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  1. Yeah this kind of worry me even more. Where one profession have to sacrifice half of dps/heal or even more for boon support and other can do 90% pure dps variant and provide same boon support. Ppl will find out quicky whats next meta and other proffesions will be unwanted again. Like i mentioned alac willy is already pretty bad and unwanted. Now when other professions gain easy access to alac this problem will only grow. Its good there is trade of for alac on tempest there should to be.. As firebrand i can lower my heal even more for example signet sharing to boost group dps, swap
  2. Ahh right... its fine.. you can always swap trait if more heal is needed and there will be other source of alac. After patch everyone will be able to do anything.. thats what anet aiming for. And yes firebrand will have to go ritualist dps or so... I think willbender need improvements on how alac is generated.. But thats not discussion for this subforum.
  3. @Serephen.3420 @Sunshine.5014 I think people dont care about raw healing in pve. Your on.1 priority as support is keep all boons on your party (that must include quick or alac). I think having both aura share and alac would be way too powerful and its fair you can chose one or another but not both. Problem is: You cant deal good dps and be alac at same time. But you can be good dps and provide quick. ...SO... You want heal with alac and dps with quick. ...SO... This change will make tempest better support than firebrand. Now imagine share auras on top of that.. tha
  4. This change has nothing to do with pvp.. Its for pve where tempest support/heal is dead. Heal without quick or alac has no place in current pve meta. Anet actually doing great job here. For pvp nothing going to change with this. Just ignore it and be happy for people who like healing as tempest in pve.
  5. Oh my ... It's happening! https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/arenanet-studio-update-june-2022/ Elementalist: Tempest will now be able to provide party alacrity, with a rework to their grandmaster trait Lucid Singularity. 😮😍🥳
  6. Even though gaming on linux is totaly posible these days. And huge respect for all people/developers that made it possible. Usually dx12/vulcan games runs as good as windows counter part. Sometimes even little better. When it comes to games/mmos with older engine that is heavily bound to CPU on dx9(11). Linux always deliver a bit degraded performance. From my experience: - Fist of all dx11 is huge improvement over dx9.(personally tested) Especially on linux BUT both linux and windows takes massive improvement using dx11. - Im personally using newest but stable version of wine u
  7. Hey guys i should update this thread.. yesterday I raised ticket. GM responded me surprisedly fast. Like really right after i made it. In past it usually took few days to get response. So that was pleasant surprise. Anyway... Gm confirmed that i recieved chest. Even on which character. About 2-3 days before accident i were talking to my sibling about games.Who play what currently. gw2 expansion good, swtor expansion bad etc.. I also offered her my laptop to take a brief look before buy. On my defence. She declined to borrow it. But it turn out she did it anyway later. I don't h
  8. I play gw2 24/7 where would i get time to play other mmo ?! or do anything else at all ? 🙃
  9. Thanks for tip. I did that. But no success. I guess it's time for contact support.
  10. Hello! I can't believe what just happened to me. Yesterday i picked Bag of Experience -> last but one from daily reward track. And today i received Bag of Mystic Coins the 1st in daily reward track. Completely skipped big Chest of Loyalty. I'm really double checking.. I was checking alts that i play frequently. And no and no big chest for me this month. Before i open ticket. I want to be sure i don't missing something ? Has it happened to anyone ? Any idea what whast going on ? Thanks for advices...
  11. EoD professions are overturned even in pve.. virtuoso is glass cannon though.
  12. [ looking at picture ] 🤔 hmm... ... got it! Team with warrior will lose match. Unless they are so good they can win 4vs5.
  13. No matter what they do you wont be happy. Even if they really put lot of effort with best intentions to this patch. I cant imagine one patch just miraculously fix all balance issues. Especially when nobody know whats going to change - nobody can test it - thus there is no feedback loop for unknown incoming changes. But lets hope it will be better. Despite what i wrote im really looking forward for new changes. Speed that i clicked on this clickbait thread is proof.
  14. As far as i know anet removed all 10 target skills with 5.There is one supp healer per group you are not supposed to pair with them u are supposed to replace them / compete for same spot... right ? ATM tempest stand no chance. Also im not talking about weaver at all.. weaver is great dps thus there is no problem to get into group. Same for cata with quickenss. And its completely different topic. BUT Reason why i picked ely (same as guard) is you can play support role. Exept i find out you cant. 😞(in pve) Now a days machinist is only pve support whereas firebrand is also acceptable.
  15. I started my journey as ely recently. So correct me if im wrong. Its amazing support in pvp i already have blast of fun after playing support guard for soo long. But without alac or quickness nobody wants tempest support in pve. I believe tempest need alac on grant aura trait or overload or something.
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