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  1. 6? This has been the case since launch. I've used that set on my necro at launch for a loong time. There's several pieces that override the shoulder armour. Like the Bear Shaman armour from Icebrood saga, the CoF light armor legs are overridden by the chest piece with the exact same look, etc.
  2. After activating DX11, the area circle for Deimos' Shockwave (colloquially called "Pizza") just flickers on, and then disappears instantly. This seems to happen every other attack, and is not very consistent. It can be annoying especially when it happens after returning from the "underworld" arena and you're not aware that its about to happen.
  3. Honestly, yeah, they could do that, and would improve the data... Too much work at this point, i'd say. Although CMC had a weird named legendary armour equipped during the last livestream. So it might be the case that it can be somewhat easily added.
  4. I run T4 and CM daily, i play scourge, cause i was playing scourge even before May 11th. And yes, that "newest" change was roughly 4 months ago, not late to the party at all... I don't ask KP, i don't ask for classes, just roles, and honestly, i've not really had any issues. Is double or triple scourge amazing for 100CM? Yep, its pretty much ez mode throughout, due to epi disposing of Sorrows. But i've done it with all sorts.
  5. I just completed the jumping puzzle, and it looks exactly the same on my end. Tried multiple graphical settings, and nothing makes it as dark as OP shows.
  6. I have a similar CPU, but a 2070 instead of 1080. I get over 60 in some places. I got to 120 with DX12 plugin, but its not stable, and tends to crash a lot. So hopefully, the upcoming DX11 support will increase that by a bunch. Honestly i don't know anyone that has stable 60FPS all the time in the game. One thing you should do is change the settings for rendering other player models, set that to low/medium for limit and medium/high for quality for a good increase and a better experience. That alone has the most dramatic impact on your FPS. Reflections, shaders and anti-aliasing are (in th
  7. Well, if you want help with that kind of stuff its customary to give details such as system specs and graphical settings. If you experience this in other areas, might be your gamma is set too low. If not, it might be an issue with the jumping puzzle itself. The images you're basing yourself of, might be running on a post-processing app like reshade, or just cranked up the gamma a bit for cheesing the puzzle. Although there are some regions that do seem too dark on your images from my experience, some of the ones on the reference you showed are too lit for what i remember. Also, there'
  8. I'd say its the easiest of all classes for that. Unlike most other classes that have to provide some survivability, you can bearbow with only damage in mind.
  9. Actually bearbow can solo anything. The pets can tank, while you do the damage. I've soloed every core open world champ in the game before open world champs even had special drops. Bounties can be trickier because of the bounty mechanics sometimes preventing ranged play.
  10. Well, here's a real world example, for how this is easily explained: Humans have known the existence of corona viruses for at least decades. But had you ever heard the term "coronavirus" before 2019? Do you think most people would have? It would have been awesome if we had more in-world references to those names. But it isn't weird that we don't. Our characters are usually focused on a single objective and rarely discuss things outside of it. Hence our apparent ignorance of things.
  11. But there were in-game references to Mordremoth before Season 2.
  12. Going into this elite spec i was expecting to be disappointed, and it disappointed that expectation. I built it for power dps and i had a blast with it. I didn't experiment in pvp modes, since i haven't done much of any of those, and i feel i wouldn't do it justice. So i stuck to what i do the most and that is fractals. First impressions: The elite spec is a ton of fun, and that mobility might actually make me want to go back to doing spvp on guardian, because its enhancing the playstyle i enjoyed of ambushing and chasing down enemies with sword and judges intervention. Weapon S
  13. I'd like to preface this with saying that Virtuoso was the spec i allotted the least time to. Not only are Guardian and Necro 2 of my favourite classes (with 1st and 3rd most played on my account), but also apart of the random tanking run in raids with the old Minstrel's build, i haven't done anything with Mesmer since it stopped being the Quickness and Alacrity machine it used to be before PoF. Because i was meaning to take it on T4 Fractals, and it was the last i experimented with, i ended up not having enough gear left over to do more than a standard power build (with some assassin'
  14. Difference in RIFT is that i think they're much smaller, might be mistaken, and they don't have as much stuff already in them like NPCs and animated stuff, all the things in them are pretty much decorations, so yeah.... Also i'm not sure if you can have as many people in one of those as you can in GW2, also different fidelity in textures means Rift's are much cheaper to use, in terms of PC power. And yes, GW2 is very poorly optimized.
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