experience. In my experience, it makes the whole game look shoddily made and certainly one in which feedback is ignored when you go back to see why is this piece of content is purposely rotting. If anyone's played the personal story (why MMOs have these to begin with is a debate itself) then you all know it makes no sense. Not any. Like I mentioned previously in another thread or earlier in this one, Caithe thanks the player for bringing Destiny
  6. I await the demonstration then. But tomorrow for me as I have other things to do besides GW2 and its issues.
  7. I think there is a political issue in part of it. You never fire two people for one person's offense unless that person can use the firing to prove their point. We see how JP is trying to do this but the actual sexism she's screaming about with ArenaNet is when you look at PF being fired. They want to keep the so called feminist and sacrificed him to do so. As a way of saying see, we agree with her its just that she insulted a player. Why are women burning out so fast is another concern there. Especially when there's supposed to be all this care about such issues. And who is wanting som
  8. But we do. Mike gave that followup statement. He basically ignored PF to focus on JP as the internet as a whole has done. Its not going to change that narrative any way. Those that think as they do are going to think that way. Those in her camp are seeing a very different thing than those not. But I think MO has had enough time to at least craft a reason but he's keeping it to himself. Or the reason is already out there in that article. He was fired because a outspoken female dev was. I've seen, and this is because I've gone back through past material, dungeons, personal story, combat
  9. You apparently have tweets unknown to some of us. Care to post this tweets of his where he attacked players? I've seen the one where he said the guy should keep in mind she didn't ask for his feedback which is the biggest one I've seen used as a how dare he fire him excuse but it sounds like you've got something much much better.
  10. And how it shouldn't be. It is definitely with the companies. Especially those that want to steer the way I play. But in this case, I'm having a hard time falling into the same mindset that this person transgressions is equal to another when clearly we see the two are different. Something that should be clear to someone like MO. I mean, if he has this little trust in someone he's worked with for twelve years how can he claim to be responsive to a mass of unknown strangers who play his game. Its fine to sweep it under the rug and hope people move on but I think he would have taken a lot o
  11. I reserve the right to condemn any who condemn me. I'm sorry you feel hurt by what I've said but I've seen some very bad things said about a human being who needs help desperately and a developer who's been with the game longer than anyone here completely forgotten or tossed into the same trash heap as her. Not to mention ignoring two previous developers who alluded to the executives of this company putting undue pressures on developers of what type is unknown. Both of who are women. Something stinks here and removing Jessica Price hasn't freshened the air. Its still unexplained how she w
  12. I started GW2 the beginning of the year. I purchased HoT little later. I believe I made a post asking a question. I quit for a time purchasing the deluxe version of the core game after returning and had just purchased PoF just a few weeks ago. I started a warrior in the beginning which was the reason for leaving as I didn't find the game anything but frustrating. He was level 80 by the time I had quit having completed his personal story. Once returning I used the daily rewards to get a thief to level 80 but actually started focusing on a level 80 mesmer which I had completed the personal
  13. Which doesn't describe me at all as I had started posting well before this started. Which having checked my history was easy enough to discover but because an opposing viewpoint was offered then suspicious at best is the correct phase.
  14. Exactly how I feel and think it looks. Its just like when a DA is found guilty in the handling of cases it brings all the other cases into question he's handled. Because they didn't receive separate punishments it makes it seem it was more driven by the mob than by JP's actual tweets. Stuff that existed prior to this incident by the way which makes you wonder what's the deal here? You factor in Reddit and all that crazy then it starts to paint a picture. Does MO disagree with what she said or that what she said had so much disagreement. If he had given Peter a separate punishment then yo
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