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  1. it looks like you're hitting your system's predefined limits. please try this for a solution: https://github.com/lutris/docs/blob/master/HowToEsync.md (a similar/equal guide is also on the first post/first page of this thread)
  2. honestly, that's fine. like i said a few posts back, it's one of the options you can consider -- that while linux is great, it's not perfect just like windows and macos. i do hope your journey in linux though short and with frustrations, was at least worth it and that there was some (or a lot) of learning that was had on your end. maybe you can try again when you have better hardware 🙂
  3. i've found volatile magic tools sort of helpful in a way since i've used them to help fund the stuff sold for magic (legendary shards and crafting materials) but yeah your needs might be different 🙂
  4. i took a look at the github for the package you are using (AV's/liberodark). in your GW2 folder where the play.sh is, go to the bin folder and open the file called user_run (yes it has no extension) with your text editor. inside that file is the actual script the author uses to launch gw2 with their custom wine build. add the following lines after the mesa stuff and before the "# Launch Command" (in-between basically) export DXVK_FILTER_DEVICE_NAME=BONAIRE export DXVK_LOG_LEVEL=info export DXVK_STATE_CACHE=1 export DXVK_STATE_CACHE_PATH="$PWD/shader_cache" the dxvk state cache path isnt really needed but it can be convenient to have all your cache files in one place so you can just purge anytime you wish. at this point you can also add DXVK_HUD there and set it up how you wish. adding these lines will allow you to enable DXVK's information log and show you what version DXVK is running at and what GPU it will use on the terminal. we also added a filter env var for dxvk for force it to specifically select your R7 GPU -- this info is based on the vulkan output you provided: Device Groups: ============== Group 0: Properties: physicalDevices: count = 1 AMD RADV BONAIRE (ACO) (ID: 0) subsetAllocation = 0 Present Capabilities: AMD RADV BONAIRE (ACO) (ID: 0): Can present images from the following devices: count = 1 AMD RADV BONAIRE (ACO) (ID: 0) Present modes: count = 1 DEVICE_GROUP_PRESENT_MODE_LOCAL_BIT_KHR Group 1: Properties: physicalDevices: count = 1 llvmpipe (LLVM 11.0.0, 128 bits) (ID: 0) subsetAllocation = 0 WARNING: lavapipe is not a conformant vulkan implementation, testing use only. Present Capabilities: llvmpipe (LLVM 11.0.0, 128 bits) (ID: 0): Can present images from the following devices: count = 1 llvmpipe (LLVM 11.0.0, 128 bits) (ID: 0) Present modes: count = 1 DEVICE_GROUP_PRESENT_MODE_LOCAL_BIT_KHR anyway try the above and see if you still get 5fps (after we force dxvk to look-for/use your GPU) BTW: looking at the script itself im not sure if "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" is even needed because the file it points to, libpng16.so.16 should already be included in your distro (and up to date as well) and since you're not running MESA drivers im not really sure if the mesa env vars in the script are required as well -- but well, just leave them there i guess :)
  5. i think firestorm logging tool was one of the fastest (and still is i think) along with both unbound mining and logging as you said
  6. like PoF's release we should be getting some new hairstyles, faces and such for EoD. ideally for all playable races not just for humans and while i play humans the most, i also play sylvari and asura almost as much and would like them along with norn (norn have it easier since they look like humans, devs just have to scale the stuff up) and charr to get new character customization options
  7. a log output would certainly help to see behind the scenes why this happened. but i would just assume you're building up shader cache (especially if you changed the dxvk version to a newer one) --- but yeah, try to find out what causes this and reproduce it as reliably as you can oh that's good. it's a tad bit outdated (we're at 5.12 for the main build) but still relatively new. main/generic kernels only have ESYNC on them but that alone should be good enough of a performance boost for some games (if you're fine with it and it works, then that's good no need to touch it or change anything). custom kernels offer other experimental performance patches added in and generally tune your hardware with gaming or performance in mind. good luck! 🙂
  8. as Hesione said, many guilds often include Discord or Teamspeak servers where people can talk over voice chat. a lot of mmorpgs commonly do not feature built-in voice chat due to the nature of the genre and existing solutions such as the voice apps mentioned. built-in voice chat is common on competitive/team/arena based games because of how quick each and every game is along with matchmaking functions that group people together where there may be a need for quick coordination
