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  1. 1/ Can you tell us the current progress on Alliance system and future WvW content roadmap?2/ GW2 is losing players from every game modes, and one of the major reason behind this phenomena is due to the lack of communication and 0 hints of what dev teams are working on than 'we might do this later if we can'; are you aware of this and are there any plans and solutions rather than 'we will work on it'?3/ Does your game balance team consider current PoF meta in WvW is healthy? Is profession (skill) balance team even consider WvW when they tune skill strengths and its efficiency?4/ Do devs even pl
  2. Regardless of killing/reviving already dead roaming in WvW, implementing the Warclaw (WvW mount) will fasten the phase of player moving to objectives or activities (such as Orange Swords/oj). It is questionable how this will impact the meta and combat engagements between squads, but PPT (sieges) time surely will be lot shorter, and this is a good thing in my perspective. I strongly believe there are only handful of people who love to siege T3 tower/keep with cardboard sieges/rubber golems under thousands of ACs and hundreds of mortar fire while flying dead cows dumped around you. Oh, and almos
  3. I don't mind the influx of new players into WvW, hell, I actually welcome them. But please don't clog the queues where actual WvW guild squad is needed.
  4. To be honest, Unravel should have been F5 button not taking another util slot from weaver. Keeping it's core function of single element attunement should have done fine, and possibly adding depth to it's function with traits.. But this looks like a missed opportunity and I doubt Devs actually care what Eles should do in competitive scenes.
  5. This is pretty much the tl;dr version of all complaints in this thread that summarize with arguably reasonable changes demanded. It should be clipped for balance team to think over and use as a starting point for 'updating and balancing Elementalist profession in 2019'. However, I must say, above all other complaints, Ele's staff skills (mostly 1~2 and Meteor Shower) staff for WvW is currently too slow and obsolete. I would just chip in my input, mostly about Ele problems in WvW squad gameplay and DPS department in PvP contents:Ele's DPS department in competitive scenes (WvW, Ranked sPvP, GvG
  6. nothing fancy but I just wanted to share my guild hall racetrack here :blush:Wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy Wintersday \o/
  7. There should be a [used tactivators history] shown on tactivators page of objectives windows in wvw.I asked this to one of friendly ANet member who joined in wvw with us one day. The dev said it won't be difficult for them to implement a simple history list of tactivators used for certain objective.This way people can't counter the troll pulls, but at least identify and track who is pulling it at when for what purpose. Time should be recorded in server time.
  8. I have finished my guild hall beetle racecourse. The loop is there. But the stamina orbs would have helped a bit for faster driving experiences..
  9. Fill colors or stroke color change options for boons would help a lot in my humble opinion.The blinking boons when they are about to expire is a really nice touch done by ANet, but when those boons are all at high duration,the legibility for players to find the specific boon gets challenging; (or is it just me.) It's still a minor annoyance, but allowing players to choose different colors for certain boons to appear on player's "boon bar" shouldhelp a lot for players to make a better combat decisions and boon managements + counter play against those boons. Or is there already a third party to
  10. I tried with my own beetle as well, bandit landmines still trigger, but ultimately with bunny mastery 'Masterful Descent' the fall damage upon landing is barely noticeable.
  11. I already own both expansions for my two accounts. I'm working on the living story episode and the permanent beetle mount achievement for my alt account.But that has nothing to do with the quality of life changes required for rental beetle mount that many other new players are going to experience.
  12. For players who do not owns the beetle mount, can rent one from renter NPC hanging around the start of beetle racecourses.But there is no system/prompt to re-summon those rental mounts during a race once the rental beetle HP goes 0 or dismounting willingly.I want to emphasize this problem is hurting the driving experience during roller beetle races which has no reset prompts.This is not a convincing way of punishing players who drive recklessly but just a pure annoyance and short-sighted design decision.Players who get forcefully dismounted stays in combat for 2~3 seconds (if there are no atta
  13. Perhaps ANet might not be able to grant us the orb as a purchasable object (technical issues), the purpose of my plead was to merely show ANet that the custom beetle racetrack for guild halls won't have much fun/speed that's granted from core Tyria races.
  14. Unless players can move the orb's location, it might force the racetrack design to be tied with orb locations :[
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