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  1. Honestly I'm less interested in what its called and more interested in how it performs. Crossing my fingers. ~ Kovu
  2. Metzie has the right idea. They should just let you throw four pails into the mystic forge for a 24-slot pail, throw 4 24-slot pails into the mf for a 28-slot pail, etc. Going off the cost of candy corn cobs that's roughly 40 gold for 1 24-slot pail, 160 gold for 1 28-slot pail & 640 gold for 1 32-slot pail. Nobody would ever actually craft a 32-slot pail, but at least it would be something. Or if that's too pricey perhaps three pails plus a cheap binding item. That would be 30, 90 & 270 gold respectively. I dunno. I'm not here to balance the Tyrian economy, but I agree it is kind of a
  3. And if it does, you're only inconvenienced until you can re-merge (and then immediately unmerge if that's your gameplan). It's essentially a non-issue. Core rangers and Druids have to wait a full minute if they swap pets whilst one is dead, and there are practically no mechanics to revive a pet during combat. Druid pets die to a gentle breeze and pets in general die in large scale combat and cannot be stowed or in any way taught to avoid the red circles. I haven't looked at the pvp rankings but I'm willing to bet Soulbeasts finish much higher than Druids and core rangers in the standings. ~
  4. Of course. Excellent for de-sieging utility. That's the nice thing about build tabs, you can swap to quick draw barrage (heck, pull out a second longbow if that's your gameplan for that build) and clean out the interior of a place real well. You can sic 'em that piece of siege, too. Siege-humpers hate it. 😃 I wouldn't take it into a fight though, the dps boost from vicious quarry is just too godly to pass up. Probably the single biggest dps boost ranger has, though I haven't run the math. (I used to use quick draw on condi builds for double bonfire in pvp, but it was gutted to the point wh
  5. If anything its too easy for Soulbeasts to circumvent the penalty for having their pet downed whilst unmerged. But the direction they've taken with Soulbeasts has lead to a lot of Soulbeast players remaining near permanently merged, only unmerging long enough to use a pet burst skill or utility such as smoke field (depending on the pet of course) and I'm not sure how you'd nerf a spec that can't even swap pets. There should be some drawback to Soulbeasts for having their pet die. On the flipside, as some folks have suggested, pets instantly dying in large scale competitive content is a (sma
  6. Eh, a full glass soulbeast popping OWP and barraging into an enemy group from 1,500 range might be higher on the dps table, but its the ones that lock down enemy groups with entangle, prelude lash, signet of the wild, muddy terrain etc that really win it for their team. Breaking up an enemy group into smaller chunks by locking a number of them in your team's bubble and allowing your dps to go ham on them is where rangers truly shine in a larger-scale scenario IMO. Is it meta? Well, I'm kind of scared to use that word for fear of being kitten on by some of the posters earlier in this thread,
  7. Whenever I get paired with a petting zoo they tend to tank forever and I just win. If I happen go down they get me right back up. I notice this while on my ranger and engi. Having a necro buddy is probably a good thing. ~ Kovu
  8. You're certainly correct that there are a couple of professions that support too well, but simply nerfing them wouldn't be enough to jump Druid close to or above Ventari or Tempest. Druid heals are burst-oriented and gated behind an energy mechanic in addition to their cooldowns. They could remove the astral force element to allow Druids to cycle into and out of CA on a whim and I doubt they'd out heal/cleanse/boon (certainly not the latter two) any of the above. They would need to rework the spec to turn it into a proper support rather than an immobilize spamming roaming spec (which is arguab
  9. I don't feel like 500 people is all that many, honestly. I suspect the majority of folks who play wvw play fewer than 8 hours per week and folks who clock 20+ hours are the outliers. This system won't prevent pv'dooring and I doubt it make the game any better outside of NA. (That's partially the fault of those timezones for stacking with each other rather than spreading out, knowing there isn't the population to sustain a large number of OCX -> EU servers/alliances. I'm not sure how alliances will affect this, but it can't make it worse.) We don't know the metrics, but for every person who
  10. I'm in three FA guilds and on the discord and hadn't heard of any community alliance guild, though to be fair I wasn't on the lookout for one as I have a particular guild I plan to stick with. Setting up community alliances to accommodate that niche is neat, but we're going to have to start accepting the fact that we're not going to be playing with all of the people we have up until now. Particularly the guilds that run larger groups or multiple sub-guilds. The system is designed so that you'll still be able to play with your core group of friends and their friends but you'll be seeing a lot o
  11. Prelude Lash -> Whirling Defense I am not by any means an elite guild wars 2 player. I would consider myself high-intermediate on mechanics and build knowledge and somewhere in the middle of the pack for excecution (probably gold 2 as I tend to land there on condi ranger and necro), however the above build can carry to an extent. I can usually climb to plat 1 with this as it has the capability of ending entire teams lacking stab fighting over a point. In the right hands I'm sure it could perform even better. It can't survive forever (hence why I prefer defensive utilities and a longbow)
  12. I still feel they need to retool Druid to make it more viable as a support spec rather than a condi bruiser roamer (that's outclassed by Soulbeast apart from one trait.) That was what it was designed to do, but at no point has it been relevant in that role in large scale wvw. But while I say "retool" what I mean is complete overhaul. Having your primary healing gated behind a cooldown and an energy bar, the healing itself outclassed by other healers and with providing little else apart from maybe some might generation -- its just never the correct pick. They need to ditch the pet that dies
  13. Thank you for the update. Looking forward to more news as you progress with the releases. ~ Kovu
  14. That is a good idea. They should consider implementing it. ~ Kovu
  15. WvW Community: 2017: Alliances when? 2018: Alliances when? 2019: Alliances when? 2020: Alliances when? 2021: Alliances WHY? Anet: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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