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  1. LOL Season 4, best quality? Maybe after the fact. Kinda like the Star Wars prequels are now quite good compared to the sequels... Because i do remember quite well the interminable server issues during season 4. And being unable to play during forearmed is forewarned for several days. But that's quality i guess. I'm glad you mentioned IBS, because that's kinda my point, what they promised for IBS isn't too dissimilar from what they're promising now, except with a price tag. And what they delivered was far from hitting the mark. Hey i'm the fool me once kinda guy. Other people get to choose how they're played the fool. I might even be wrong and this thing be an absolute hit. Given the track record of the past 5-7 years or so, i'm not holding my breath.
  2. When was the last time they delivered in quality? Season 3? I mean sure, it will sell. Question is will it sell enough? Or even as much as a proper expansion? Arena Net has had financial troubles in the past, not sure they can recover if this doesn't reach their goals. Anyway no sweat of my back, just wish that i could have the option of coming back to the game i already spent like 10k hours on, if i wanted to. But for now, i really have no compulsion to do so, so its a small loss if it fails.
  3. Nah, i bought the ultimate pack for all the previous expansions, because they had the living world added to it, which made it worth while. Now, yeah, i won't buy it, not just because i don't think its too expensive for the content, but also because i have barely touched the game since the last expansion. But my issue isn't just the lack of expansion worthy content. Its that we're buying a promise of future content, and there's been several instances of content coming up short, or coming so severely late that's not even funny any more. So depending on how things go, the legendary armor that someone is buying the expansion for, might not even make it ever to the game, or if its like the first ones, will come a year late give or take. I'll just remind you that the rework to WvW worlds into alliances was announced with the release of Path of Fire, and it hasn't come out yet. So yeah, i'm definetly not paying for stuff i might never get.
  4. All skyscale, and Runes discussion aside, which, let me tell you holy moly. But asking us to pay for Living World, and calling it an "expansion"... Now that's a bold marketing strategy. If not, let us review your release plans: We get 2 maps and one story episode at release, with more stuff on future episodes. That's a living world season plan. We get no elite specs. Oh sure you're allowing more weapon flexibility and that's fine, but that in no way replaces new elite specs. No new features, nothing that would be what hallmarks expansions so far. And you ask pretty much the same price as previous expansions for what's basically a single living world episode worth of content, and a IOU for more stuff? Hilarious. Good luck with that strategy.
  5. Of course its bad. Its a open world event that lasts 2 hours.Its not a raid that's meant to be done with a dedicated group and built. Its litterally the most casual type of content, and has a fail rate of almost half. That's a great way to get people frustrated and not playing.
  6. Only question is how on earth is 60% on an open world event considered good news? This attitude of "good enough" mediocrity is why i've been playing Lost Ark instead of GW2. I totally feel like the money spent on EoD was wasted, might as well given it away to charity.
  7. You remember a different Arena Net than i do... The expansion feels exactly like Arena Net. Overhyped, over-promissed and woefully under-delivered with the unwritten understanding that they'll make it all better with living world, which actually doesn't really happen. They did seem like they were changing, pure theatre to get the pre-orders going, still the same thing as always.
  8. To be honest, architecture-wise and even NPC wise it does feel more like a city than anything else they built before. But yeah, the maps do feel lacking in stuff to do... Honestly, the map design in itself is probably the only good thing in the expansion.
  9. You're thinking of the Luck bonus to MF. That is cap to 300%. But there's other stuff that goes on top of that 300%, like foods, boosters, etc. The new 750% cap is for the total of the luck + the other bonuses.
  10. MF has a lot of stuff that goes into it, so the way the game works RN, except for AP bonuses you get 300% from Luck, and then you cans tack 435% extra on top of it from various effects. Then add stuff like Silverwastes and AP boost you can get it over 900 (935%) to be exact. At this point the game breaks, and you stop getting junk items (like the ones you want to get from Lucky envelopes). To prevent that, no matter how many things you stack now, there will be a hard cap on MF of 750% (so all the boosters and foods minus Silverwastes bonus plus a bit). This way, and given the asian theme, i'm guessing there's more "Lucky areas" coming up. It's a good thing. It could be better, maybe, by re-formatting the drop tables to reward people that go over the cap, instead of having a hard cap, but its better than breaking the game.
