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  1. Very much these ^ Over the years, it is crystal clear that the ANet DOES NOT listen to the community. Like what Kyrios said, they added, changed, nerfed and removed things depending on what they like or dislike and not what the community wanted. And if they happened to changed something that you wanted it's not that they listened to you, it's because they like your suggestion and want to change it anyway. Nothing to do with your feedbacks. Look at the patches over the years, they made changes to useless stuff where no one even noticed or mentioned them and they ignored
  2. Hmm.. I am surprised that the white knight cavalry is not here yet.
  3. While many elitists wants TM to be hard and i agree with that. But, let's not forget the casuals and new players. Only if ANet comes up with a system where every one can play and not just for the elitists, these people are going to turn TM into a 50 people raid event only for the meta classes and the best. They already did that to raids. Even own guildlies want the regulars and certain meta builds to raid with them. This is sad. You have to participate often to know the mechanics well and what to expect, and only then you will improve and do better. How can you play often when ever
  4. While OP is at it, why not made another Topic " BEFORE, I have to make 9 sets of legendary gears for my 9 toons and now players only need to make just three for all " Another one of those disguised in the name of for the good of the community " I suffered so all must suffer too " threads. Bleh.
  5. ... is mainly for the 0.008% of the players? The Twisted Marionette is created for those 0.008% of players who has few full sets of legendaries to play around with many builds at no cost at all? I expect more for this patch and there isn't any balance fixes and I thought the Seraph Wing backpack glider combo will be made available for Black Lion Statuettes but instead we get recycled skins... again? Boo ANet.
  6. From my personal experience, I believe ANet is making uncommon drops from the BLC more and more rare over every patch, especially those shiny pretty backpack and glider combo package. Listed as uncommon but with drop rate of even more rare than rare. I stopped buying keys ever since I noticed the change. Cost too much these days. At this rate, GW should be renamed as Gambling Wars.
  7. Hmm.. ANet is giving away legendary armory for FREE and still there are unhappy players with complaints. Don't be so calculative *rolleyes* Remove or delay the armory then.
  8. There are flocks of birds flying high up in the sky in Windswept Haven GH. Once I even saw one landing on the stream :D
  9. I totally agree with OP. How many of us actually have tens of toons with a hundred builds? The forum has been asking for many other more practical and useful stuff and has been totally ignored for years. For example, swimsuits and dyable undies... ANet just want us to grind and grind and grind for more leggys. Hope grinding is not EoD's main content.
  10. First of all, thank you ANet for some of the really pretty and cool GH decorations. I wish the developers could come up with even more stuff. Ok, now we already have the Mist Maker and the Snow Maker, can we have a Rain Maker as well? With thunderstorm lol. Please? And if you are at it, give us rainbows and bodies of water as well :D And please make them reasonably available and not like those that cost hundreds of gold or take weeks of grinding to get them. I don't mind paying gems for them if they are really cool. Thank you in advance.
  11. OK i think i got it. Referring to my previous example again, the two pulses; one converts, the other cleanses. Thanks 🙂
  12. Oh thanks for the reply. but i am still not really clear on this. For example, a skill that pulse condi cleanse every second for 2 seconds. the first pulse will convert condis to boons, the second does not convert but does it cleanse? Or it does nothing because of the two seconds ICD.
  13. Purity of Purpose: This trait now has an internal cooldown of 2 seconds per target. Just to be certain. The 2 seconds ICD is only on the condi conversions, the cleansing part has no ICD right?
  14. This is why never share effective builds you discovered on the forum. Any forum. If that build is finally one that you enjoyed and actually having fun with it, and everyone starts using it, ANet will nerf it. You cannot have fun in this game but only frustrations and disappointments.
  15. And... the topic title is so misleading and untruthful. Since when no one wanted mounts? On the contrary, a huge majority of the players have been asking for mounts for months before the announcement of PoF.
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