  9. you should mention if you're from EU or NA server-region 😀 if you're from NA, i'd be happy to help you get it and no need to tip gold
  10. happy to hear you got it working! atleast we did the work earlier in isolating your issue prior issue regarding drivers and helped you make your new install a much smoother experience (after some minor tweaks) as for input lag and delay, these can generally be reduced by turning off your desktop environment's compositor (google it!) and not using vsync when gaming. using performance patches like ESYNC, FSYNC and FSYNC2(FUTEX2) may help as well but these require a newer kernel (a custom one like XanMod that allows for these patches to run) and a wine build that has these patches. wine-staging only comes with ESYNC. im not sure if the wine build armoredvehicle ships with his package includes these patches (ESYNC/FSYNC/FUTEX2) but lutris does ship with esync and fsync at the very least. if you want all the latest performance and game-specific patches you need to look at wine-tkg: https://github.com/Frogging-Family/wine-tkg-git
  11. i would like to point out that AMDGPU and AMDGPU-Pro are different, the former is the opensource drivers (just like Mesa) and the latter is proprietary (just like the windows drivers) so they may run and you can try, generally speaking they should still work and if stuff breaks you're dead set to re-format anyway. for stuff made for Ubuntu or Debian, anything made for these will generally work the same way on distros based on them (like Pop, Linux Mint, Kubuntu, etc.) but stuff made for Arch or only available on the Arch repositories for example only work on Arch and Arch-based distros like Manjaro, Endeavour. in this case you need to find a different solution based on your distro (and there usually is after you do a bit of googling)
  12. i second this. the basic bear-longbow is actually pretty good for the OP's needs which i forgot to mention initially. just spam autos from afar and press 2 (rapid fire) whenever it's available. you can use longbow 3 to stealth and disengage and lb 5 for aoe. can slot in https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Signet_of_Stone for on demand invulnerability and have your bear pet tank for you. the 1500 range from longbow allows safe positioning away from danger.
  13. check to see if PopOS has been rebased to Ubuntu 21.04 (which is on the 5.11 kernel) the Pop website doesnt really say but i think it's still on 20.10 which might be on 5.9, you can check if you run it as a live environment before installing OR you can also just proceed with the install regardless and just install XanMod on top of PopOS to get the latest one in. in this case, treat installing a kernel as part of the "installing my drivers" phase you're welcome and goodluck! let us know of your results and if you ever manage to get it running.
  14. from my google searches it seems that particular line of GPUs have driver and render issues but can be fixed with a little (up to a lot) of tinkering. i do read newer kernel versions have better support for your particular GPU (linux 5.9 and up) and iirc Ubuntu LTS (20.04) is still on the old 5.8 kernel (we're currently on 5.12 now) you can check this with the command uname -r also side note fwiw, your GPU is internally named something like and should appear similarly in vulkaninfo if drivers are properly installed: [AMD/ATI] Bonaire XTX [Radeon R7 260X/360] where bonaire is the chipset family. ________________________ few things you can try: - the solution i mentioned above on my previous reply - install a newer kernel (no need to reformat): an easy one to use is XanMod https://xanmod.org/ and do a sudo update&upgrade before and after install. instructions are on the website. - try a different distro like Manjaro (since you're on AMD anyway) they have custom packages (which can break especially for Nvidia) but may work for you since Arch Linux and the distros based on it like Manjaro generally favor AMD hardware. - if all else fails. there's no harm in using windows if all your work and gaming can be done there... maybe come back to linux sometime later in the future with better hardware. for all things linux is really great for, it is not a perfect OS just like windows and mac, and the people who say otherwise are wrong. and if you're up for an upgrade someday and giving linux another try, the GPU a lot of people start off with for gaming, at the bare minimum usually is the POLARIS family (AMD RX460~RX580~etc.)
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