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  1. NGL, i find myself wanting to switch classes with some characters without having to delete a lvl 80. Like, i have an ele human that i kind of want to make into a mesmer sort of class switch.
  2. GW2 isn't allowing me to take screenshots; it says the folder is full. However, the folder is capable of reaching 999 screenshots from what I know, and I've never reached that limit. Not only that, I just moved all the screenshots to a different folder and the original one is empty. What do I do?
  3. But, my norn fantasies require this beauty https://i.imgur.com/0LySlP6.jpg
  4. I think there should be another way to get the Shimmering and Tenebrous Weapons. I find myself needing/wanting the Shimmering set but none of my guilds, or even the guilds I see advertised, use the Lost Precipice Guild Hall where Shimmering Crystals are acquired. It's kind of annoying to have a weapon set locked behind a specific guild hall when most people ever only use the Gilded Hollow and all you get there are the Tenebrous crystals.
  5. soooo there is a branded crystal infusion, ember infusion, but why no awakened infusion? that would be cool
  6. https://i.imgur.com/zO5SXY9.jpg https://i.imgur.com/l3cbc6j.jpg https://i.imgur.com/8IPYlqt.jpg Sylvari Warrior
  7. I suppose. I don't work in the field, so I'll have to take your word for it. However, I can't say I have high hopes for the game if interesting plots are axed or shoved aside cause they either don't want to deal with it, want to move on to the next project, or whatever may arise. I mean, the concept they presented when announcing IBS was interesting, but they didn't really have anything to show for it other than vague concepts and "here is some merch to buy". What they promised was not what they presented. That alone is unfortunate and sad. Who is to say EoD, when they announce wha
  8. If the devs were really frustrated with dropping their work on IBS to be forced to work on EoD, in what sounds like rushed decision and short time to even start writing EoD, then that seems like EoD will suffer just like previous expansions, if not worse than HoT and PoF. Honestly, if EoD fails because of this, then... well, IDK what to say....
  9. I hear it's been something a lot of people wanted, but if that's so then why hasnt ANet done anything? Unless it's because there is no backlash like mounts loot boxes and stuff
  10. It was a mistake on my part because I couldn't remember how many weapons there were, but my point still stands regardless since there still aren't enough packages to complete the full weapon set.
  11. Why can't we get the weapon crates from the appearance packages outside of the packages like the outfits or other skins? Jora's Appearance package came out and I love the weapon skins, but I don't think you'll be releasing 12 appearance packages so people can get all the skins. After all, only 8 appearance packages were released for the Onyx and Gold Lion weapons and there are 12 weapon skins. Now we're getting a new set? Why can't we buy the crate separate like Jora's cape and outfit if people only want the weapon skin?
  12. I thought the whispers were supposed to be more forceful in the western half of the map... I didn't hear a peep, or is it just forceful to Crecia and Rytlock? Like, I heard nothing before completing the story and afterward, well NPCs still hear the voice. The story felt short, was getting really into it but then it ended. Getting a fishing rod as a skin felt like a joke as if to say "We can't add new content like fishing, so here's a skin instead." Loved Aurene, but missed opportunity to update the Hall of Monuments if we're going back there for Visions of the Past (which I believe will replac
  13. To be completely honest, I find it insane that you have to do all achievements in a chapter to obtain an emote. Other chapter masteries dont require you to do all achievements to get the mastery reward. For example, to get mastery for the Whisper in the Dark, you just need 20 achievements completed and you get a Boneskinner backpack. For Bound by Blood and Shadow in the Ice, you need to complete all 37 or 57 achievements to obtain an emote. If they really want an emote as a reward, then do it for the completion of the story chapter not story achievements.
  14. I sincerely think it is a missed opportunity for sure, especially since the Hall of Monuments is instanced.
  15. she* She's obviously trying to toy with us, and since she can manipulate minds, there is nothing she can't at least try. If it works remains the be seen. In other fantasy games, we would describe this as some sort of "dragon magic". We will see whether the Commander will be able to maintain a clear head. Jormag, like all Dragons is neither he or she as confirmed by the devs.Incorrect. Isn't Vlast a male? Glint a female? Aurene a female? Kralkatorrik is a male. Of course, those were all biological, whereas Jormag seems to be the foot in the door for "gender identity" in terms of societal sta
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