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  1. I am very left-handed irl but I don’t really see how adding this option would change anything… most classes use a main and offhand weapon, so in any case one of those will be in your non-dominant… so even if they were swapped are you just never going to try and use your offhand, or only use two handed weapons? It’s just seems like a superficial solution to a problem that hardly makes sense when you think about it
  2. Hey OP, maybe try playing a few more days and see how things are going? Then make another post on it. Or don't.
  3. Hope you found your answer after all these posts lol
  4. I can see an issue of players not on the outnumbered side who are not in the blob are the ones that will suffer and hardly be able to win small fights, so they will feel forced to add themselves to the blob
  5. 1) Que 10 chars into a map before reset2) The map starts to fill but now 10 spots are already taken3) Congrats you are now the actual cause of the que
  6. True... I usually only see groups at ebg though, where the biggest numbers can gather
  7. And as every DH roamer/small 'fight' guild knows, the best content is always to be had standing outside the enemy keep!
  8. i haven't even got path of fire yet =) it just didn't wow me You would buy an expansion based on if they add a couple specific weapon types, but the entire addition of mounts somehow wasn't appealing enough to buy PoF even when it's gone on sale after all this time?
  9. How is this a legit complaint? The people who did it first had to wait the same amount of time as you do or even longer because it was originally 4 days, they just did it earlier than you.
  10. Yea so have a lot of people who have become disgruntled with the direction of the game, but guess what we jut got a huge new announcement including an upcoming expansion, so...
  11. Spent so much time in there for the titles... Mo/P RoJ was so OP. Definitely not the same now that it is so dated and filled with even more bots.
  12. Was sad to see its gradual decline since the days when it was one of the best places to level up new chars, to now almost no one there at all. The map is actually pretty fun too so I kind of don't know why there aren't at least some groups running regularly... overall lack of competition maybe. It would be cool to put it in rotation with EBG or DBL maybe.
  13. So defenders against a much larger force could literally never win lol
  14. "Baby will you make me a sammich while I finish this Fractals run?" "No, make it yourself." "Man fuck this group"
  15. I want more dungeons but probably the only way would be if the Fract team was tasked with it, which I doubt. Don't even have to touch the old ones, the rewards are at least still OK.
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