  11. I doubt they'll go under 1g. We've probably only seen the first half of this thing. Because the second half is in all the new MF recipes that will launch with the expac, especially in the fact that each Legendary is multiple, and i doubt they won't have a Mcoin cost in those. In the last two years the cost went up by 1g, and the trend isn't deflation, quite the opposite. Honestly i'm sitting on a bit over 2k MC, and i could be farming more from CMs, but meh. So i'll be ok, i think, i'm not really concerned with the MCs themselves, just what this actually represents in the philosophy behind the game, and its direction. And basically what i'm seeing is that the same attitude and decision making that lead to company having to fire 1/3 of their work force roughly, and the botched Icebrood Saga are still being implemented in the team. The same kind of "you're wrong, we're right" mentality towards the player base that was displayed after just about every time Arena Net messed up, from Season 1 to Mountgate, that exact same attitude is patent in this thread, which means, nothing changed, the promises that they'd be more open and more communicative were just a marketing scam to sell pre-orders for the expac.
  12. OMG, just noticed this thread, and i'm just laughing at the sheer ridicule of Arena Net trying to justify the MC change by mathematically proving it was totally unnecessary and petty. And that they flat out lied on the original article when they said that "Currently, Challenge Mode fractals are one of the largest single sources for Mystic Coins entering our economy, as each boss in Challenge Mode 98, 99, and 100 has a small chance to award either 1, 2, or 3 Mystic Coins." Honestly, i'm mad at myself for believing this company could change. And congrats on fooling me into paying for the pre-order. Nice move.
  13. Well, if the MC from fractals are so insignificant, why remove them? I mean they're insignificant, yet they had to be removed? Fractal CMs are a joke? What about Strikes? There's 2 of them that can't be auto attacked through, and two that people don't do, because they're literally too long to be bearable. And sure, yeah CM Fractals are fun, but after a while MCs are the only actual reward you get from them, because you don't get gold from CMs, you get from the other modes, but CM gold is minute by comparison. Also, this is what they wrote in the Article: I mean, either its tiny, or one of the largest. Either they need to balance it, or they are purposely decaying one of the already smallest game modes in gw2.
  14. I don't think you're understanding the point. The issue isn't that the loss is very big, its that MC, and especially the chance at a big pay from MC, was the largest incentive to do CM. Without the MC reward CM are just not worth the time they take to run. Maybe, but the thing is, we already have that option, and Fractal CM is a tiny community in the game. They're just making it less profitable, and reducing that community further. I mean, its almost like they want the game to fail on purpose so they can go do something else. No, the Mystic Clover price will be compounded by the reduced source of MC, if you think 2g is a lot for MCs, wait when they go for 3-5g in 6-12 months from now. They're at the same time increasing the demand by two-fold just for Mystic clovers, and reducing the availability by a large portion. And that's not even counting the newness factor for Gen 3 legendaries. Also, while downgrading an already quite niche game mode is an issue, especially in a game that struggles with retention and "end game", the other problem is the blatant, and kind of obtuse, attempt at misdirection by trying to explain away the blatant push for EoD strikes in detriment to Fractals. They wanted to remove the "one stop shop" but then created a new one. Trying to remove the "one stop shop" would mean creating either other stop shops, or spreading out the content, so that people would have to do both fractals and strikes, but no. They moved the single source of MCs to EoD strikes, at a MUCH reduced rate, and added a source of Clovers as well. That's the thing that i hate the most, and why i would have asked for a refund, if i hadn't bought the 90€ pack, and spent the Gems already, its that even with all the promise of openness, and dialogue, Arena Net already fell back to the old hypercritical and condescending style of communication, that simply shoves their point of view on players without recourse or balance.
