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  1. That update they just increased the health pool of the FE so it didn't get instaburned(pun intended) so that others could tag it if I recall correctly. Anyways, I hope I am wrong
  2. The point of the update was to make the events harder because of elite specs and power creep. Starter toons using blue and green weapons and armor will find this event frustrating and difficult to even complete without higher level toons, but those higher level toons wont even bother since the rewards are not worth the time. The scaling made it hilarious to see downed and dead people everywhere. These were not new players either. I hope I am wrong but I can see many people not even bothering to do these new events after the first try. Edit:(I can't spell)
  3. I don't know if this is intentional but I just did the new fire elemental event and the rewards were just as bad as before. It was way more fun and the ele had more health, new mechanics etc but those rewards don't make it worth the effort to do. I feel if this isn't rectified then all the hard work Anet has done in updating this encounters will be for nothing as they will be dead events.
  4. I never had many issues with DCing either until EoD as well. The point is they have the technology from GW1 to restore connection to an instance. Honestly this should have been implemented since this game went into beta. The tiny minority has been around for years and years and there are tons of reports.
  5. Repaired .dat Downloaded new .dat played at native resolution played at upscaled resolution played on my internal network played on my cellular network etc etc etc etc I am not being paid to beta test this game. This issue has been around for years..years!!! GW1 had a rejoin instance when you DC'd like 15 years ago.
  6. This issue has been around for years....years. I am done troubleshooting for Anet. GW1 had a rejoin instance when clients disconnected...this isn't any new technology. I can't progress characters through the story. I have tried countless fixes and it seems to be pretty random. I am at my wits end. A sad sad shame that I wanted to take a legacy character from GW1 through to Cantha and yet can't. An anticlimactic end to almost twenty years of supporting this franchise...off to things that function.
  7. :( deleted %appdata% Still occurring DC's Its so frustrating doing a long long story mission only to have to do it ALL again multiple times in the hope that the game doesn't crash. It isn't my internet Reinstalled the client from scratch I guess I should take a break from the game for a while until you guys can sort it out.
  8. I agree with some things that you are saying but don't forget GW2 is older and as MMO's go the graphics are actually not bad. I have a few tricks to help you though if you like. 1. Set that resolution high. If you are using Nvidia, DSR GW2 to as high as it can go. 2k, 4k, 5k. with a 3080 you should be able to oversample with ease. This will make the textures a bit more bearable. You can turn AA off as well at that high of a resolution. 2. Get reshade and enjoy. There is a DoF sharpener that works wonders. Play with what shaders you like and profit.
  9. I have been getting some DC's after completing long story missions. This is making the game unplayable/broken.
  10. This is literally a gamebreaking bug,. Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Hai, I would love a new engine or rewrite but I doubt that is in the cards. I am still flabbergasted that they have included dx11. I can sympathize with the OP. Set you graphics to whatever you want but it is the player limit and quality(I believe) that will make any PC bog down. Set those to low/low med/med ? I run 2k cranked with Gshade dx11 and its great until zergtime, that's when other players need culling.
  12. I love dungeons and still play them for fun, and that will never change. GW1 for me was all about The Deep and FoW etc, that was just so much fun. I wish GW2 had more dungeons, I feel that even though the game has been out for ages that there still isn't enough dungeon style content, even with fractals.
  13. Yes thank you !! I just have bad luck getting a dye worth 20s lol
  14. DX 11 helps if you can run it without the crashes. Personally I can't play GW2 without Reshade, so I am relegated to DX9. That being said, the performance is pretty good imo. You can play with a beefy pc in 2k or 4k as long as you lower player zerg settings.
  15. Too many crashes. Went back to dx9 until things get sorted.
  16. Same thing here with literally brand new corsair keyboard and mouse.
  17. Gw1 had the incentive of rarity within the item ie. Req 8 15^50 etc... Gw2 is just skins Inscriptions helped to change it so cool weapons with crappy stats were never a waste. I don't mind rare items but I gave up on ever getting a second scion weapon from dragonfall and I do that all the time Drop rates need to be increased a smidgen across the board
  18. I have been stuttering the same as well. I am not sure if it is netlag or a problem with DX11? I almost have micro stuttering on movement as well while getting over 60fps . i7 9700 RTX 2080S
  19. kitten, didn't see that in the patch notes. I lowered the refresh rate to 60Hz and it fixed the issue.
  20. I have a somewhat of a unique issue. My 120Hz+ 10bit monitor using freesync and a RTX 2080s flickers when not using windowed fullscreen in some games, especially GW2. I have altered the range as well using CRU which fixed the issue. This fix worked great for months and still works in DX9 mode. I feel that the DX11 mode isn't truly using a fullscreen windowed mode as I am still getting flickering I have tried everything I can think of so far but to no avail. It would seem unless Anet fixes this post beta I am doomed to DX9 mode since I can't handle the flickering.
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