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  1. Yep, Lost Precipice is bugged. Reverted to Uncaptured on two of the guilds i belong to.
  2. While i agree with the sentiment, there's a few issues with the whole idea:1) Not adding map won't necessarily open up that much manpower for the other stuff. The people in charge of environment, levels and music design, don't have the same skill set as those in charge of designing skills and professions. They wouldn't necessarily be unable to do it, but it isn't a clear either or scenario. 2) Without maps, what is it expanding? I mean yeah maybe professions, but honestly, i've held the belief that Elite specs should have been dropped during living world, because its been 5 years since HoT and
  3. This quest, has to be the worse piece of crap ever presented to players in a game.Seriously, every single step after the first couple ones where you just need to talk to NPCs in POF maps (which are still laggy, so i wonder if that's why they didn't add more stuff on it) is broken.Moshpoipoi stalls.Help the whatever her name Largos NPC, stalls. THEN when you finally finish it, the NPC just teleports away mid dialogue, which is also fun as hell. And i'm not really a slow reader either.The Krait actually kinda worked well enough? I guess enough people were held back by the other ones to not break
  4. And they want us to buy their expansion soon...Seriously, i can't play on PoF maps, but they want me to buy the next expansion... Right. Well, i do have to say, i can see why they would think its ok to do that, i mean, servers have been crap since before the whole rollback shenanigans, but instead of asking for a fix to the server structure and netcode, people are asking not to be made aware of the errors with the netcode and structure. I mean, out of sight out of mind i guess... I worry for humanity sometimes.
  5. Good luck with that...There's a ton of recipes that were changed or created as extremely inflated because Arena Net likes inflation.And not only did their changes do nothing, but also they are still in effect tod this day. (Case in point the 100 silk cost on Ascended Cloth, while all other materials cost 50, making light armor much more expensive for years, and yet silk is back to being dirt cheap, practically worthless).
  6. Down for me... A friend said he can't login on Gw2 or Gw1.I've tried GW1 as well, down.Which is odd, since i played a ton of GW1 during the server maintenance to fix the rollback.
  7. The only thing that could remedy this would be something that we now know won't happen...Which would be them implementing repeatable season 1 living world, and bringing back it's achievements. Seeing how they implemented that in the previous update...We'll never get back Season 1 (which was almost impossible due to most of the instances from that content already having been divvied up into fractals).
  8. Snowcrows, Meta battle is fine for PvP, but from experience they tend to not be very up to date in PVE stuff... I tend to avoid using their site, since it's also a bit biased in their ratings, which can be misleading.
  9. PVP and PVE builds are different.IF you want to tank/support Neither Hammer or GS are a good choice. You'll want mace/shield + Staff, or if you manage to get the Firebrand Specialization (needs to buy Path of Fire Expansion), you should go Axe/shield. Also, being a good high-tier support is rather impossible without being a Firebrand inside the Guardian profession.But the thing is, you'll only be useful in a group setting. For open world PVE, my best advice is go GreatSword + Scepter/Torch or Scepter/Focus, get yourself exotic Berserker's gear. Healing Signet and Bane Signet are good for start
  10. You've said you don't know what other mmo's so I gave you examples. If you played BDO you should be well aware that they take down the servers every wednesday for 4 hours for maintenance yet you said "anything released after 2009 shouldn't have any down times for updates or maintenance."You are denying yourself. Well, i played BDO very briefly, and never experienced down time, so i forgot about those.Still doesn't mean Arena Net is exceptional. Since we're talking examples, i've been playing Warframe frequently recently. Not only does it not have maintnance downtime, but they also regularly gi
  11. Cool Story, many who logged ir doesn't get affected and guess what. They get a skin. Now explain this, my 8 year young friend. Why should he explain or defend your argument?No one has to defend his argument... I mean, the post just above yours is a shiny example among plenty of others who prove him right.
  12. I disagree. Entitled players should not be rewarded for that kind of behavior. Speaking of Entitlement!
  13. they didn't lose anything, they had the fun they bought this game for. anyone who refused to log in to help actually lost something, those people lost the possible fun. You keep on seeing it as punishment or reward. It's not. It's compensation to people who DID lose progress. They had to include everyone online also because they can't know for sure who got actual progress and who didn't. But they know that people who weren't online, didn't lose progress. Except, you know, those that didn't?Like there's people in these forums saying they logged in, logged out and got the mount skin.That's a to
  14. This isn't meant as a punishment or a reward for those who logged in and didn't do anything. It's just anet can't know who did lose progress and who didn't, only who was online and who wasn't. Then, they give out the same thing to everyone who was affected.Its incredible how much people rationalize a bad decision from Arena Net, which just gives them encouragement to be how they are. I mean Arena Net in 2012 was a shinning example of customer relations, nowadays it's barely a few steps above EA. And you, of course, being too busy white knighting the hell out of the company, fail to see the b
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