  15. So, i've been playing GW2 off and on since pre-release times, i've got roughly 8k hours in the game, and i've had many ups and downs with the game, all of the downs due to poor decision making from Arena Net degrading the enjoyment of the game. (Season one alone saw my ~100 active player guild dwindle to ~5ish), and there's been stuff aplenty. Now due to work, i've been unable to play the game at all, and in the last few months when i was doing anything in the game it was to login and play some CM Fractals. So full disclosure here, i do enjoy Fractals, because, unlike raids, its way easier to group up, less work to keep the group going which means i get to keep on playing. I never quite took to strikes mostly because rewards weren't as good IMO. Now, i'm seeing the news, and i can't help myself but relive all the downs on the game history coming back. Lets be honest that post is mostly say one thing plan to do the exact opposite: Fractals and MC economy Now, i understand wanting to keep some scarcity on MCs, but lets be real, the price for MCs increased as much in the last 2 years as it did in the first 5. So its not like there's an overabundance of MCs in the game. Quite the opposite, they're the most valued "currency" in the game, and with the addition of more legendaries in the expansion, its not likely this will change. I've been pretty much doing daily CM for the last half a year or so until December-ish. And the max i've dropped in one day was 15 (which is awesome, but happened once in ~200 days of playing), with most days getting 1-6 being the norm (including the one(s) in T4 chests). None the less, i did manage to get my storage up to 2k MCs for a rainy day, but lets not forget, this was me being one of the luckiest in my static, and it also represents hundreds of hours of gameplay. Now even if this wasn't the case, and there was an actual merit to removing MC drops from CMs. Is what Arena Net doing the right way? Or even the smart way? I mean, looking at the metrics available to players, that being stats in gw2efficiency, comparing Legendary Tokens and UFE, 13,5% of GW2 Efficiency players have 40 or more UFE (meaning they completed 1 CM fractal), while the number of players with 3+ LI are double at 28%, now its not a fair comparison, sure, cause escort exists, but still, a lot more people do, and complete raid encounters than Fractal CMs. And what insightful thing does Arena Net do, to right this wrong? Oh, they COMPLETELY REMOVE one of the main rewards from doing Fractal CM, and add NOTHING in its stead, WORSE, they add salt to the wound by increasing the cost of buying Legendary Clovers from Fractal vendors, cause that should incentivize people to play more fractals. I mean, seeing that they're planning on adding MCs to other content rewards, i could understand removing the 3 MC drop from the table, and just keeping 1 - 2 drops. But removing it completely and not balancing that by adding some other incentive? How does that even make sense? Sure, they want to incentivize people to play the new Strikes, but its the NEW STRIKES, people WILL PLAY IT BECAUSE THEY'RE NEW. Strike Currencies Don't stop at removing Red shards, remove them all, or keep just blue ones. One of the most obnoxious things you do to this game is keeping currencies separate. You don't want people who don't have the expansion to get the new goods, keep those goods in a vendor tab that is accessible only with the expansion. Done, no more issues. Stop bloating the game with new currencies that sooner or later you're going to make interchangeable with the old one. I thought you'd learned this lesson with magnetite shards and gaeting crystals. Boon target limits You say one thing, and do the opposite, sorry, but that's how it ends up being, instead of restricting us and forcing mirror compositions in raids (or akin to that), why not just unlock MORE professions with 10 target boons. Put the 10 target option behind traits, like in Renegade, so people will have to make a trade-off to get those, and that way you DO make the game more balanced, and DO give people more options, because right now what you're doing is forcing us to funnel the raid composition to a point where 60% of the group is going to be bound to specific roles, instead of allowing us the flexibility to choose. New attributes A reshuffled Marauder's and a cool stat combo. That's it? TLDR: Personally this news article just wiped out all the good will and hype i had for the expansion... I mean, unbalanced nerf to Fractal CMs, the continuation of old tropes and the one.track mind of nerf everything instead of opening up the game to the player creativity. This obsessive iron grip with controlling every aspect of the game, is the main reason why GW2 never fulfilled its potential. And i wondered how does a game company design games for almost 20 years, and still fails at elemental things like balancing a change like the Fractal one. And then i remember recent history of Arena Net, and realize, nothing changed, and i was a fool to have thought otherwise. End game will forever be who has the flashiest gemstore item, and the few of us who want to actually play the game will always be regelated to the background, because Arena Net wants the quick and easy buck rather than making a quality game. I'm ashamed at myself for having believed things might change, honestly.
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