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  1. Now imagine you woke up on Monday and heard that all that effort for TWO days went missing... Especially if you knew that this was an issue on Monday, why the heck would you go in and do all this stuff, especially with the recommendation being to NOT log in. I'm not angry for them giving a gift to people who didn't wait it out. I'm angry that the people who lost a day and a half of SAB as well as other stuff (in our case for example a day of raids) are getting slapped in the face just because we decided to listen to instructions or just even didn't have the ability to log on. Give EVERYONE the
  2. Honestly, I wouldn't care if we ALL got bonfires. Or if we all got 1200 gems. THAT wouldn't matter to me. The thing that bothers me is the fact that even if we didn't log in, we were still freaking out over the things we lost. A guildie legitimately cried because her legendary went poof along with all the gold. But just because some of us decided to ride it out vs logging in, doesn't warrant this big of a discrepancy in compensation.
  3. Umm, so I take huge issue with the mount select vs bonfire reward for the issues on Monday. A number of my guild for example had to work during the day, so by the time we learned that the rollback had occurred we knew all of what had happened thanks to our Discord and being active on reddit and the forums. So a large number of us didn't even bother to log in because we were patient and either we knew that anything we did would either get reset, or then it was too late because the servers had been shut down (our raid that evening for example got canceled). So to have such a huge discrepancy in
  4. Less of a question, more of a request:PLEASE don't make them horribly expensive...You realise that the way your classes are made, a single character can run a LOT of builds. I have 16 builds on 3 of my characters alone atm :( Please, please, please don't lock this stuff behind huge paywalls...
  5. Ok, but bear with me. We just got legendary runes (which, let's face it, if you have legy armor are beyond useless) and the chef is going up to lvl 500 soon. I would love to see us be able make legendary buff food and utilities. I wouldn't even mind if they required big collections and like a stack of butternut squash whatever-have-you. We can make primers already, which already prolongs the duration of the food, and I guarantee not everyone will make them, so the prices will stabilize after a while again. But overall, I think it would be a really cool concept (maybe exclude festival exclusive
  6. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope that this isn't the finished effect of all 3. It's absolutely atrocious. It's rigid, ugly, and uninventive. The nice flowy effect of the Aurora orbs is gone, the fluidity of the lava lamp effect that adding vision brings is destroyed, and that poopy brown blob in that unfitting glowy orb is just a whole new level of yuck. Add to that those stiff connecting sticks, and you've got something that looks like it belongs in a visual update of old school RuneScape... I SO hope that they rework this or it was just a visual bug. If not, they 100% need to give us the opport
  7. Xera fix and sigil swap on legendary weapons would be a nice patch. Focusing on the real issues... :#
  8. A random drop or purchase for 3k gold in order to make use of a mechanic that should be built in on a legendary is not "addressing it", sorry to say...
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/7g7wds/living_world_season_4_daybreak_devs_here_ask_us/dqhayl4 Regardless, until they solve this (which could be in months, years or never) I've decided to shelve making any more legendary weapons; I have one legendary weapon weapon right now and I think I've used the stat swapping twice. I mean that's a comfort I suppose. I'm just hoping it's one of the things they make a priority, as aside from the shinies, the stat swapping is pretty much the main reason to even make a legendary weapon (that's pretty much the biggest reason I will be making the
  10. So I love the way that the legendary armor has the ability to just pop new runes in and out so that you can swap builds or gear on different characters.However, this is not a feature in Legendary weapons for some reason, where it would be even handier so that you can reroll builds or use certain weapons to equip different characters (even for example heal tempest vs dps weaver on the same character). I would love to see the sigil exchange function being added here, too, so that we can easily adjust builds with the legendary weapons as well, especially since a lot of the current meta sigils are
  11. YESSSS!!!!I'm so tired or wading through all the recruitment groups just to find a proper raid group. This needs to happen like 12 updates ago!!!
  12. Let me clarify a few points: While what Khisanth said helps to troubleshoot, I have a big issue with making that my job, and here's why: Any event can stall and bug, right? Ok, sure. I don't mind. Really! I'll come back in a few hours or the next day and try again then, not a problem.What I take issue with is that the event doesn't reset! It's been 4 days and I'm still landing on the same IP, with the NPCs in the same spot on the side of the mountain. And sorry, not everyone has the ability to commit to logging in at a specific time to attempt to MAYBE get a new map or park a toon there for mo
  13. I've seen posts about it in multiple different areas, so I don't know if it's location, or just if they die too quick (sometimes it's an issue when people farm the area)...https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/44kloe/a_plea_to_the_great_oouo_bugged_event_chain_for/This is one of the posts I found about it (from 2 years ago) with ANet response, and it describes my issue and what everyone else I've talked to also sees down to a T. The thing that irks me most is that it's known to be an issue and nothing is being done about it. Like I said, if it's some nonsense event, whatever, i can deal
  14. The NPCs die in the course of the event and then the event fails. They do not reset and just stand there dying and the event does not reset either. I don't need to specify for Anet, because they are well aware of what happens, as it's been beaten to death on forums, Reddit, wiki, etc. The pre can't happen because the NPCs are stuck in the even I need, that's not even active anymore. But if you're EU, I would appreciate it if you could taxi me onto that map so I can get it!
  15. I'm making Meteorlogicus through the collection. My second go after making Bifrost and I have a HUGE beef with how the 3rd collection is done. The collection in and of itself isn't horrible (even though taking all the temples in Orr seems a bit excessive, but whatever), but there is 1 GAPING issue in the whole thing. The first on is the need in the collection to kill Champion Frainn in Timberline Falls. This event has been bugged for over TWO YEARS. ANet knows that it is, as there have been comments on Reddit posts from 2 years ago that they are aware and working on a fix... Well, the fact tha
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