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  1. This is a actually a good suggestion. Let's say we cut rating gain on a win by 10% per player in your party, meaning everyone can queue with up to 4 friends and duo's will be the least punishing.
  2. To be honest I prefer the engie version of the Moa skill: "Toss Elixir X" with all traits you'll have it on a 60 sec cd and you can hit 3 targets with it, shure, it will only last for 3 seconds instead of 6 and you have to deal with projectile hate. But overall it feels better to me. Couldn't agree more ^^
  3. Yeah it's not easy when you are the only one thinking about them :astonished: Don't be afraid try another strategy if you are on a losing streak: Try to help in fights insteadAvoid fights where the enemy has equal or more players than you.Take as many 2v1's as you can (you are 2 against 1 enemy).Make sure you entirely kill downed players before moving on.Winning fights means your team needs something to do and chances are they will capture nodes. Give it a go for 10 games ^^
  4. Would be interesting if they ever removed the 50% damage reduction of shroud and replaced it with immunity towards crits. To counter conditions aswell they should make it reduce 50% of incoming condition duration instead. These changes would mean using shroud at the right time would provide way more defense than it currently does without having to resort to blocks/evades or invulns, coupled with better life force scaling and sources of course. Always made sense to me damaging an enemy would build some life force regardless of skill used.
  5. I'm glad you found it of some use, reading through all that require some dedication :astonished: I quite enjoyed these, so if you have any ideas for how to make it less obnoxious next time please share. My plan pretty much is to start streaming while I explain things so you can see hands on what it's like, and maybe make a more thorough "guide" (what ifs leading to what ifs and stop when you are in a winning position) down the road should people be interested. You are absolutely right that most games teams will rotate under par, which is a shame. But on the other hand it gives low ranked play
  6. If there was to be a stat, it should be one that provide scaling health regeneration while afflicted with atleast 1 condition. Might stacks should counter some of this stat. I am all for splitting cleanse sources into damaging and non-damaging if the symbols differ (green instead of red f.ex if non-damaging). Only big cleanse skills, only small cleanse traits. Remove cleansing sigils/runes/food.
  7. Necro is tricky like that, you get focused alot and you little blocks/evades/teleports to deal with it. From the silver games I have seen they tend to fight anywhere on the map. Chances are your team isn't paying enough attention to the nodes, luckily this applies to the other team aswell. In these tiers you should probably try to fight on the nodes as much as possible because of this. Do you have a duo partner? A friend is a great way to help you win more matches and climb together :)
  8. Hmm that's alot of variance. Still playing necro? If you enjoy core you might see more success if you try to hold/defend the mid node the entire match - the paladin variant gives alot of life force and toughness to help with that.
  9. I think my time in the sun has come to an end my friends :'( I will be traveling soon so my forum presence would fade regardless, so might aswell let these scenarios sink in - for now. There could be many reasons these topics don't gain much traction on the forum, and some of these I believe are: It requires you to be humble. If you already feel you are a god of pvp, of course you won't give threads like these the time of day.Not knowing my merits and ranking. I intentionally left these out to let the logic of rotations speak for itself, also so you guys can see how they are self-evident or
  10. For those who wonder, there are a few assumptions you have to make when deciding optimal rotations. The most important being: Outnumbering a fight means a win (node capped).Outnumbering with more than 1 player is an over-rotation.The enemy team follow the same rules as you doIf they don't you will always outrotate them by following this method because you play optimally and they don't resulting in them lagging behind having to react to what you do. Notice how this doesn't take player skill into account.
  11. Solution: This means the opposing team will either match or outnumber you on any given node. In order to avoid this you have to play only 2 nodes. Another thing you need to know, is how the distance between home-far can be used to your advantage. In order to force a rotation of the enemy team, you need to send 2 players far. These players will have to carry (take an unfair amount of responsibility) by not going down and kiting (using mobility and line of sight to survive while outnumbered) on that side of the map. The rest of you must go close. Why close? Because you are creating distance, spr
  12. Great read ^^ No substitute for playing and building experience, so for all the beginners out there - now you have the basics, time to queue! :astonished:
  13. Quiz #7! Scenario: You just had a full team wipeIt was the first mid fightYour duelist (side noder) decides to afkHow do you deal with this? Bonus question:Why are top stats unreliable when it comes to measuring your match impact?
  14. Solution: This is the point in games where most players give up and think it's unwinnable, don't be one of those players. Because I assure you you have the best possible chance at this point in the match to turn things around. You can see on the enemy team composition (profession representation within a team) if they have a strong teamfight, simply by checking if they have both a teamfighter (Necro/Revenant) and a support (Firebrand/Tempest). If you don't have a duo of these to match, chances are you will be outsustained if you try to teamfight. You can check this before the match even begins
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