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  1. Hey guys found this thread on Google and it's a bit outdated there has been a quite recent patch that gave Elementalist and Engineer the ability to swap weapons Out Of Combat. As a main of both myself, I couldn't be happier as I can go ranged now if I need it between fights or different buffs(boons) before combat.
  2. Hi! My name is Sarus, I'm 23 y.o. and I'm looking for a populated guild with diverse activities of all sorts at all levels of seriousness.My time zone is GMT +2 (Romania). I would like the guild to be English speaking but I won't refuse serious Romanian guilds either.I tend to have issues with wanting to play as I don't have the mood to play gw2 very much and a guild will help me keep my attention to the game.My current goals are: climbing fractals, finishing HOT/POF with at least 3 characters (Engineer, Warrior, Thief), I'm not prepared for but I always wanted a legendary, and I've always wan
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