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  1. @zicaB.1794 I think u are right.. it fits and i like having alac on willy. Full celestial gives you about 42% boon uptime and with that im 100% covered with alac which can go up to 30 sec i think. So with 30% im sure ill be fine as well. Still i would feel much more confortable to have feel my wrath with alac or so.. The question is, what the best way to achive 30%.. signet / rune / x amount of diviner gear, or food ? what would be the best way with least dps loss ? 🤔
  2. On positive note. I'm glad that wb virtue effects won't override each other any more, this is huge improvement. Although i have to kind of F2 for no reason and then F1 right afterward. hmm ok... and add f3 anytime for godmode. Also DH is viable dps in raid. This wasn't case for looooong time back when i was playing. I also like firebrand rework even though its technically nerf i makes playing FB less spammy. Ill try figure out something for WB, being able to provide alac is handy and i really want that in my builds. But i would probably have to run with more pieces of diviner than its healthy for my damage, which could be issue..
  3. I told you it's for fun(meme) / build for open world just an example for thought process. it's not raid spec. For example when dragon end meta need alac i'm using it.. extra survivability and heal and boons to allies is worth of bit lower damage and it works well in my opinion. Anyway this video just poped up for me: willbender is ranked S tier and he is healing.. i had no idea this is thing. But mix diviner with pure power dmg could be better idea.. i have my heal firebrand for raid,fractals and wvw. So no reason to push willy for heal since i have my doubts on that even after what has been shown in video. But i definitely could use offensive alac support in case quick heal is not needed.
  4. So i tried new chrono and i realized i suffer from same problem that i have with supp willbender. You cant generate alac while not attacking. I feel like willbender should give quickness not alac. Alac is one of the boon that you want all time even if not attacking. While quickness can drop. Its fine as long as you can reapply right when attack phase starts again. Or there should be another source for alac like "feel my wrath" is for quickness that doesnt need target. Looking at what they did to chrono im bit jealous. I wish we could swap to quickness by trait or alac application were improved. I find out the only way to make my supp willy works is by using celestial gear. Extra concentration gives me lot more uptime for alac than i need and so i can create some kind of buffer for moments when i cant attack. But ofc you can't bring cele to raid or any competitive content. Its just meme build for fun. But it makes me realize that as healer you have a lot of concentration so its never problem to keep alac even as heal chrono. But willbender can't be healer and using concentration is not an option for dps. Since DH is pure dps, FB is excellent healer, it would make sense if willbender were viable offensive support. It don't have to be best. People would complain if guardian were too good. Just good enough. It's been a while since willbender was introduced to game and i feel like willbender always meant to be adps but never been good enough to achieve that. Considering how anet improves a lot of professions. I think willy support would deserve some love as well. Or am i wrong ? Do you guys play alac willy successfully ? Feel free to share some tips/build.
  5. Just an update... i choose spvp cuz that's what people recommend and its was easiest way to do daily in past as well. And last two days i did all possible dailys in one sPvP match. (if you lose and perform bad you might need two but still... these is one redundant objective). i even played few more after that to finish weekly... They are all straight forward easily done with few pvp games except precipitation in tournament. I can't stress enough how bad default choose is.. and its easily missable.. !!! This supposed to be my daily routine: 1) go to WvW and and finish 1-2 objective... 2) go to Spvp and finish 1-2 objective... 3) go to jumping puzzle and finish 1 objective.. every sigle daily !! you can image i give up eventually.. At least there should be more objectives for each mode if you choose this.. otherwise this chose doesn't make any sense and nobody would ever pick this.. And yeah i know its my fault i get it, i admit it.. you can hate me, blame me. But i think its is reasonable feedback right here for anet.. Im sure im not 1st nor last person stuffed from this after reading thought this thread .. take it how you want.. And speaking of feedback: Disclaimer: i don't know all possible pve daily and weekly. so may be wrong and its my personal opinion.. i just saw a few pve objectives over couple of days.. i would actually took pve over pvp so i dont have to touch this game mode ever again (maybe i will for week to give it another try) but pve objectives could be better.. a lot... My problem with pve objectives is that they are too specific. I feel like pve daily/weekly are completely disconnected from daily routine of pve players.. Like kill [kill 100 Forged], or do something in new maps.. i dont even know what that was im in middle of SoO story.. gw2 is huge and you can't possibly do everything daily or even weekly.. they should be more generic. EX: [kill 100 Forged] -> just kill XXX any mobs or... complete 10 dungeons or fractals (you pick) complete 3 raid wings or 3 cm fractals (you pick) complete 3 map meta events in any expansion (you pick) complete 30 any open world events (you pick) complete any 1(daily) any 5(weekly) different jumping puzzles (you pick) gather 10(daily) 100(weekly) any resources, ore, wood, herb complete any heart(daily) 10 hearts(weekly) same for vistas... etc... you get idea... But again that's my opinion. Feel free disagree... Anyway Im done here, thank you one last time for help. bb
  6. I really struggle with heal range on my heal chrono. heal is strong, boon uptime is fine with alac or quick. All good but your team mates has to be close, really close, or no heal for them.. when there is split phase or you want to heal someone in range doing some mechanic.. well i guess rifle will help there, untill than i dont know what to do in that situation. BTW im using this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nSLS8MRlaw
  7. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Wizard's_Vault#/media/File:Wizards_Vault_initial_selection.jpg I play all content more or less so it would make sense to check all anyway right.. how could i know its limited to 5 and you'll end up with 1-2 wvw, 1-2pvp, 1-2 pve.. or so.. which is terrible idea cuz than you have to play all of it on daily basis.. and no mention of you can change it.. As returning player seeing objectives from different game modes felt natural to me... my only thought were why there is only 5 of them ? Its actually good that you can chose now and i like it. Only if it were more obvious whats going on here.. Btw that choice affect weekly as well right ? i mean ill get pve weekly only ? i dont think i want that.. So far weeekly pve objectives were tedious and hard to complete maybe bad luck. Maybe i'll go with pvp option and embarrass myself in some pvp matches just to be done with it fast and easy.. On other hand i dont want to stress myself with pvp every day.. 🤔hmm...
