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  1. Same Issue! I need a thief to park somewhere and never use it xD
  2. Nice channel! You could also do a video about all the different content you can do when you reach lvl 80.
  3. Im blown away from the quality of these icons, frikkingAmazing!
  4. Hello Tyrians! this is an idea I had for some time and wanted to share with the community of Gw2 a Fractal/dungeon of my own making! but before you start reading please keep in mind that English is my second language so there will be typos and grammar erros, sorry about that 😛 Also feel free to let me know what would you add or change to this, lets make it extra fun! the idea of this fractal/dungeon is to be in Bjora Marches map The fractal / dungeon starts with your party getting to the entrance of a cave, there you find a small young kodan that tells you he needs
  5. I want to pet an Asura and watch them lose their mind with sheer rage xD
  6. You have the "RESOLUTION" to partially ignore the pain of the condis.
  7. Yes, I want new Sword legendaries, mace and shield 😄 also you doing a dumb buy is not the games fault and if you dont like ascended food dont make it or use it, simple as that.
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