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  1. It's all obnoxiously cringe stuff. I hammer the skip button whenever possible. If I wanted a deep story or character development, I'll read a book or watch a movie or play a single player game. I was actually pleasantly surprised the next episode will come without the bad dialogue. I can enjoy the new map for a short time without immediately being yanked from my MMO immersion by a bunch of teenage NPC REEEEEEE.
  2. Is to turn off all sources of chat and just go. Pretend everyones an NPC. Who cares about the meta and everyone's REEEEEEEEEEEE? Nothing about any of it is encouraging or helpful for new players. I'll figure out my own way to learn since Anet refuses to provide any kind of balanced learning environment. You're just tossed to the wolves and hope matchmaking doesn't RNG you. If you're trying to REEEEEEEEEEEEE me in chat. I can't hear you. You're just an NPC. A super unhelpful NPC. Every entitled, toxic brat that's ever had anything clever to say in chat is part of the reason many wont pvp. Gi
  3. Same boat. And no. It's exactly the same as its always been. -Combat still revolves around micromanaging ultra-short duration particle effects.-It's still the same game mode from 2012 which is singlehandedly responsible for most of the modes balance issues.-matchmaking is still broken resulting in incredibly lopsided snowballs. Every single time.-chatbox is pure covid. I'm already in the process of looking for another game.
  4. None of the effort put into fractals and raids amount to much without a proper automated grouping system. The difficulty and mechanics were never the deterrent. It was navigating through and wasting precious play time on other people's b.s. It's the human element i have no interest in. An automated dungeon/fractal/raid finder would allow the game to be in charge. Not some sweat raid leader thats eventually going to chase off your customers. A lot of us just want to play. We don't have time for an interview and and a background check. I need to be pulling in the next 3 minutes or I can't go.
  5. Bill Nye the science guy putting way too much thought into it. ^ Bottom line the game is 8 years old and hasn't achieved any semblance of balance. In 8 years they havnt settled into a 1.0 state. I come back every couple years and they're still messing around with class identities. It isn't rocket science. Other companies are managing fine. I just don't think this dev team gets it. I mean how many more years do they need to get PvP to a 1.0 state where the class identities are locked in and people can finally learn the game and meta? It shouldn't be in this much flux 8 years in. Wall of text
  6. I love how there's this magical threshold that one must overcome before the game becomes fun and balanced. I always see the same argument brought forth about "higher rank" play and it's irrelevant to normal players. Vast majority of people will never stick with it long enough to get there. Totally moot point. Do you balance around the 1%ers that show up in some obscure twitch stream from Europe or do you balance it around the brunt of the population looking for a fair match? This game doesn't have the market pull nor the population to sustain a 1%er focus. E-sports was a wipe. Twitch viewershi
  7. All of the nonsense, the stigma, the drama etc could easily be addressed. Every single game with group content goes through this. It isn't new, it isn't exclusive to guildwars 2. The same patterns emerge in every genre/game. It has very little to do with game design and everything to do with human nature that is compounded by players being given too much control over game systems and accessibility. Mostly through abusing a text based LFG tool. All you need to do is figure out the commonalities between various systems. What's the one singular thing that each group based game has in common? Ans
  8. I dont mind the challenge or the gimmicky enemies. I just cant stand the terrible confusing vertical layout and the sheer lack of guidance in this zone. The map is virtually useless as a navigation tool. I have a hard time justifying the HoT mastery gimmicks though because that investment doesn't benefit me once I abandon the zone. Path of fire was easily a better experience. NOT only were maps better designed but the mastery point gimmicks weren't locked inside a terrible zone I never want to play again. My investment into the mounts gets to come with me. A large part of the 'new player' di
  9. All of them are bad. Conquest is a poorly conceived game mode. PvP in this game might actually be fun if it didn't revolve around conquest snowballing and +1'ing. The maps are terribly designed and every gimmick is used to compound a snowball. They offer zero counterplay or come back opportunities for the losing team. The map gimmicks should have been a way for the losing team to catch back up NOT for the winning team to snowball. There should have been a 4th node. Its far too easy to snowball if you secure mid at the start. 90% of games are entirely decided by which team wins mid first.And i
  10. I wouldn't hold much hope. I come back every couple years and just roll my eyes at the lack of progress in PvP. And yet they've taken the time to shoehorn raiding into the game and spend untold resources on fully voiced single player stories that are 1 and done. 8 years in and still; 3 node snowball matches with zero counterplay opportunities built into the maps. All the map gimmicks benefit the winning team with map control, further compounding the snowball.no other new game modes in 8 years? Other than "moba-lite"? A lot of balancing woes are directly related to this single game mode. Change
  11. I've had the game since release day but have never been able to get into it for more than a month at a time. Not for lack of trying but none of my friends ever liked the game either. Of all the MMO out there though, I always come back to this one. I have fun, get back into the combat but I always hit the same wall. Every single time I return, I'm soon reminded why I left. I enjoy the world and the expansions but as soon as i hit level 80 and clear all the maps......it loses me. I finally figured it out all these years later.The games "endgame" content is not only extremely non-accessible but a
  12. Why can't they just have both like every other game? Team Q separate from solo Q.Done. Q times may go up but that's a small price to pay for more balanced matchmaking.They could even add a separate check box for solo Q to select should they want to volunteer as an extra in teamQ. Have a rank requirement and bonus rewards. Help speed up Q times for teams of 4 etc. Every thread I read about this here devolves into soloQ vs teamQ. The entire idea is that they exist in tandem to accommodate everyone. No one's ever once suggested removing one or the other.
  13. Oh no! We can quickly discern who the real mesmer is without having additional decision making forced on us while they 100-0 you out of stealth. The horror! I don't think anyone but diehard mesmer mains will see any issue here. Hiding among ai controlled clones and the visual vomit that comes with it is about as lame as it gets in pvp. At least if I'm fighting a necro I know what I'm targeting and he can't reset the fight 80 times or hide amongst visual noise. Mesmers are not fun to play against. Period.
  14. Why should anyone be expected to help finance content that other players have been given the power to prevent you from seeing? Raiders must realize deep down how absolutely absurd that is. Right? Put in a matchmaker with gear and role checking. Tone down difficulty and rewards. Keep manual grouping. Loot. Difficulty how it is. Everyone wins and then the content doesn't go to waste.
  15. I make macros all the time for computer games. Especially mmo's. It's built in to almost every modern keyboard and mouse software suite. Love to hear how anyone is going to combat this. Sounds like a L2MMO issue. One of the first things I do in any mmo is figure out how to trim keybind fat with macros. It's like mmo 101.....
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