  8. @Flasterko.4087 Ohh thank you.. i was worried from now on i'll get only roasted by gw2 veterans for whom everything is super obvious in this game and im nub. Even if there were popup at start that would show me something like wizard vault pve, pve, wvw.. Im 100% sure i would not know what that checboxes actually means or how it works (how daily are mixed from this choice) or i can change it. And i'm pretty sure default choice "all" is something that nobody would pick and so new/returning players should be properly warned about this bad choice at default. It can really ruin your experience.. i've basically decided to ignore dailys.. if i didnt make this post i would ignore daily for who knows how long. Clicking on that cogwheel wouldn't really crossed my mind.
  9. @Sobx.1758 U are so smart. You should write paragraph about pop-ups on wiki. I admit my part of mistake. If i closed popup that warned me. i don't really remember confirming anything like that but whatever.. who knows what happend. Anyway i'm grateful for initial responses that actually helped. ill mark thread as [solved] and if there is any moderator feel free to lock thread. thx
  10. Yeah i think i'll go with spvp. its usually fastest.. but 1st ill try pure pve daily to see what they are. The problem was mainly wvw its like raid (not something you want to do daily) unless you roam on your own wich 99% players dont do.. i bet most ppl avoid pvp or at least join zerg. no matter what pve or pvp you want to select one thats for sure. you definitely don't want to do pve+pvp+wvw every single day. I dont remeber its posible. but when you log after like year of pause there is lot of !@#$% spam in mail and you trying to pick up where you left you char buy expension etc... i had no idea what wizard vault is.. i had no idea wizards are now new daily.. P.S. ppl love popups on computer.. ++ for UIX desing
  11. I've already went to game and change it.. and yeah game told me that it will take affect on next daily reset.. which makes sense.. But kitten why these small checkboxes are even hidden behind small cogwheel icon. They should be right on top/middle of wizard window. There is prenty of space... I'm wonder how many other players suffer from this. not knowing that's the case.. anyway not my problem anymore.. Im fixed.. thx again.
  12. @Teknomancer.4895 @vares.8457 Ohh !@#$.. thank you so much.. was suspecting i was missing something cuz i was watching youtuber praise new daily system with pve daily's.. i thought its just random and i have bad luck.. but after couple of days or so gettting pvp every day it was obvious its not just bad luck... anyway thx a lot you have no idea how it improves gw2 experience for me... on my defence that little gear icon is not really intuitive..
  13. So i just came back for expansion few days ago so.. maybe i am missing something... But doing new daily is really really pain now... and by daily i mean daily competion chest. I like new rewards choices and weekly are fine as they are.. But for daily i need like 1-3 hours of wvw/pvp EVERY single day ? And there is no way around it you can't choose prefer activity anymore.. We are forced to do wvw and spvp ? In last couple of days i never seen single daily mix which can be done without pvp. U are lucky if you can do just one pvp match or wvw run. Mostly i have to do both/multiple of them.. with one pve oriented daily objective. In fact WvW is required most of days. I actually play wvw.. but at best 1-2 runs per week with guild or i just random tag from server discord but thats usually 1-2 hours with guild even more, basically whole evening and this ment to be mandatory doing daily ?! And after that you still need to do Spvp match or more.. again just for a daily ?! its like second job at this point. And it's not guaranteed to even finish them after like 2-3 hour. Cuz you can't force commander in wvw to go fo your daily objective. In spvp it's not guarded you get top stats or do X amount of damage if you play support.. it's not guaranteed that someone tag in wvw the day you need daily... etc... Where are PvE daily ?! Gather material ? Explore vista, finish heart. Do X amount of openW events or one big meta event. Why we cant have "do fractal, dungeon, strike or so.. in wizard vault". i don't really want to spend hours in pvp game modes that i don't like.. so than i can go for story mission or exploring or meta event or fractal/raid or whatever.... Obviously solution is to skip daily but than you pass on that amazing rewards that everyone wants.. It feel like it's exclusive for pvp players now... it feels bad.
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