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  1. Us folks over in SEA/Oceania completely missed out too, but that's par for the course. :P
  2. Having the same issue here as well. Running it in windowed mode gets me in, but if I try to fullscreen the game after getting it it locks up Windows 10 as well. Not running any kind of 3rd party addon, so it has to be something in the Nov 9 patch that broke things.
  3. I think with Gourdbinder all that needs to be changed is to remove his teleport, and possibly make it so his pumpkins can be reflected. (If we can reflect Viscount's candy corn, why not the pumpkins?) Players would still need to dodge his launches so it's not quite as easy as just everybody stacking on the Lich, but the fact that he's stationary means that players can now also dump DoTs and condi fields on his location which would vastly speed up DPS. Because Gourdbinder teleports around so often (and because his pumpkin spin knocks players back), it's hard both for melee AND ranged players to
  4. I very much agree that ANet needs to bring Team and Solo Queues back, although that would only be half of the solution required. There are actually way, WAY more players doing Solo Queue than Team Queues; in fact, one of the reasons why Ranked/Unranked got created was because 5-man teams complained that it was taking way too long to get matches. Some of them had to wait upwards of 30 mins to get into a match! (And back in GW1, ANet actually released some metrics that showed that every day more players played Random Arenas than in all other PvP modes COMBINED. The convenience of just able to hi
  5. Thanks. I did the puzzle myself with the torch, but I was just curious if just getting to the end was sufficient for the Return achievement (similar to how the Draconis Mons JP Return achieve didn't actually require you to open the chest, just reach the end.)
  6. The bots are most prevalent in the lower tiers like Bronze and Silver. You sometimes still run into them in Gold matches, but as a general rule they lack the kind of greater strategic awareness to win enough matches to consistently keep them in the upper tiers. Skilled players will recognize bots fairly quickly and know how to exploit the bot's weaknesses to keep them from being effective. (For instance, jumping onto upper platforms will generally confuse the hell out of bots because they have no idea how to follow so they just keep running into the closest wall near you spamming their skills,
  7. The tag will probably appreciate a Specter just spamming barrier on him to help keep him from getting pin sniped, at any rate. 😉
  8. Yup, Strike Missions are probably the simplest way of acquiring Ascended weapons and armor for a new player, requiring only gold and Crystals (which are going to get further streamlined once EoD comes out). About half of the strikes are easy enough that you can go in with Exotic gear and homebrew builds and still clear them with a majority success rate, so it's just a matter of a week or two of doing strikes to get yourself setup.
  9. As the others have stated, I use Copper-Fed on blues and whites (actual items, that is. I usually just sell Unid Blues on the TP), the Runecrafter on greens (open them first), and Mystic/Silver-Fed on Rares. Don't forget to also save up all of the Essences of Luck (assuming you're already at 300% MF) to trade them in during LNY as well. :)
  10. As someone who does end-game content (strikes, fracs+CMs and raids), I'm glad that ANet made it optional to do the strikes. 7 Clovers is a very nice reward for those who want to do them, but it's not REQUIRED, and I think that's a very good move on ANet's part to keep the playing field relatively level. Legendaries have no prestige beyond what you personally assign to them since they can be bought, either outright on the TP, by buying the mats necessary to make them, or just paying people to run you through the content. As such, I would advise not caring whether or not other people
  11. One thing I couldn't confirm is whether or not the Return achieve requires you to OPEN the chest (in which case you need to bring a lit torch and reach the checkpoints) or whether just reaching the end of the JP is sufficient (which means that you could simply TtF to get it). Anyone able to shed light on either?
  12. As others have said, Mechanist kind of feels a little bit like a one-trick pony. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Jade Mech and it's super cool and fun to play with. But it feels like if you're Mechanist, too much of your build revolves around it. You lose access to your Toolbelt, your heal skill and elite are probably going to be locked to Signet for their best effects on the mech, and you'll likely also bring the Power/Condition signet depending on what you're running. That doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room for what you, the Mechanist, can actually do, which may be a problem if the Mech is de
  13. Specter is... very interesting, I must admit. I don't play Thief that often, but the ability to target both allies and enemies with your attacks is something no other class can do. Still, its single target limitation might be a big enough handicap that it may struggle to find a place in end-game content like Fractals and Raids. I'm mostly waiting to see how this will turn out. On a more minor nitpick, would it be possible to tone down the reds/purple colours in the Scepter's skill icons juuust a tad? XD It looks really garish compared to the Dagger or Pistol offhand skills. Rifle w
  14. For me, the Untamed has an "almost there" feeling. Like it's on the verge of being a fun and fulfilling spec, but there's a few things holding it back. I'd personally like to see the following changes: 1. The base pet keybinds for "Attack" and "Stow Pet" need to be returned to the pet bar. 2. I'd like to see a few more variations in the Unleashed pet skills, perhaps based on the pet's family or type. For instance, you could expand the list of Unleashed pet skills to 5 (the 3 existing ones, plus one "Bunker" skill (a skill that gives the pet Protection, Resolution and Stability
  15. I actually head around to the right and behind the tents and can typically reach 3-4 flags without trouble that way. I then try to make it to the end, but if I get spotted I just repeat the path. Takes about 2 or 3 runs this way to complete the Heart.
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