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  1. During HoT, reaper tempest. Double herald, mesmer thief. In core, Shoutbow cele engi, thief cele ele. PoF, Holo herald, thief herald, double renegade. Yes, guardian has been meta for a while now. But looking back to mota, it wasn't. It wasn't meta in high tier games during the entirety of HoT. It wasn't great all through PoF either, even though it was extremely dominant at the start of it.
  2. I have been having a ton of fun with willbender in 15-20s (wvw).
  3. Only it wasn't in response to my post as my OP was in regard of you derailing. But alas. And you only ever run 1 fb per group. No more, no less. So saying wvw squads are "mostly comprised" of fb just isn't a fact. 20% is. And the roaming part of my post was in regard to the pvp role of roamer, not the dead wvw sub-gamemode.
  4. Play your 20 man fb zerg and get back to me about how that works out for you buddy. I'm not trying to discredit your valid points. But grasping at how condi fb is strong in pve in a thread about how strong willbender is in pvp. I get that you don't like that guardian finally has a meta worthy roaming build after all these years. And that's valid. It's not for everyone. But try to keep your arguments constructive.
  5. people can complain all they want about firebrand in wvw, but literally everyone will hate playing the game without the stability. You'll be able to complete t4s and cms by stacking scourges, scrappers, mechs, revs and just about any other class. Aegis spam honestly isn't that bad since they nerfed heal Mantra. But yes, Firebrand is strong in pve. And during HoT we had tempest, same during Mota and after that we had spellbreaker. You honestly can't complain about Support Guard. I haven't been active in pvp since the buffs, and while I guess it is
  6. Do we really need pool noodle skins though? Cause I feel like we don't.
  7. If you have 5 people attacking you at the same time. Let's be generous and say 3 of which are playing condi builds. (Dmg scales off of each persons condi damage, not the guards.) The least issue is the burn stacks that are cleansed with a single cleanse. Edit, it's actually really oppressive when you're a condi mirage.
  8. If by years, you mean months. RIP had one 6 accounts in top 10. 2 of them in top 3. This was like last fall or so.
  9. I would say guardian and mesmer has been the most consistent as all specs see play.
  10. For the sake of discussion. Wvw and especially pvp players can't do "anything they want". Pvp players needs to strictly play ranked. Not unranked, not hotjoin, not stronghold and not even ATs. As for wvw players, sure. As long as you keep participation up for around 15-20 hours a week for 22 weeks you can craft the armor. But it's so insanely time gated compared to the pve one that I'm sure many people would trade.
  11. They only have high resolution uptime when traiting into radiance though. Something support guard doesn't. So if you think power guard is too tanky because of the resolution, try equipping a boon rip sigil to instantly rip the long lasting resolution they get after healing. That's about half the resolution they have access too.
  12. Regardless wether you want to debate the definition or not. I do think we can both agree that zero does not equal "high access".
  13. What are these "high access" to prot, stab, blinds, aegis and "etc"? Support guard has decent access to stab and prot through virtues grandmaster and shield and potentially Mace. In which case it has zero access to blind. Dh, dps guard and willbender only have stab on f3, in willbenders case you don't run shield so prot is extremely limited. Only support has access to a lot of on demand aegis, through advance. Dh and core only has it on f3 active and maybe shield if they run it. Only willbender has access to resistance (I'm not even going to name firebrand here).
  14. Guardian also lost a huge source of their damage with this change. A good change nonetheless.
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