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  1. gvg is something ppl have been asking for years. Anet is just too proud to admit mistakes so they rather do something else than what players want.
  2. i think if they just had the dev team focus on alliances for X amount of time and delay living world release, it would have been much better for Anet. Like who is actually going to write positive review on steam after all this? or is this the way they want to get rid off the competetive players? at this point im not sure. I just hope this amazing mode would get dedicated team and support. This mode really could have been huge if given time and love. after all, we still play it
  3. pugs will be randomly placed to these alliance worlds, if they dont care enough to join a guild i dont see the problem. Same with smaller guilds. You have to be able to offer something to the guilds you want to be in alliance with.Or make smaller guild alliance with similiar minded ppl who dont like large guilds.
  4. u'r such a rebel, did it work? No, and doupt it will, BUT im bored and this gives me something to do while i cry over the broken promises
  5. Are you replying “alliances when”??? Hahaha yep, just casually reminding wvw exists
  6. i started to reply to their every tweet with alliance questions and will continue untill we get a date or patch
  7. i hope they fix this fast, WvW is unplayable atm, literally...
  8. Came to check if i should install GW2 again. Seems like they still don't care about WvW so I'll just keep playing other games. Cya all in a year or two Smileyface
  9. How exactly did you think this was going to work? encourage guild play, i.e guild group could earn more points when they kill ppl/other guilds under effect of something like "guild raid" buff. Rework the way how you capture certain keeps like capture and hold 3points to open the gates for short time. Give guild chance to challenge other guilds and winner gets some rewards or even like towers as a price. I can keep going with the ideas but i feel like at that point i'd need to get paid :)
  10. Reduce squad size to 20. Blobbing has become annoying af because of lag so make wvw more smaller squad based. Delete SMC or open the gates and make it not cappable make stability have max cap of 5 and make boonstrips/corrupts only take one stack away. Also stability should slow you by 5% per stab. reduce healing by 50% and increase hp by 50% tone down power creep
  11. these lag complain threads are proof that anet cant or want to fix the lag. They havent said a single word for it because either they dont have the ppl capable of fixing the lag or they dont care. Why else would they be so dead silent on this matter?
  12. when i first heard about the swipe i thought "maybe its not that bad, they are not telling us everything so it might be i.e aoe knockback skill or maybe it could crit" i was hugely disapointed when its just a steal with awful range and nothing else
  13. simple fix would be redesign shades. Here is one idea: Make the shades only target 3ppl but with lingering effect, so when you hit someone with shade they get debuff which is not cleansable but on its own it doesnt do dmg, getting hit by another shade by same scourge could trigger some dmg effect. f5 would have small detonation time which the player who was hit by shade can see, so he can dodge the effect possibly. So basically delete the aoe field and replace it with more single target oriented shades.
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