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  1. That argument contradict this one: You're saying that ArenaNet wouldn't want to make players buy skins they don't want (for warclaw/beetle/etc) when they buy a skin pack, and that ArenaNet wants to make people buy skins they don't want when they buy the warclaw or the skyscale skin pack. Let's be honest - a lot of ArenaNet's store offerings are based on making people buy things they don't want in order to get what they want. See the loot boxes, the dye kits, the random mount skin licences, and etc. I think the reason they went from packs with a single skin for all mounts to packs with multipl
  2. I wonder what the storyline in GW2 would be like. In the original Guild Wars, we... Fought to help the Kingdom of Ascalon against the CharrSaved the human city of Lion's ArchHelped the Kurzick and the LuxonSaved the imperial line of CanthaSaved Elona from being taken over by a tyrant, with the help of a group of alliesBetween the original Guild Wars and GW2... The Kingdom of Ascalon was destroyed by the Charr, its king suicided himself and turned what remained of this people into ghostsThe human city of Lion's Arch was destroyed and submergedThe Luxon and the Kurzick were almost completely des
  3. The user interface as a whole needs an update (try previewing a greatsword as a Charr; you won't see much more than your feet). Unfortunately, considering this is the kind of thing ArenaNet couldn't monetize, don't expect them to work on it any time soon.
  4. ...Which had never happened in the almost 20 years ArenaNet has existed. Ergo, is it typical for ArenaNet? No. It's a sign of a change. Whether it's a change ArenaNet can recover or not, we don't know. The fact important people left during the layoffs and important people are still leaving doesn't exactly inspire confidence, though.
  5. Uhu. So the "it's not an insult when it's true" argument, then? Again, if the optimistic view is the one calling some of the most important people on ArenaNet "lazy and complacent", I would rather be pessimistic. Did it? Considering we now know that more people left after the layoffs... Looks like ArenaNet is hurting for people right now.
  6. Play the game, but wait a bit before you actually spend more money in it. Right now the future is very uncertain - you could spend a lot of money today only to learn tomorrow that the game is going into maintenance mode.
  7. Exactly. People can say "everything is fine" as much as they want, but we have had a lot of bad news recently. Between the JP incident, the big layoffs, ArenaNet's composer asking to not work exclusively for them anymore, a lot of important people leaving, and so on... It's more than enough for players to worry. And what good news have we had? The disappointing announcement of the Ice Brood Saga? Or a feature requested for years released with a dubious monetization scheme? The alliances system for WvW being delayed yet again? After the layoffs, some people said that it was fine - GW2 had lost
  8. Yeah. I'm waiting for one of the ArenaNet's PR people to call the community "toxic" for complaining about this, too. They really should offer those who bought the chair a free, bigger version fitting the Charr characters.
  9. And if it were, what would the signs be? Big layoffs? Important people who have had been with the studio for a long time leaving? Lower earnings? Unclear and uncomitted plans about the future?
  10. Sure... ...If, and that's a big if, ArenaNet gets new people as talented as those who left in order to replace them. And is ArenaNet going to get new talented and experienced people right now? Above I used Kotaku as an example; let's see their headlines under the "ArenaNet" tag in the last 12 months: Source: Departing ArenaNet Co-Founder Was Working On Potential Guild Wars SequelGuild Wars Gets An Update For Its 14th BirthdayGuild Wars 2 Developer ArenaNet Plans For Mass LayoffsThe ArenaNet Catastrophe Has The Whole Game Industry Rethinking Harassment PoliciesSo we get a co-founder leaving, an
  11. However, my main concern after the layoffs was the company's morale - now that GW2 is the only (and likely last) game ArenaNet has, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the employees who have been there for a long time decide to leave. There's only so much time one can stand working on the same project, after all. Whether or not GW2 can afford to lose that many experienced developers, in other hand...
  12. The "behind the scenes" articles at Kotaku are often very good (despite all their other issues). Interesting to see how much the layoffs continue to impact ArenaNet.
  13. So Mike O'Brien is leaving ArenaNet. He's not the only one, though. Isaiah Cartwright is also gone. Tirzah Bauer, too. Apparently some others as well. While they may not have been founders, they also deserve a farewell. I wish all of them luck on their next game studio.
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