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  1. Few years ago, i discovered a trick to quickly change mounts without dismounting and i posted it here for everyone to try it. One patch later, ANet did the ninja thing to perhaps add a 0. something sec delay to the remounting ability and ever since that trick cannot be done already. Let's see if the same will be done to this -.-
  2. Ikr? It's ugly. Maybe they are trying to introduce cross dressings into the game.
  3. Regardless of ugly or pretty faces all races have them, but the question is why create ugly ones for a fantasy game where fashion war is the end game? No? Look at all those infusions and legendary trinkets with fanciful effects, they are for the super super rich and for players who want to show that they have reached the end game status and have nothing to do but grind and farm all day now. Is ANet just stereotyping asian? I remember seeing cartoons that portrait asians with single line eyes and exaggerating buck teeth. And, over the years I believed because of the constant outcry of raci
  4. Another huge disappointment 😞 Every time I thought i saw light at the end of the tunnel, ANet shut down that exit and put us back in total darkness... again 😢 And, those hair styles for the female human are just not worth talking about them, so i won't.
  5. New character customizations...? Omg can this means finally we are able to customize our undies too? *holding breath for 1 hr*
  6. Hmm.. are you serious with all those suggestions? Or are they just sarcasm? I can't differentiate, really 🤔 ANet come on!
  7. Sigh. Can't you see the no. 6 "no" response? Like yours truly? 😄 Valuable enough for you? And, yes the rest are all "Yes" response. This you got it right. edit: of course you can't see it, it's subliminal to you 🙂
  8. To add on, the Tea Time Chair is truly a surprise and very innovative. Love it ❤️ With new technology, I am sure giving us something as simple as changing our bikinis skin is easy now? @Sobx.1758 who is pretending and where in my post did I mention that these 14 pages are valuable? Relax. Learn to tell the difference between a tease post and a legit one 😄 And you can deny all 14 pages but can you deny the 180+ 'Yes' votes? Surely they are not all voted by OP plus one or two other persons? And judging from your tone, i presumed that you have this 'thing' against swimsuits and bik
  9. After 14 pages of comments and feedback and still no news? Ok, I have a Water Park built in my GH and all we need now is the proper dress code to jump into the water. So ANet, when are the swimsuits coming? Sadly, whenever I feel like taking a dip in the water, i will use a blank equipment template to quickly strip down to save time and the trouble of re-equipping one by one later. And i have to make do with my 9 year old bikinis. I want to imagine those are bikinis not undies. ANet, I promise to be good next year. Give me a swimsuit. Pretty please?
  10. You mean to help you? Nice try. It used to be 2000 in rank to unlock it, took most players years to get them, then ANet cut it down drastically to 500 and now you want it for free? Yes, give us gift of exploration for free too. Only one per account. Posting to help our work busy friends, after all they are the ones with the spending power and they always having hard time getting it due to work and family commitments.
  11. Is Marionette and Dragonstorm events in the gemstore World boss portal device? I don't remember seeing their prompts. Unless that thing is only for Tyria bosses? 😰
  12. I agree with OP. This is why many choose not to play support roles. They are unrewarding and most skills are slow to cast.
  13. That doesn't look like flying to me. It's more like a leap or jump to higher ground or over obstacles.
  14. Oh are you saying it's already trivialised? I want a nerf on the Skyscale, just like what they did to the Griffon's flying height to make the Skyscale looks good 😮 The Skyscale is already the most used mount on every map, like 80% of the players are on the dragon all the time. And the other 20% didn't use the dragon only because most of them have not gotten it yet. And, it still needs a buff? What??!?? I know you love your dragon alot but i have to strongly disagree with you.
  15. Maybe they need donations to repair the roofs?
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