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  1. You could beef yourself up for OW by stocking up on United Legions Waystations for EMP's (if you have LWS5) and the Jade Tier-10 Core & 2 hours of Offense/Defense buffs (if you have EoD). With all that I can solo a lot more stuff than I could before, and the Waystations even tend to attract more players (who then help you even more with their own EMP's). If that isn't enough, you can also summon several allies at the same time from consumables like Fire Elemental Powder, Ogre Pet Whistle, Pocket Jade Armor, Sunspear Paragon Support, Raven Spirit Shadow, Deployable Thumper Turret, Depl
  2. That would be cool. But it seems that the only overlap between skiffs and mounts is this: * Getting ejected upon entering “mounts not allowed” zone (skiff destroyed) * Getting ejected when you press the key bound to mount/dismount (skiff destroyed)
  3. You could do some simple searching for guilds who do Strikes together, look at their event calendars, and show up to summarize your wishes and capabilities. I’ve encountered lots of guilds who would be happy to help you succeed without sacrificing your play style. I was so stubborn-headed about both Strikes and fitting in with the scary people who seem to enjoy them, but then I stumbled upon such a guild and came away with some great ideas for playing the way I already like to play, but better. Oh, and I totally got through all the Strikes with incompetence to spare.
  4. There are a lot of great things about Fishing. I like chilling with the scenery I know and love, and I'm okay with the low drop rates. The recent UI improvements are nice. But I also get stuck in this loop a lot: (Approach a fishing node on my skiff) (Hit the Move Backward key to shift into reverse gear) (Remember that there is no reverse gear) (Steer wildly off-course instead, because I'm using action-cam at an angle) (Attract some mobs) (Lose mobs) (Finally settle near fishing node) You cannot anchor a skiff while moving. Skill Recharging
  5. I don't know WoW, but W had Griffons (that is, the original Warcraft).
  6. Thank you for sharing. You show not only a lot of courage, but also a great example of honestly describing someone's abusive behavior without demonizing him.
  7. How about if squad has enough people (whatever a good threshold is, say 25), the commander can request a new instance. It could be squad-only for a short grace period (say, 5 minutes) before becoming publicly available again. That would address the classic situation where a squad near 50 is ready to go but spread over multiple maps. I'm sure it's probably been suggested before and that there are ways it could be abused, but I'm curious what is feasible.
  8. Whenever the camera is rotated more than 45 degrees or so from forward-facing, the Move Backward key causes the Skiff to turn and move forward faster instead. It's really hard to get accustomed to, because it's different than how other driving/sailing simulators work. It's especially frustrating when you're slamming the brakes to avoid aggro near a fishing node.
  9. I got everything but Grenth in the first couple weeks, but now hundreds of chests later, still no Grenth. I suppose it's possible that they coded all 6 of the drop probabilities as constants and just blocked you from getting extra copies of anything. That would result in a pattern where getting a 2nd statuette takes on average twice as long as the first, then getting the next one 3 times as long, then 4, then 5 times as long. But it does seem to me like this last one is taking wayyyyy longer than expected under that assumption.
  10. You can get GoB's entirely within PvE by collecting Potions of WvW Rewards and Potions of Mist Rewards. Any combination of 80 of them yields a GoB. There are several methods to collect them (see list below), and doing all of them should get you a GoB about once every 2-3 months. Also, if we're lucky enough to get the Battle-Hardened kit again in the Black Lion Chest rotation, then you can get a GoB from every 80 Black Lion keys. So, consider saving up some keys for that. Earn Guild Commendations by doing about an hour of guild missions per month. Use them to buy Boxes of WvW Supplies fro
  11. My GW2 audio settings are set to one sound device (let's call it A). If I switch my default audio device in my Windows control panel to another one (let's call it B) while I'm playing GW2, then GW2 starts using device B as soon as a cinematic occurs. Then even after the cinematic is over, it keeps using device B for all game sounds, even though the audio settings still show that it's using device A. There's a simple workaround that works for me at least: if I switch to another audio device and then switch back, then it resumes using device A. But it's a bug nevertheless, and despite the w
  12. Thank you for fixing this, devs!! The bounty board does seem a little wonky though. I tried a few bounties today, and several times it was either almost dead or already dead when I arrived less than a minute later. So I think it's letting multiple people take them from the board at the same time. Or maybe that's just how bounties work?? I don't usually get them from the board myself, so I'm not really familiar with the mechanics. I did eventually get Shamshir today, so that one's working at least some of the time. And I finished the achievement too, woohoo!
  13. For anyone else struggling with this, FYI some of the weapons are just bugged (such as the Warhorn) and don't give you credit for Guidance. Others (such as the Sword) give you credit for Guidance as soon as you buy the Chasing Tales story for it from the Forge Master. Sheesh.
  14. Oh that's awesome. Thanks for sharing! I didn't realize that Sunk Cost was bugged too. That makes it even more reasonable for us to submit it in-game as a "blocks progress" bug because it makes it even more common to get blocked from the cascade of sequential achievements to get the Vision legendary (Istani Bounty Hunter & Sunk Cost > Daybreak Mastery > Visions of Istan > Vision I: Awakening > Vision II: Awakening > Vision). Legendaries are hard enough without having to work around bugged steps :).
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