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  1. Stop buffing Soulbeast multipliers and instead take a look at core ranger damage coefficients so that core ranger and druid can have some fun in the sun, too. Just my thoughts. ~ Kovu
  2. It's actually quite encouraging that they took that extra step to allow players to float above the action. Also, in time for the tournament. Looking forward to some good VODs. 😃 ~ Kovu
  3. Honestly, in 2021 I'd put double-leap soulbeast and staff/greatsword druid in 3rd or 4th behind thief, scrapper/holo (perma superspeed and holo leaps) & possibly an invested mesmer. That said I'd put druid/soulbeast ahead of warrior which is somewhat amusing as that was the profession for mobility back during core. It's a little weird to think that in terms of mobility warriors could be as low as 5th on the totem pole today, considering they're generally utilizing melee-oriented builds with no access to stealth, (which ranger, mes, thief and engi all have plenty of.) Rangers are probabl
  4. Whenever I see one or multiple people trying to revive someone while in the middle of enemy cleave, I see the reviver(s) going down more often than than not. They're committed to that revive, not doing anything else. Except, I guess, instant casts. The only exception is a bit of sneaky stealth play (sneak gyro, shadow refuge, search and rescue + druid stealth, smoke field blast etc). As the opposition, it's nice to see a bunch of people huddled together in easy cleave range. Those Scourges that used to shit endless barrier for days now try to ply their transfuse trade and instead usually bite
  5. I think its the condition builds' inherent ability to run super tanky rather than the condition-based attacks themselves. (Except for perhaps condi rev.)If you weren't able to deal so much damage while running dire or trailblazer I'd expect smallscale to be a little closer. There is too much AoE cleansing in large scale, too. Nevermind Purity of Purpose, the sheer cleansing output provided to a squad by a single scrapper negates anything a group of opposing 5 condi builds can bring to the table. At the same time, if condi were meta in large scale I suspect there'd be a loooot more whining than
  6. Does that include your alts? ........ No edit- But that probably only adds an extra 1,000 hours to my total playtime.
  7. Ranger 7,113 hours (75%), 17712 deaths, 2.49 deaths/hourNecromancer 1639 hours (17%), 4085 deaths, 2.49 deaths/hourMesmer 240 hours (1.5%), 512 deaths, 2.12 deaths/hourThief 158 hours (1%), 200 deaths 1.26 deaths/hourWarrior 149 hours (1%), 280 deaths, 1.87 deaths/hourEngineer 108 hours (0.5%), 254 deaths, 2.33 deaths/hourGuardian 63 hours, 93 deaths, 1.48 deaths/hourElementalist 36 hours, 106 deaths, 2.86 deaths/hourRevenant 2 hours, 1 death, 0.5 deaths/hour (lol) I should probably stop playing zerk builds. ~ Kovu
  8. You can argue build specific weaknesses if you want but at the end of the day thieves and rangers have plenty of tools to deal with each other. Both are extremely versatile. Neither hard counters the other if (as pointed out above) the players invest in some sustain-oriented traits or utilities. Both professions have plenty of defensive options while still outputting high single target damage.I'd give the edge to ranger in a 1v1, on average, but its hardly a blowout. Maybe 55/45. Thieves also perform better overall against more builds than ranger across the other professions from my experience
  9. Pretty much this. Lets not pretend thieves and rangers are universal gods in 1v1 scenarios, plenty of builds on all of the other professions can deal with them just fine. I'd personally swap mesmer and necro around, as well, in the context of roaming and 1v1s. It ultimately boils down to what builds you choose to play on each profession and what their inherent strengths and weaknesses are. For the record I voted engi as the best roamer/1v1er as they have access to a slew of practically everything (healing, quickness, stealth, stupid superspeed uptime, leaps, stuns, dazes, blocks/reflects/invul
  10. Once you log out of wvw you are not eligible for credit on the capturing of any objective you contributed to. However, if you log back in before the objective flips you will get credit. You have to be present on the map when the structure flips. (Or any event you contributed to, really.) Same as pve. You can leave a map and then return before it flips, (like if you're grabbing 25 supply from another map) and you'll get credit. If you tag an enemy lord, you'll get the drop even if the third server comes in and defeats the lord. You will not get credit for the objective if it flips to another o
  11. Have stealth skills overlap rather than stack, like superspeed.Exceptions can be certain skills on a case-by-case that are intended to stack. (Shadow refuge, sneak gyro etc.) There's already a cloaking mechanic, (camouflage?), separate from stealth, use that for the handful of pulsing skills.Blasting stealth fields could grant a flat 6s of stealth that can't be increased beyond that. (Further blasts just reset the timer.)Increase base stealth durations on thief skills, halve all durations to anyone in combat (so blasting in combat would be 3 seconds) to discourage "resetting", remove the sentr
  12. Not saying you're wrong, but the pve'ers who waited weeks to snag Blackgate Garrison's point of interest and vista (for example) back in 2012 were much louder (at the time) than any wvw'er main concerned about a pve'er taking up their spot on the map. (Were queues a thing back then?) As for the thread, I do wish they'd introduce a way for wvw'ers to attain stat-changeable pseudo-legendary weapons without an obscene amount of pve required. Even if that pve can mostly be droned through on the side whilst binging Netflix. Most wvw'ers don't care about the skin, they just want to not have to throw
  13. As for the thread, folks have the right to play with who they want, if that's how they want to play. There's plenty to do around the maps as roamers in terms of both fights and ppt, and as someone else on FA I can attest to there being plenty of open-squad guild or pugmander tags around the maps during NA and the OCX guilds tend to run either public or at least visible. Heck, several of our tags tag up, put a callout in discord and some even stream. FA is not an exclusive environment..~ Kovu edit- And ever since we got linked with Kaineng, Zog won't shut the heck up about SMC constantly being
  14. I'm sure Kaineng will bail us out. You know, all six of them. ~ Kovu
  15. Eh, play on what you want to play on and look up a roaming build online if you can't come up with one.Thief/Ranger/Engi/Mes, er anything with above-par mobility really are your best options, but a decent player will farm more bags on a profession they're familiar with than a bad thief or ranger. You could play condi soulbeast, but if you're going to go condi, ancient seeds on Druid to lock people into those traps you drop is hard to pass up. If you prefer the playstyle of soulbeast, I'd suggest power. ~ Kovu
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