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  1. Yes but only in a few metas because Im mostly logging to do T4 fractals and to get provisioner tokens.
  2. I play it in fractals T4 and pve content, its fun with scholar runes and marauder gear.
  3. Or do Better strikes, they need to aim up, not nerf everything else.
  4. Thats why I dont even bother with strikes, Fractals are faster, easier, gives more gold, better loot and you dont need 10 ppl to do a single run.
  5. IT HAPPENED AGAIN, Im so sick of this played today and now I cant log in again and having the same issue that I had fixed before. (It gets fixed by using cmd and replacing the ip in a host file)
  6. Im using this build and works quite nice! 2:18 For Willbender build.
  7. Willbender has such mobility you can outrun someone using a Choya potion to go fast 😛 Took me a while to get used to the class but now I find it really fun to play!
  8. try this build, its really good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5bV17YgdWM&t=189s I use runes of the Monk instead of defender.
  9. It is super situational, I wont deny that It melts the cc bar of bosses and elites but thats it, Im not a fan of how long it takes to activate and I dont see myself using it in open world pve or pvp for that reason.
  10. Same, I tried everything posted online as a posible solution and nothing, the launcher just freezes on connection error, this issue just popped up a day after I completed the EoD meta and now I cant even log in! its so kitten frustration, all the other online games works fine so I know is not my internet and I didnt change anything in the Gw2 folder or launcher before this happened.
  11. It just freezes at 0% I tried rebooting my modem, deleting cache, restarting everything and tried to dowload an exe from Anets site as per helix suggestion but the site is not working for me either, I have the game on the whitelist on my firewall and Im not using vpn, other games and sites works perfectly. Last time I was online was yesterday at night, right after completing the EoD meta, want to play to get my turtle! 😄
  12. Im using full viper with Crusader gear and runes of the firebrand, works fine but I had to use meditations for extra heal because the class F2 and F3 are trash with no cleansing whatsoever.
  13. Dont forget the elite Heavens palm, worst skill ever.
  14. Not only has a 45 sec cooldown but its also really slow to execute and its very easy to interrumpt. I cant understand why do we have such a slow skill on a class that is supposed to be all about speed, blinks and teleports and not only that, it also knocksback the mobs surrounding the targeted target, why? we want to have the mobs all in one place so we can use F1 skill or word 5 and 4. I think that it would be a good fix if the skill caused Crippled or Immobilized instead of knockback since its supposed to be a huge weight dropping on the enemies from abone because as it is right
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