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  1. Yes, I'm not arguing with you. Arguing requires effort, and judging by your previous comments, any effort would be a total waste. We're all telling you that your "solution" misses the point of WvW, which really hasn't changed since launch. Both mechanically and design-wise. But sure, everyone else has the wrong opinion and only yours is the right one. Because, as you said, "Truth is often in the hands of the few" Again, not by you.
  2. I always wondered what possesses someone to think whatever they say is correct, despite the numerous replies in objection.
  3. If your current team is 3 people, and those 3 people play Cele Reaper, Cele Core Guard, and Cele Renegade, the only thing you should change is Core Guard --> Firebrand. People are saying "Swap to scrapper for support/stealth", but in reality, swapping to Scrapper should be a decision you make after roaming with your current comp for a while. Your current 3 roles play significant roles in teamfighting, and swapping one of those characters for Scrapper changes the dynamic of what you can and can't do based on class specialization. The only thing I
  4. mm okay but i do remembe nike warrior. horizontally, sure it was a fast class and a lot of WvW maps are big and flat. But vertically the class has no movement, so it's hard to compare it to DD (or thief's SB in general). But in general, I do agree with your sentiment that not everything in the past was great, just nostalgia filter. Yeah the game's been so far removed from the stability changes. The change was closer to GW2 release than it is to today.
  5. Come on now. The game now is much faster and different from before. In large part due to the expansions. The biggest change on your list imo would be the Stability changes. Probably still debatable if this change should've been implemented. But it's been a long time since the change that I can't remember the difference. Also, weren't the stability changes during HoT?
  6. But you still haven't answer the main question, which was "Why do Germans not use %?" ngl I really want to know about this.
  7. After seeing countless whispers and mails of people accusing others of hacking after getting stomped, the cheating claim of the OP is a headscratcher. Reading the thread, ya'll are way too kind for actually responding to OP's claim about cheats.
  8. No other classes can "spam" though. Other classes can cast AoE skills behind them, but they cannot spam them. I really cannot think of a class that can off the top of my head.
  9. Wasn't Deadeye a community brainstormed specialization that Anet brought to life? I remember everyone going "Ghillie sniper would be so cool!" before PoF.
  10. If core engi can use cele then expacs can as well. cele holo is viable too.
  11. 1vXing usually comes down to personal skill, so it's hard to comment which is best for that. That said, 1v1 Herald is better. Firebrand doesn't really shine in solo; you start to see why Cele FB is good when you start adding members to your party.
  12. In my experience from playing and fighting, I would rank Cele builds like this: Weaver Scrapper Firebrand Renegade Tempest Soulbeast Reaper Core Engi Herald Mirage It's not a strict list of "A > B", but a top 10 of Celestial stats users, and how well they perform in small-scale WvW setting. Imo I think after Mirage, using Celestial isn't 100% efficient, and I could argue that even Heralds don't use Celestial all that well either after the Torment changes.
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