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  1. I think it may be important to stop and ask what it is about the big threats that you find so enjoyable, and is it really something that requires a big threat? Or is that just the easiest/only way it's been given to us up until now?
  2. Someone said they don't want to see norn with tails. Ummm... a bit late? But let's go with that. We've already got, IN GAME FROM LAUNCH, some norn that get stuck in their animal forms. Would it really be that odd to see one that doesn't quite make it all the way back, and still has the snow leopard or wolf tail? As for the other races? Well, tails can possibly help with balance, right? Would it really surprise you to see an asura testing a golem-style tail to improve their ability to roll and dodge? Sylvari? They can shape and manipulate plants, which is als
  3. I'm not sure if it's been suggested before, but can all endless tonics that give more than one form cycle through them, instead of changing to a random one each time you change?
  4. I agree with you on this part (though, I think it's more logical for Forgal to hold the gate, and not Tybalt). What I wish they had done instead is make three different missions there, and had more things happening at the same time so all three mentors could be there and doing different things, with you having to play through all three orders to see the full story. Tybalt and his partner get the beacons lit, but his beacon tower is swarmed in the process. He blows it up, rather than be killed and turned into an undead. Forgal makes the stand in the courtyard, and is ground zero when the dragon
  5. This is where I remind everyone that when Taimi first appeared, she was a serious Scarlet Briar fangirl, and got mildly called out on it at least once during Season 1. Jormag may not be using a lot of interesting tech, but it IS effectively hitting a target her people have been unable to deal with for ages. I can see her going a bit fangirl again, with the same lack of wisdom or concern over just who/what she's fangirling over.
  6. I should clarify that it has to be a GOOD system. The more of a chore it is to use and the more restricted it is, the less people will use it. In fact, maybe "good" isn't the right word, let's go with "fun". It has to be a FUN system to use.
  7. The charr personal story instance "Salvaging Scrap", with Isola and Braugit. The phrase "horrible death moos" is a classic.
  8. If you really want something good, it needs to be a system for Player Made Content. What kind of content? Dunno, but giving players the tools to make things occupies us far longer than any single mission or raid ever will. It's part of why people want actual housing in a game. It gives them a chance to make something, then maybe tear it all down and redo it better. It's part of why people keep suggesting the ability to have their other characters along with them as NPCs in instanced missions, so they can customize the team to how they want it. Or make their own Jumping Puzzles. There have been
  9. Maybe the sign can do something helpful, then? Say, a slower than player rez, where you have to click to confirm the final bit that gets you up? That would also require it being attached to a dead body, but I see that as a good thing as it would keep people from dropping them just anywhere.
  10. You do know we will get one in that map going forward right? No, I did not. But I'd say that just adds to my point.
  11. While I don't like the DRMs, I do think this is the kind of new content that GW2 has been needing for years. I thought this back when this kind of stuff was called ... you know ... DUNGEONS. I mean, the only reason they're not being called that is because they're out in the open world for location. Imagine them putting a DRM into the old Citadel of Flame map. Bang, it's a new dungeon path. With that said, they've improved some over the old dungeon path idea. No need to make four versions of it to make it harder to turn out new ones, and made to be (in theory) soloed if you want.
  12. For the Charr and Norn focused part of the storyline, it's been downright awful. The Norn part just glanced off of the surface and trashed the lore. The Charr part only advances because all the charr characters suddenly act like clueless idiots. The only excitement I feel is for the fact that this will soon be over, so we can go on to an area I have no personal involvement in (having never played GW1), so it won't bother me anywhere near as much if they trash it. Well, okay, maybe one more thing I'm looking forward to. Nobody was close to Zhaitan when it died, great. Lots of people were near M
  13. As a casual player, one of the things I enjoy is cluttering up my home instance.
  14. If I have to limit it to just one wish? Playable Tengu, with some decent lore behind them. Honestly, it's past time for them to open up the gates and start to be more open. The walls don't protect them from Primordus, and now so many people can fly or glide over the walls that their isolation has left the Tengu as the only people blocked by the wall. If they want to fly again, now's the time. If I can have some other wishes as well? Side stories: Small stories that take place around the world (or at least in any new places we go to) and don't affect the main storyline. Self-contained, these st
  15. That's not really a node, though. Maybe the Lucky node should rely on luck more than giving it. Just have it give one small SOMETHING every day, with a long list of items it can draw from. Most are minor, a few are actually good, and one or two are "jackpot!" level. Something like "One ghost pepper" would be a minor thing, something of value but by itself very small value. A jug of karma could be one of the more impressive items, possible but very rare.
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