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  1. THey will never give Warrior more evades than Full Counter since it simply isnt the playstyle. At least adding protection to defense would mean traiting into a more tanky style, which is very appropo for a shield/defense warrior trait line.
  2. I think they are working on a skill update patch for May... but I wouldnt get too excited. Most of the times these are tooltip updates with one or two skills addressed. Keep your expectations low...
  3. This. Melee dps minus a weapon swap. Lame.
  4. It would be nice, but I'd rather they add a CORE MH POWER WEAPON to play with shield... but I dont expect either to happen.
  5. I like sword a lot, but it lacks a couple things. Contrary to some, I think it just needs some tweaks to get it up to par. 1. MH sword F1 needs to be unrooted. This is swords biggest issue. If that means that it loses immobilize and gets cripple instead, so be it, but it must be unrooted for this weapon to be worth its salt. 2. MH sword also lacks in condi damage.... bleeds just dont do enough. I'm not sure that just turning some of them into Torment is the best solution... I'd rather have something like Final Thrust be turned into Flaming Thrust and add burning to keep with a
  6. 3 Top Warrior Needs Going Into EoD 1 - Good Elite Support Spec I'll just stop there...
  7. I really think they should universal-ize the HP of all classes and bring them up to medium HP, with maybe warrior and necro keeping their extra HP boost. It's too limiting for gear sets and builds for all of the low HP professions.
  8. I would take a postponed story for 3 months to get a really good balance and old skill update... I'd probably do that 3x in a row... that's how bad balance is right now...
  9. The Defense line needs protection. Also, Spellbreaker should have protection tied to utilities... they are so worthless right now...
  10. Just keybind your mounts to Alt + 1, Alt + 2, etc... Fastest switching ever.
  11. Checked this morning and this completely resolved it! Thanks for posting this, and the effort for all of the really nice screenshots and clear command lines! And thank you for taking the time to simply reply and post the link. Super good of you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!
  12. On Windows 7 64 bit. Reinstalled a new HDD and had to download a new install of GW2. After getting through most of the install to playable, the launcher will no longer download more than about 2000 MBs. I have about 150,000 MB left... It will download some, but I never get progress on the bar and it will only go down by 2-3k each time I launch it... I have done several things to fix this: cleared data cache addressed windows network throttling re-labeled Gw2.exe file Repaired Gw2 Wondering what else I can do?
  13. Magebane tether is already strong... rather have disenchantment incorporated to every utility and heal skill vs the talents.
  14. My thought wouldnt be magic, but rather a Martial Leader calling charges and directing support. Perhaps even location targeted utilities.
  15. Should have been staff support this round, or dual 900 range pistols with quickness dps support. I'd love to see them do ranged support staff and rework banners as utilities for a support spec. This would make warrior dps more fun to play because banners would be in the Elite Support spec.
  16. literally have to be in melee to get these to work. NO MORE MELEE!
  17. I mean, the warrior forum was asking for either a RANGED spec with pistols or a SUPPORT spec long, long before EoD was ever announced. We got more of the same... with MORE ROOTING! So, keeping using that Power Core Axe/GS build. Keeping using that Berserker spec. EoD is not looking to do anything remotely useful for Warrior, and the last Beta showed they have no ability, desire, or both to actually address the issues plaguing it...
  18. While I can appreciate all of the effort you go to for reworking skills for warrior, I think you need to think about the LEAST time intensive fix for Anet that would have a good result. Unrooting Sword F1 would be a massive and good change in gameplay. Nothing else would be required. If ANET has any time, they should do that only and then see how it goes. It seems they dont even have time for that as people have been saying it forever...
  19. Reading the Wiki on the trait page for Amplified Wrath - Comments, it sounds like F1 passive can push to 120% burn duration. This seems strange because I thought there was a hard cap on condi durations at 100. Anyone know for sure?
  20. They wonder why it isnt well received when it is just a 3rd melee power dps spec... more of the same for warrior. The flavor they are going for isnt enough to overcome the tripled up power melee dps over-arching design.
  21. Well they posted already, and it isnt looking promising.
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