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  1. Virtuoso is great, the blade mechanic feels so fluid and the utility skills are amazing, +10 on this specialization
  2. I feel I'm too open and vulnerable on shroud to do anything, I'll stay a few seconds in shroud and exit as soon as I can to keep myself alive . Feels too rigid, either you one shot everything or depend on a support to keep you up. Works great as tank/healer, I feel with harbinger I'm gonna be stuck with providing elixirs and quickness to my group, a boon slave. Condi damage is cool, but still feel to dependant on a support. Update: Maybe some balance on blight and some interaction with it will fix things up, stays up for too long and feels like a burden (prenerf) after a wh
  3. anet listened, howler effects are back with todays update 🙂
  4. Howler used to have this effect on Necro, but is now reserved for Warrior and Ranger skills only. The misty wolf was the only reason I crafted Howler, why remove the effects on other classes :( ? makes it feel like wasted gold. ಠ_____ಠ https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/f/f1/Howler_effect.jpg/548px-Howler_effect.jpg
  5. this used to work on my necro before, please fix
  6. I think a good way to show offhand legendaries' footprints is to switch footprints with each weapon change. Or some other options on the setting menu to allow to select how offhand fooprints are shown.
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