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  1. Does the new chair allow other people to sit at the table?
  2. There was a sweater on the FFBF website that came in gray, blue, and black. It had the downed icon on it and read "I Goofed." I've been trying to find it today to buy it, but it seems the website has changed and removed some merchandise. If anyone could enlighten me or help me out I'd appreciate it.
  3. I'm a bit confused. There seems to be a bit of focus on torment but with the recent changes to torment I'm a bit concerned how effective the harbinger will be outside of PvE. The shroud has a great mechanic. That alone adds so much to the lackluster utilities. Overall, the spec seems OK. I feel there should be a way to make more use of the torment. Maybe add some immobilization? Then again, that would boost the damage quite a bit (maybe too much) for those few seconds which may force people to run certain traits or utilities to counter that alone.
  4. After playing a bit with it I felt it was OK. The overall the utilities feel lackluster, but I suppose it's the mechanic of the stacking blight that made it most interesting. I don't know how I feel about the pistol. There's a heavy focus on torment. With the recent changes to torment I suppose it won't be overpowered outside of PvE. Even so, I don't think I'll be seeing a lot of harbingers using pistol once the hype is over.
  5. Does anyone know if anyone has done any research on the least popular combinations since the HoT expansion? I'm just curious to know.
  6. I think knowing we are getting another expansion is enough. I'd prefer not knowing anything until a week before release
  7. Is there a way to deal with these freeloaders? Can I report them for scamming or do I need to leave to find a group without one?
  8. ive been comparing the rtx 3070, the rtx 2060s, and the rtx 2060. i like the improvements the 30 series offers but im wondering if its worth it. im not exactly concerned about the graphics. im more concerned about 5 years from now whether the 20 series will still be great in new games running on medium settings or whether ill need a 30 series gpu to run medium settings or even low settings. thanks for your input.
  9. i've been having issues as of yesterday. yesterday i had one big lag spike where the images on my monitor quickly slowed down and the sound stuttered until it came to a halt. it froze. i couldn't even ctrl+alt+del. today i've experienced several less severe moments of that. it didn't freeze it just slowed down everything. i notice it in every game i play. even rocket league and tf2 have these laggy moments. i've updated all my drivers. i've checked the health of my hard drives. turns out my c drive had an issue but it got repaired. these moments are pretty random. sometimes if i let the troubl
  10. when gw2 is finally released on steam will i be able to use my current account or will i have to create a new one? would i be able to transfer gem store skins over?
  11. asura: necro, ele, mes, engicharr: war, guard, rev, ranger, thief, engihuman: all make sense but its a boring racenorn: allsylvari: allmy list is based on what makes sense according to lore. of course every race/class combo makes sense to some degree but i prefer to choose what makes most sense.
  12. as someone who doesnt have a lot time to play the game anymore im looking to focus more on one of each armor type. im struggling to do this because idk what class does what best or what role each class is proficiently capable filling. i mostly find myself playing fractals wvw and id like to get into raiding. if possible id like a somewhat detailed explanation of what each class has to contribute to allies
  13. not too long ago i asked for help to decide between necro and mesmer. i gave necro a try and it was very powerful... but i wasnt happy about the theme. im not a big fan of the heavy death theme it has. now id like to choose between mesmer and ele. i hadnt considered ele before because of the lack of weapons i could choose from. any input would help. i mostly play open world fractals and wvw. thank you in advance
  14. Rather have a melee weapon like mace or hammer on my ranger. but im hunting wabbits
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