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  1. There really should be an option to make above-ground grenades work like underwater grenades, somehow.
  2. I feel like at the very least you should be able to swap seats in the turtle if you're by yourself. It's... underwhelming right now otherwise.
  3. That's easy, make legendary armor crafting work like legendary weapon crafting does (ie no raiding required, just a big material sink). It's not rocket science or anything.
  4. The speed boost should be a minor trait, like Time Marches On for chronomancers.
  5. I really expected the final item to eat the individual teleport items, like how the living world tomes work.
  6. Longbow autoattack should apply burning by default, instead of having to trait for it.
  7. legendary armor should always have been craftable same as weapons are. The only reason it isn't is because Anet needed something to bait people into doing raids.
  8. If someone is waypointing to get away from you, how much of a "fight" were you really going to get out of them anyway?
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