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  1. The front still matches the skin... why?! Why was this a good decision?
  2. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/869582680226942976/916123129242337351/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/869582680226942976/916123002645655632/unknown.png
  3. Well, it's fixed now, but it's still... meh because of how little color is actually applied to the hair
  4. If it is a bug, get it fixed. If it isn't, get it fixed. Hearing about other hairstyles and faces being bugged makes me hope the sylvari are also bugged, but I have to wonder HOW all these got bugged to begin with. I don't remember these issues when PoF added new stuff for humans.
  5. I doubt it's a bug if 2/3 haristyles for sylari cant be dyed for male or female other than a single item... How can you even come to the conclusion that it really is a bug and not intended?
  6. They really missed the ball on Sylvari where changing the hair color just changes a flower or leaf on the hair. Like what the heck? It looks bad. Why didnt you make it so changing the hair color changed the overall hair and maybe an accessory color option that changes that single leaf or flower? Why does the hair match the skin on Sylvari? It just looks bad.
  7. They really missed the ball on Sylvari where changing the hair color just changes a flower or leaf on the hair. Like what the heck?
  8. If all there is to them is that they're gay, I don't care for the characters. We were told Marjory would have focus in IBS because of her necro background and the lovecraftian horror theme they wanted to do, but didn't. Kasmeer had her chance to shine in Path of Fire, and felt completely useless and absent compared to Canach and Rytlock. Honestly, I want them gone.
  9. Ok, but the point is that they didn't, and they didnt even care. They really just gave them a different set of greatsword skills without changing greatsword.
  10. Catalyst is, once again, a poor name. There's nothing new or interesting that's been added to the elementalist class. They were given a slow, clunky hammer, and an F5 was slapped onto it. The energy is a pain because you can only gain it while in combat and landing hits and the F5 skill doesn't last long at all. For you saying 100 is a better number than 30 or 50 for something like warrior, I dont see why you didn't do it for the ele too. The F5 skill is unmovable, so you have to fight in it. I figured it would work more like an engineer gyro that follows you or moveable like druid nature spir
  11. Bladesworn, first off, is a horrible name for a Warrior profession with pistol as its weapon. Secondly, why give it a pistol at all the doesn't seem to synergize with the rest of the weapons already available to warrior? The Harbinger suffers from this as well, where you give them a weapon but didn't really think about how it works with other weapons. Bottom line, nobody will really use this class. Warrior is mainly used for Banners, and the F1 skill which often provides high damage or a heavy CC. They're easy to use at a moments notice since the adrenaline can be charged quicker t
  12. Why do the skill icons look like Willbender and Harbinger? There's little to no distinction. Rev normally has a grey-ish blue background, so shouldnt the Vindicator also share the same color palette all the other Rev skills?
  13. NGL, i find myself wanting to switch classes with some characters without having to delete a lvl 80. Like, i have an ele human that i kind of want to make into a mesmer sort of class switch.
  14. GW2 isn't allowing me to take screenshots; it says the folder is full. However, the folder is capable of reaching 999 screenshots from what I know, and I've never reached that limit. Not only that, I just moved all the screenshots to a different folder and the original one is empty. What do I do?
  15. But, my norn fantasies require this beauty https://i.imgur.com/0LySlP6.jpg
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