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  1. Yep, as you said just as a little bonus, it doesn't need to be a major thing but maybe an alternative or something extra like you can get there with springer but you can also get there with a bouncying mushroom or even updrafts since new players are also getting gliding unlocked.
  2. That's a good point and that's why they should change the way they handle their paid content, like bundling HoT and PoF into EoD just like how FFXIV does when they get new expansions, also the seasons should be free. For me, this point can also be viewed in the opposite direction, for example, I feel like what I paid for is now irrelevant. I just imagine a zone in EoD where you need poison mastery and you'll be like "hey I've learned this from the Itzel when I was fighting in the jungle".
  3. They didn't say it using those words, they said masteries is another way to implement horizontal progression which they justify as adding new content without making old content obsolete, I just didn't know how to better phrase it but I edited my comment about it. 😃 But my concern is if EoD will be just like PoF because during PoF we didn't get any of the old masteries implemented besides gliding.
  4. I feel like we level up our masteries then we never see them in new content. I noticed during the live streams, for both Echovald and Shing Jea previews, that there aren't any old masteries besides the obvious ones (Raptor, Springer, and basic gliding). Guild Wars 2 is all about keeping old content still relevant, that's why they opt-in for horizontal progression and masteries instead of adding more levels, but the lack of old masteries on new content is worrisome.
  5. Hey, I would like to apologize for this situation, for both you and the others, I believe I was too harsh to call you toxic or hostile and it was too childish of me to say that, so again, I'm sorry! I wouldn't say it is doing perfectly fine, but as read what Moira said here: I think this idea would be pretty bad, although I still think they should review some of their content and iterate more.
  6. Thank you, I think they forget there's another human being on the other side and that phrasing is important, I really don't feel confident posting on the forum and this just makes worse. Really thank you!
  7. Then you proceed implying that I can't defend my point saying that I'm on the wrong forum. If that is not aggressive then you should rephrase it.
  8. You were not being hostile or toxic because you disagreed with me but because the way phrase this "OP, I believe the game you want to play is FFXIV. Maybe you opened the wrong forums?". At no point you presented any argument on that sentence, you just came out of nowhere and was like "hey your idea is different than mine so shut up". Also, at no point I wanted GW2 to become FFXIV, I just think their business model and the way they handle content delivery is better.
  9. I don't understand why the hostility, I just presented an idea and if you disagree with it just either mark "no" and leave or mark "no" and present your arguments and defend them. There is no need to be toxic.
  10. I know I said GW2 "Realm Reborn" but I'm not comparing their issues to ours, after all we have 9 years extra of development. Also, I did not say the story would be focused on human, I chose Orr because the pact freed it so I would image Orr wouldn't belong to any race. I just think this revamped GW2 could also have a cohesive tutorial that would properly explain the combat and the game systems, removing reliant status or abilities such as fractal potions or EMP, as well removing the huge power creep in game and even adding support to mounts, gliders and skiffs on retroactive content, lik
  11. I don't think it would take from them, actually it would give more to others, although most ppl would like it to be added to the core classes arsenal, but this would allow even more build craft. Though, Daredevil with rifle sounds scary.
  12. If we ever get GW3 I don't think we will have the same combat and that's pretty much what I love most in GW2. I would expect this Reborn version to be something more similar to FFXIV, first we would get their business model (P2P) which would lead to a more light cash shop, then LW would be just regular updates with no pay wall and we would have more fun rewards. TBH I don't really like P2P, mostly because where I live they end up being expensive, but if that means I could get a cool skin without swiping 25 bucks I would totally take it. And yeah, I also wish we would get more challengi
  13. Am I the only one who wishes weapons from E-spec would be available without using the respective E-spec? I really wish I could use sword on Tempests
  14. We just solved the threat of the elder dragons and the death of the commander of the pact as an outcome, some few years have passed and now as a citizen of reclaimed Orr you must fill the hole that the commander has left and fight for Tyria. A revamped experience of GW2, with mounts, gliders and skiffs in mind, where you are a citizen of reclaimed Orr (you still can choose a race but the story and VA is more generic), with huge METAs and dungeons, fractals, strike missions and even Raids.
  15. So far for me, the Catalyst e-spec offers nothing new to Elementalists, and although they can give quickness to allies through Jade Spheres, the Spheres take too long build-up and their radius is too small to offer boon support in fights. Also, Catalysts are too similar to Tempests, both Jade Sphere being similar to Overload Attunements and the heavy aura-based theme for the traits. As well, hammer skills can't compete with Weaver's sword skills, and to effectively deal damage with hammers, players have once again to play piano. I would much prefer longbow Elementalist with fast pace combat
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